by Zero2Cool on 9/19/2017 7:21:09 AM

Big Jumper : Broncos hopped 11 spots
Big Dumper : Vikings dropped 12 spots

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 0
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2
  3. Detroit Lions 0
  4. Oakland Raiders 3
  5. Los Angeles Rams -3
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers 8
  7. Denver Broncos 11
  8. Atlanta Falcons 0
  9. Buffalo Bills -3
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7
  11. Carolina Panthers 0
  12. Los Angeles Chargers 3
  13. Seattle Seahawks 9
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars -4
  15. Green Bay Packers -3
  16. Philadelphia Eagles -7
  17. Minnesota Vikings -12
  18. Tennessee Titans 8
  19. Miami Dolphins -3
  20. Washington Redskins 4
  21. Houston Texans 2
  22. New England Patriots 6
  23. Dallas Cowboys -10
  24. New York Giants -4
  25. Arizona Cardinals 5
  26. Chicago Bears -1
  27. San Francisco 49ers -6
  28. Cincinnati Bengals 1
  29. Cleveland Browns -10
  30. New York Jets -3
  31. New Orleans Saints 1
  32. Indianapolis Colts -1

Upset: This is a tough one because we haven't had a lot of games but I'm gonna say JETS over Dolphins for the upset special.
by MintBaconDrivel on 9/19/2017 6:45:49 AM

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Green Bay Packers ( 1 - 1 )
    Total Offense = 7th
    Passing Offense = 4th
    Rushing Offense = 27th

    Total Defense = 8th
    Passing Defense = 9th
    Rushing Defense = 21st

    Points For = 20.0 (20th)
    Points Against = 21.5 (19th)

Cincinnati Bengals ( 0 - 2 )
    Total Offense = 27th
    Passing Offense = 222nd
    Rushing Offense = 22nd

    Total Defense = 5th
    Passing Defense = 1st
    Rushing Defense = 31st

    Points For = 4.5 (32nd)
    Points Against = 16.5 (7th)
by Zero2Cool on 9/12/2017 9:01:53 AM

The efficiency is predicated mostly on passer rating differential and win percentages. Here is the through week one rankings.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Los Angeles Rams
  3. Detroit Lions
  4. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Minnesota Vikings
  6. Buffalo Bills
  7. Oakland Raiders
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Philadelphia Eagles
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars
  11. Carolina Panthers
  12. Green Bay Packers
  13. Dallas Cowboys
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers
  15. Los Angeles Chargers
  16. Miami Dolphins
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  18. Denver Broncos
  19. Cleveland Browns
  20. New York Giants
  21. San Francisco 49ers
  22. Seattle Seahawks
  23. Houston Texans
  24. Washington Redskins
  25. Chicago Bears
  26. Tennessee Titans
  27. New York Jets
  28. New England Patriots
  29. Cincinnati Bengals
  30. Arizona Cardinals
  31. Indianapolis Colts
  32. New Orleans Saints
by MintBaconDrivel on 9/12/2017 8:56:33 AM

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Green Bay Packers ( 1 - 0 )
    Total Offense = 8th
    Passing Offense = 6th
    Rushing Offense = 15th

    Total Defense = 6th
    Passing Defense = 4th
    Rushing Defense = 17th

    Points For = 17.0 (21st)
    Points Against = 9.0 (5th)

Atlanta Falcons ( 1 - 0 )
    Total Offense = 6th
    Passing Offense = 4th
    Rushing Offense = 19th

    Total Defense = 15th
    Passing Defense = 10th
    Rushing Defense = 23rd

    Points For = 23.0 (11th)
    Points Against = 17.0 (9th)
by MintBaconDrivel on 9/9/2017 10:34:25 AM

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Green Bay Packers ( 0 - 0 )
    Total Offense = 1st
    Passing Offense = 1st
    Rushing Offense = 1st

    Total Defense = 1st
    Passing Defense = 1st
    Rushing Defense = 1st

    Points For = 0.0 (1st)
    Points Against = 0.0 (1st)

Seattle Seahawks ( 0 - 0)
    Total Offense = 32nd
    Passing Offense = 32nd
    Rushing Offense = 32nd

    Total Defense = 32nd
    Passing Defense = 32nd
    Rushing Defense = 32nd

    Points For = 0.0 (32nd)
    Points Against = 0.0 (32nd)
by Zero2Cool on 7/18/2017 12:26:27 PM

FleaFlicker is again our home for the 2017 PackersHome Fantasy Football. Last seasons players have priority to retain their spot for this season.

