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by Zero2Cool on 10/30/2014 7:06:12 AM
Everyone is doing it, why not? We'll base these grades off how the Packers rank vs other teams.

Grading Scale
A = 1 - 5
B = 6 - 10
C = 11 - 16
D = 17 - 24
F = 25 - 32

Offensive:- A Applause
Defense: B+ It Wasn't Me
Special Teams: B+ Think

The Packers offense has been able to put points on the board. The running game is junk, but running efficiency is not correlated to a godo team, its correlated to a balanced team. The Packers not balanced and yet continue to put up points.

The Packers defense has been good against the passing game and vacant for the running game. This is a higher than deserved grade, but when compared to other teams it is how it fits in.

The Packers special teams has been very good. Mason Crosby's only miss was a block, he's doing well on touchbacks and Tim Masthay has had two games he wasn't even needed. That's more a credit to the offense. The return game is what takes this grade down from an A to a B+.

The Zero has spoken!!
hmm sounded better in my head
by porky88 on 10/29/2014 5:58:18 PM
After showing steady progress over a four-game winning streak, Green Bay looked overmanned in the Superdome, losing 44-23 to the New Orleans Saints.

The Packers enter their bye week on a sour note, as the Saints overwhelmed them. New Orleans accumulated 495 total yards (302 passing, 192 rushing) and scored on eight of their 10 possessions.

Green Bay (5-3) is now halfway through their season, and it’s very clear they are a team with many flaws. It starts with coaching, where Coach Mike McCarthy made a couple of mind-numbing decisions on Sunday night.

I won’t fault him for the onside kick attempt, as it has worked in the past. However, McCarthy squandered a goal-line opportunity in the first quarter, after running back Eddie Lacy ran 67 yards on a screen pass to put them in position to take a 14-7 lead.

On first down, McCarthy lined quarterback Aaron Rodgers up in shotgun and ran Lacy to the right side. In order for the play to work, receiver Randall Cobb needed to execute a difficult crack-back block, which is illegal if executed improperly. Cobb missed the block, and the Saints stuffed Lacy. Asking a 192-pound receiver to make that block was probably too much, especially with the Saints playing their goal line defense.

McCarthy’s second-down call was the most controversial of the season. The Packers lined linebacker Julius Peppers out at receiver and opted to throw him a pass. However, instead of throwing Peppers -- who is 6-foot-7 -- a jump ball in the back of the end, the Packers had the veteran linebacker run a slant route. The pass fell incomplete.

The fact Green Bay felt it necessary to try unorthodox plays in order to beat the Saints speaks volume to their confidence entering Sunday night’s game.

The lack of confidence (assuming it existed) was surely the result of the defense, which was undermanned with three starters (cornerback Sam Shields, defensive lineman Datone Jones, and Safety Morgan Burnett) sitting due to injury.

Injuries are no excuse for the performance put forth by the defense, however. I thought I was watching a 2011 game, as Packer defensive backs launched their bodies at running back Mark Ingram instead of wrapping him up. Additionally, the defense looked slow on New Orleans’ turf. Receiver Brandin Cooks and tight Jimmy Graham had no problem leaving Green Bay’s defenders in their dust.

Here’s the rest of my week eight recap:

Turning Point

On New Orleans’ first second-half possession, Green Bay made a potential game-changing stop on fourth-and-2. The Packers took over at their own 43, and drove inside New Orleans’ red zone. On a second-and-3, Rodgers scrambled for about seven yards, and tweaked his hamstring while running out of bounds. He wasn’t the same after the injury. He didn’t trust his mobility in the pocket, and he wasn’t stepping into this throws. As a result, the velocity on his throws fell affecting his accuracy. The injury isn’t severe, but it would’ve been interesting to see how this game unfolded with a healthy Rodgers behind center.

Unsung Hero

Give defensive coordinator Rob Ryan credit for resisting the temptation to blitz Rodgers. The Packers are at their best when teams blitz them, so Ryan had to go against his nature and play coverage. The Saints were going to takeaway anything downfield. In many ways, they played a bend but don’t break defense. They were willing to surrender yards and field goals, as they knew their offense was capable of pouring it on Green Bay’s defense. The strategy worked, though Rodgers’ hamstring deserves an assist.

Dud of the Game

Not only did Green Bay’s corners let them down in the passing game, but they also couldn’t tackle the entire night. Cornerbacks Davone House and Tramon Williams played poorly on the edges, missing a combined five tackles. Perhaps the ankle injury that Williams sustained against Miami a few weeks back still bothers him. However, House had no excuses. He just played bad.

Looking Ahead

Green Bay historically plays well in the months of November and December. Since ‘09, the Packers have a combined November and December record of 29-14-1. Five of the losses were from last season, when Rodgers was out with a fractured collarbone.

The defense obviously needs to get better, especially against the run. The offense also has its faults. Running back Eddie Lacy has yet to carry the ball 20 times in a game this season. I understand the need to conserve him for the playoffs, but Lacy is a bell cow who gets better the more he touches the ball.

The Bears are the Pack‘s next opponent. Chicago’s struggled against the run for the better part of two seasons now. Riding Lacy in this game would be wise, as the second-year running back averaged 5.2 yards per carry in the month of October.
by Zero2Cool on 10/28/2014 6:56:39 AM
I know, you're thinking, what did I do to deserve the Power Rankings a day earlier than normal? Rock On!

This weeks biggest movers were the Bills moving north +10, Steelers moving north +7, and Colts and Bears both dropping -9 spots.

Sadly, the Packers have been dethroned and the teams behind them will probably surpass them this week.

  1. Denver Broncos 1
  2. Green Bay Packers -1
  3. New England Patriots 5
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 2
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers 7
  6. Dallas Cowboys -1
  7. San Diego Chargers -4
  8. New York Giants -1
  9. Buffalo Bills 10
  10. San Francisco 49ers 1
  11. Cleveland Browns 2
  12. Detroit Lions -3
  13. Indianapolis Colts -9
  14. Arizona Cardinals 2
  15. Baltimore Ravens -5
  16. Miami Dolphins -1
  17. Kansas City Chiefs 1
  18. Seattle Seahawks -1
  19. New Orleans Saints 4
  20. Atlanta Falcons 2
  21. Houston Texans -1
  22. Carolina Panthers -1
  23. Chicago Bears -9
  24. Tennessee Titans 0
  25. Washington Redskins 0
  26. Philadelphia Eagles 0
  27. St. Louis Rams 0
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars 0
  29. Minnesota Vikings 1
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1
  31. Oakland Raiders -2
  32. New York Jets 0
by Zero2Cool on 10/27/2014 7:33:56 AM
The Green Bay Packers are on a BYE week and you need your weekly dose of excitement so PackersHome.com has made some improvements.

Here is what is to come on or before this coming weekend.

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- Topic description removed. It was just cluttering up things and is useless.

The idea of going to 2 columns was thought about and then ultimately dismissed.

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At PackersHome.com, we are always improving and always moving forward.

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