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by Zero2Cool on 4/28/2018 5:45:12 PM

Kendall Donnerson | Edge | Southeast Missouri St. | 6'3" - 236 lbs.

4.48 in the forty yard dash

Donnerson's tape is nowhere near draftable in terms of his skill set, but from an athletic standpoint, his testing numbers are beyond rare for his size. Donnerson is a project that teams might not be willing to draft, but will be more than happy to stash on the practice squad as a PFA while they try and improve his technique and skill, hoping to unlock his athletic gifts. At this point, Donnerson is no more than a lottery scratch-off with the potential for a tremendous pay-off, but with the odds against it.

  • Athletic testing was on the elite end of the scale and would have dominated at the Combine
  • At 250 pounds he posted a 4.48-second 40-yard dash, 40-inch vertical, 10-foot-11 broad jump and 7.03 three-cone
  • Sudden lateral bursts as edge defender to widen out and close off perimeter runs
  • Shows ability to flip hips over the top of the tackle as a rusher
  • Big closing burst to the quarterback after he flattens around the arc
  • Well-proportioned build with sturdy, balanced base through contact
  • Smooth in space when asked to drop into coverage

  • Nowhere near skilled enough as an edge defender at this point
  • Doesn't show consistent ability to dominate at the lower level
  • Considered more workout warrior than pro prospect currently
  • Below average motor and instincts
  • Needs to play much faster -- especially with upfield burst as rusher
  • Lacks hand usage, go-to rush moves and workable counters
  • Would like to see him take control at point of attack when setting the edge
  • Doesn't play with enough knee bend in space.

by Zero2Cool on 4/28/2018 4:58:22 PM

James Looney | Defensive End | California | 6'3" - 287 lbs.

Looney's quickness and disruptive qualities were on full display in 2016, but he was much easier to block in 2017. He lacks the size and strength to play inside and it appears as though adding functional weight on his frame is a non-starter. Looney will likely need to improve his lean muscle mass and try to transition into a role as a base 4-3 end who might be able to reduce inside as a situational pass rusher in sub-packages.

  • Watched and learned from his brother, Joe, who was an offensive lineman drafted in the fourth round in 2012
  • Known for infectious personality and hard-charging style
  • Instincts are good
  • Able to sync-up with lateral movements of blockers to penetrate and disrupt
  • Shows ability to corner sharply and flatten to the ball after getting past blockers
  • Athletic in space with ability to chase down screens or help finish as a clean-up tackler on the perimeter
  • Uses quick hands and feet in union to challenge a blockers edge
  • Possesses decent spin move as rusher inside
  • Quick arm-over move can launch him past guards into the backfield for a quick win
  • Initial quickness and loose upper body make it difficult to trap him

  • High-cut with thin calves for interior player
  • Doesn't have frame to carry necessary mass for interior lineman
  • On skates when true power comes rolling downhill against him
  • Gave ground too frequently to power this season
  • His 2016 tape and production was much better than 2017
  • Looked out of place in Cal's 4i alignment
  • Pops up too tall early in the rep
  • Poor pad level makes it challenging to maintain functional balance against redirect blocks
  • Hands are faster than strong
  • Sets himself up to disengage from blocks, but doesn't have the strength to shed them consistently
  • May not have a true position fit
by Zero2Cool on 4/28/2018 4:08:27 PM

Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown | Receiver | Notre Dame | 6'5" - 214 lbs.

St. Brown's combination of size and speed will be coveted by offenses looking for a prospect who can create throwing windows down the field with his ability to separate as the route progresses. St. Brown's competitive nature needs to improve as does his play strength to elude early pressure from physical cornerbacks. He has never been a volume target and has just three 100-yard games in his career. At this stage, St. Brown is more of a threat than a weapon and his ceiling may be an average starter or WR3.