UPDATED @ 18 JUL 2017


League Rules
You can read the League Rules by clicking the link.

League Scoring
You can read the League Scoring by clicking the link.

21 days of inactivity, team owner is replaced by first in line on 'Reserve/Waiting List'. PM and Email to be sent out to top 3 in the reserve list and first to respond, gets the spot. Questions?

TUESDAY, September 5th, 2017 @ 7:15 PM CST

2017 Participants
  1. Zero2Cool
  2. buckeyepackfan
  3. djcubez
  4. Grabacr
  5. DoddPower
  6. GoPack1984
  7. dhazer
  8. yinzer
  9. macbob
  10. porky88
  11. steveishere
  12. Tezzy

Reserve/Waiting List

Priority List from 2016 participants

  1. Zero2Cool
  2. DoddPower
  3. djcubez
  4. yinzer
  5. grabacr
  6. dhazer
  7. buckeyepackfan
  8. GoPack1984
  9. macbob
  10. porky88
  11. steveishere
  12. pack93z

Add a comment to this thread stating you are playing or you are not playing or if you would like to be on the waiting list.

Once the final spot is confirmed, we'll randomize the draft order one time and be good to go!
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2017 6:40:58 AM

Devante Mays | Running Back | Utah State | 5'11" - 230 lbs.

STRENGTHS Built like a truck with muscular legs and a powerful, broad chest. Has a 420-pound bench press to his name. Physical runner with a penchant for finishing with a bowed neck and heavy pads. Looks to accelerate through contact and can create additional yardage with his power through contact. Patient runner willing to follow lead blockers and accelerate when the time is right. Has adequate speed to threaten to the edges and force linebackers to flow hard. Fluid hips and light feet for a back his size. Praised by teammates and coaches for attitude and work ethic.

WEAKNESSES Recurring leg injury robbed him of all but 37 carries this season. Feet aren't always agreeable with his eyes and will get sticky when faced with traffic leaking into the backfield. Vision is inconsistent and he will leave yardage on the field. Appears to lack confidence in some running lanes and tends to scan for larger points of entry. Will need to expedite his processing and be willing to commit to a lane earlier. Had just two career catches at Utah State. Likely an early-down back only.


BOTTOM LINE After a monstrous performance early in the season against Weber State, Mays was never able to get completely right after injuring his ankle against USC. While he may have slid off of radars after the season, his 4.5-second 40-yard dash and 40.5-inch vertical leap were likely a wake-up call for evaluators who could be intrigued by his size, power and explosiveness. Mays has the physical tools to find his way into a camp and battle for a spot at the back end of the running back depth chart.
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2017 6:39:17 AM

Malachi Dupre | Wide Receiver | LSU | 6'2" - 196 lbs.

Malachi Dupre (Mal-uh-kye Doo-pree) was not voted first or second-team all-conference during his career, and has not ranked among the more prolific receivers in the country due to the Tigers' inconsistent quarterback play. Dupre actually led LSU in receptions and receiving yards each of the past two seasons, even though his statistics aren't extraordinary (43-698, six TDs in 2015; 41-593, three TDs in 2016). The former five-star prospect and high school state champion triple, long, and high-jumper from New Orleans was voted to the SEC's All-Freshman team in 2014, however, by averaging 22.7 yards per reception (14-318, five TDs).


STRENGTHS Has desired size and athletic ability. Experienced at multiple receiver spots. More talented than production would dictate. Tracks the deep throws like an outfielder and can adjust catch positioning without taking his eye off the ball. Consistently solid catch rate throughout his career. Adjusts to low throws and balls behind him to make the catch. Looks to turn it up the field quickly after the catch. Dips low and drives through cornerbacks while stretching for additional yardage. Small sample size during freshman season gave hints of his downfield potential.

WEAKNESSES Lacks upfield juice into his routes. Vertical push doesn't appear to threaten cornerbacks. Needs to play faster off the snap. Slow to sink and open on curls. Needs a greater commitment to nuances of route-running in order to improve his separation. Tends to tip his hand early allowing cornerbacks to match his patterns. Stalk-blocker with marginal aggression and sustain after initial contact.


