by Zero2Cool on 2/27/2015 1:11:33 PM
Part I of the responsive design layout was implemented during the last off season which included the core site structure.

Part II of this project is the YAF Forums that we use for discussions. This is a complete overhaul of the YAF controls design and is very time consuming. I've been looking at other forum software for concepts of what they did that works and what doesn't work and what I like and don't like to help build a solid user experience on multiple devices.

The Forum Category List (seen here) is the closest to being done.

NOTE: You have to bust your cache to get the updated CSS changes. To do this, you must manually reload the webpage that looks "goofy" by hitting F5 or Right Click > Refresh (or reload depending on browser).

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Updated 27 Feb 2015

by Zero2Cool on 2/6/2015 1:09:08 PM
From the looks of it the Packers have over $20 million in cap space for these Free Agents.

Quite confident Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga will somehow, someway fit under the 2015 cap. Have no worries!

Source It Up wrote:

Free Agents
The total number of free agents a team currently carries, including the amount of Unrestricted Free Agents in parenthesis. (Click this to load the complete list).

2014 Rollover
These figures represent the estimated unused cap dollars each team is currently able to rollover from their 2014 roster. The Rams are currently the only team without available rollover money.

Total Cap $
This figure represents the total of ALL active players signed to a team's 2015 roster (including players already suspended, and dead cap).

Signed Players
The number of players currently with a 2015 contract.

Top 51 Cap $
The combined cap total for the 51 largest contracts on a team's roster. Teams will be expected to get this figure under the finalized cap figure by March 10, 2015 (4PM EST). For now we're estimating that figure to be $142 million.

Estimated Draft Pool
The maximum amount of estimated cap dollars a team will need to spend to sign all of their upcoming 2015 draft picks (assuming the rookie scale mimics the 2014 scale, though it may increase slightly if the overall team cap rises more than expected).

Projected Top 51 Cap Space
The estimated amount of space a team currently has to work with when subtracting the projected $142,000,000 + the est. 2014 rollover + the est. maximum draft pool from their Top 51 Cap $.

Green Bay Packers
After nearly finding themselves in the Super Bowl, the Packers are in excellent shape heading into the offseason, carrying more than $21M in space. Notable free agents include RT Bryan Bulaga, and WR Randall Cobb.

Click To See Table
by Zero2Cool on 2/6/2015 8:27:38 AM
Listening to the Aaron Rodgers Show with Jason Wilde yesterday something came up that I thought was interesting and reminded me of something early in his career. When Mike McCarthy first took over he implemented some rules about weight and body fat.

Around January 2007, Rodgers said "Mike always hounds me about my weight, my body fat. All the quarterbacks he's ever been around have always been around 8% body fat, and I'm about 10. So I want to get down to about 8%. At least. Remember (quarterback) Tom Arth? He was 5.6%, which is incredible. Al (Harris) is, like, 3, I think."

During his radio show, Rodgers attributed his hamstring injury versus Saints to poor hydration due to his trying to make game-day weight followed up with him saying that the weigh-ins are “an interesting concept in itself, and I’m not going to debate that at this moment.”. It seems obvious that Rodgers is still not thrilled about the weight requirements.

He knows what the game-day weight is and has a full week to to make it. How hard can that possibly be for a person who's job is their body?
by Zero2Cool on 2/2/2015 7:34:31 AM
I can see Bryan Bulaga being franchised in two weeks.

  • Feb. 16: Teams can start designating Franchise and Transition players

  • Feb. 17-23: NFL Scouting Combine

  • March 1: College Pro Days begin

  • March 7-10: Teams can enter into contract negotiations with unrestricted free agents

  • March 10 (before 4 p.m.): Teams must be under 2015 salary cap, exercise options with restricted free agents

  • March 10 (4 p.m.): 2015 league year and free agency officially begin

  • March 22-25: Annual league meetings

  • April 20: Clubs with returning head coaches can begin offseason workout programs

  • April 30-May 2: 2015 NFL Draft

  • May 8-11: Post-draft rookie minicamps
by porky88 on 1/23/2015 7:57:29 PM
Anyone been following the Senior Bowl?

I wanted to compile a list of players worth checking out if you’re following the game tomorrow or just interested in the draft.

If the Packers let Cobb go in free agency (a dumb move, in my opinion), they could look at Kansas State's Tyler Lockett and Duke’s Jamison Crowder as a replacement. Both are ideal slot receivers, while Davante Adams is more of a split end or flanker. I also like Ty Montgomery, but he’s had an up and down week. I have to do a little more homework on his 2014 season. Most of my notes on him are from 2013, where I thought he was a first-round caliber talent.

Grady Jarrett doesn’t have exceptional size, but the Packers seem to like undersized defensive tackles that can rush up field. He certainly does that. He’s quick-footed, and explodes off the ball. He'd be an option in their sub packages.

In the perfect world, Ted Thompson would trade up to select Washington’s Danny Shelton. He’s just a beast. A legit top 10 talent. Think Dontari Poe or even Haloti Ngata. I have more on him in the links below.

If Bryan Bulaga leaves, that puts the Packers in the market for a right tackle. I’m not sure T.J. Cummings is on the board when they pick, but La’el Collins would be. He’d bring a lot of power to the offensive line.

Clive Walford could be really good in Mike McCarthy’s offense. Why not double up on a pair of tight ends? More on him in the links below.

The guy I think would interest us the most is Stephone Anthony. He can play inside in a 34 or 43. He moves really well. We’re talking about a sideline to sideline inside linebacker. I think he’s the perfect compliment to Sam Barrington if the Packers intend to stay with him inside. Anthony also holds up real well in coverage. He’s a three-down, fast, big-hitting linebacker. It'd be great to get him in the second round.

The Packers like to draft Iowa guys. Maybe watch out for Carl Davis. He’s a bigger version of Jarrett. He gets up field and uses his hands to disengage from blockers well. He’s reportedly had a good week.

I think that’s a pretty good rundown of what caught my eye from a Packers perspective.

Here is a link to my Senior Bowl Stock Up Article:

Here is one to my Senior Bowl Stock Down Article:

I’m thinking front seven help for the draft. I’d like to see a nose guard and inside linebackers. Maybe even a cornerback.

Let me know which positions you're looking to see addressed.
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