SOURCES TELL US "I was asked by someone at the school about where he would be drafted if he came out and I told them on the third day. I recommended he go back to school. His size is interesting but I don't see a fast player." - NFC Personnel Director

BOTTOM LINE Big target who has suffered from arrested development due, in part, to quarterback inconsistencies at LSU. Dupre is a developmental receiver with some upside but it could take some time before he's ready to contribute. Could be a potential third or fourth wide receiver with time and coaching.
by Zero2Cool on 4/29/2017 4:12:42 PM

Kofi Amichia | Tackle | South Florida | 6'4" - 302 lbs.

12/18/16 - 2016 ALL-AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE FIRST TEAM (COACHES): OT Kofi Amichia, USF, Sr., Riverdale, Ga./McEachern,...Also named first team for the Bulls was senior offensive tackle Kofi Amichia (Riverdale, Ga.) who has started 25 straight games at left tackle for a USF program that has broken the school’s rushing record in back-to-back seasons - posting 3,501 yards and 44 touchdowns on the ground in 2016 - and consistently ranked among the least sacked teams in the nation. - South Florida Football
by Zero2Cool on 4/29/2017 2:44:59 PM

Aaron Jones | Running Back | Texas El Paso | 5'9 1/2" - 208 lbs.

Aaron and his twin brother, Alvin, were El Paso kids that weren't highly rated, so staying around home made sense. It's worked out well for UTEP, as Alvin has led the team in tackles the past two years while Aaron amassed over 4,000 rushing yards during his career. Aaron led the Miners with 811 yards as a freshman, scoring four times, even though he missed three games due to a broken rib. Healthy throughout 2014, he earned second-team All-Conference USA honors with 1,321 yards (5.5 per) and 11 scores (also 30-293, three TDs receiving). The good luck didn't stay in his junior year, however, as he suffered a torn ligament in his left ankle in practice. Jones exploded in 2016 after that redshirt year, ranking fourth in the FBS with 1,773 rushing yards and scoring 17 times (28-233, three TDs receiving). He was a first-team All-Conference USA pick in his final year.

40 time : 4.56
Fan Shout
beast (59m) : Who are the longshots? Jags? Saints? Redskins? and who?
SINCITYCHEEZE (1h) : Buckeye closing in on 4 Longshots in Pickem today....Son you need to hook me up we could make a killing on some parlays next weekend. Lol
beast (2h) : Bears ran it 60% of the time...
beast (6h) : Bears tried hard to give it away, but Steelers couldn't take it
Mucky Tundra (7h) : Lot of injuries :(
Zero2Cool (7h) : OUT for the Packers: WR Randall Cobb S Kentrell Brice CB Davon House LB Jake Ryan LB Nick Perry T David Bakhtiari DT Mike Daniels
beast (8h) : Ravens/Jags must be a FF nightmare, as ol' TEs who never score, had 4 of the 6 TDs
beast (8h) : Bears beating Steelers at halftime.
beast (8h) :
beast (8h) : I just read that it wasn't until the NFL started getting paid by the DoD (in 2009), that players were on the sidelines for the Anthem. (I ca
Zero2Cool (8h) : apparently it was comon to stay in lockeroom years ago
Zero2Cool (8h) : i couldn't find anything confirming its against the rules
beast (8h) : Is it against the rules to be in the lockerroom for the Anthem?
yooperfan (9h) : Prolly some fines coming down.
Zero2Cool (10h) : it is? this could be interesting
yooperfan (10h) : It's against league rules for a team not to be on the field during the National Anthem.
Nonstopdrivel (10h) : Chat room posting to the top instead of bottom again.
Zero2Cool (10h) : Jordy Nelson IN. Randall Cobb OUT.
Nonstopdrivel (10h) : Where is everybody? There's plenty of football to talk about!
yinzer (11h) : what??
Zero2Cool (11h) : Today's Birthdays: mi_keys (29)
Zero2Cool (11h) : Steelers Will Remain In Locker Room During National Anthem
Zero2Cool (11h) : thanks
buckeyepackfan (15h) : Good Morning Packer Fans! Gameday! GO! PACK! GO!
buckeyepackfan (15h) : Happy Belated Birthday Z2C!
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macbob (23-Sep) : Z2C-Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for providing us a great place to hang out.
Smokey (23-Sep) : Anyone watching the Utah vs Arizona tonight .
Cheesey (22-Sep) : No..."Fired FROM the forge!"LOL!
Smokey (21-Sep) : A "Forged in Fire" wash out ? LOL
Cheesey (21-Sep) : Zero got cut??? I TOLD him not to play with knives!
uffda udfa (21-Sep) : Spriggs to IR.
uffda udfa (21-Sep) : Nick Perry having surgery on finger likely out this week.
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