  • Tall target with long limbs
  • Plays outside and from slot
  • Early push into routes with quickness to decelerate and open and uncover on comebacks
  • Effortless glider
  • Much faster than he looks
  • Easy maneuvering around route traffic
  • Staccato footwork provides above average change of direction without slowing
  • Has build-up speed to overtake cornerbacks as vertical route progresses to third level
  • Willing to work over the middle
  • Able to eliminate pursuit angles and hit big runs after catch on crossing routes
  • Showed elevated concentration on tougher catches in 2016
  • Good feel for use of length to overcome cornerbacks down the sideline
  • Very few focus drops during his career
  • Has speed to hit the chunk play

  • Competitiveness feels optional for him at times
  • Needs to play with more consistent urgency
  • Struggles with physical cornerbacks
  • Crowded and harassed by North Carolina's M.J
  • Stewart and finished with just one catch
  • Routes and stems are rounded
  • Needs to do better at disguising route breaks
  • Doesn't create as much downfield separation as he could with better route leverage
  • Doesn't extend to pluck and allows throws to get into him
  • Hand strength is below average
  • Has catches that turn into drops due to lack of hand strength through contact
  • Body positioning and ball adjustments down the field are just OK

4.48 forty yard dash
by Zero2Cool on 4/28/2018 2:54:41 PM

Marquez Valdes-Scantling | Receiver | South Florida | 6'4" - 206 lbs.

Height, weight, speed prospect with intriguing deep ball capabilities as a big field stretcher. Valdes-Scantling is a work in progress who hasn't learned how to create leverage within his linear routes and doesn't have the ball skills he will need to win downfield. He's probably not ready to help a team just yet, but his issues may be correctable so he's worth a Day 3 selection as a stash-and-coach prospect.

  • Possesses size and speed traits evaluators look to develop
  • Pushes off the line of scrimmage with good forward lean to build momentum into downfield routes
  • Long strider with build-up speed that eventually overtakes most cornerbacks
  • Saw 26.4 percent of his catches go for 25-plus yards
  • Poor deep ball placement from his quarterback prevented more easy touchdowns

  • Routes lack sharpness and consistent play speed
  • Gives away stop routes prematurely
  • Slow to gather and redirect in space
  • Anchors on hitches and curls rather than working back to the throw
  • Too much body catching
  • Hands are small for his size and he suffers from focus drops
  • Gets deep but his ball skills down the field are lacking
  • Fails to utilize size to gain position

40 Yard Dash 4.37
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Nonstopdrivel (8h) : Oh, and one count of felony first-degree burglary.
Nonstopdrivel (8h) : He's also charged with at least one count on kidnapping and two counts of attempted rape.
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Nonstopdrivel (8h) : Kellen Winslow accused of raping and sexually assaulting several women between the ages of 54 and 86.
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Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : Alan, it's an online stream.
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Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : McCarthy speaks at 10am, so probably 11am for practice start.
Cheesey (11-Jun) : I don’t know if I can get that station.
Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : Listen to 107.5 the fan they'll tell you. I'm at airport.
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Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : Apparently it costs the inductees a LOT of money to attend.
beast (10-Jun) : Or if Owens is avoiding all HoF activity? Or if he's trying to figure a way to make money off this. Simply saying he's not going to be there doesn't tell me enough
beast (10-Jun) : I feel as if I need more details. Owens said he's not physical showing up, but he could still give a speech via video.
Zero2Cool (9-Jun) : Using 32 reporter votes is wrong.
Zero2Cool (9-Jun) : They held grudges against him, and ignored his excellence on the field. Bogus shit. Political garbage.
Zero2Cool (9-Jun) : Owens has a point. Absolutely garbage how voters acted, and have responded.
buckeyepackfan (9-Jun) : The HOF needs to conveniently forget to include Owen's in the ceremonies, then fake apologize after.
gbguy20 (8-Jun) : Kevin, suggestion box. move the applaud button to the bottom of the post so i don't have to scroll back up after reading a good post. same goes for quote button i suppose
Cheesey (7-Jun) : Well...I wonder what HE is protesting. Maybe that he made WAY too much money?
Nonstopdrivel (7-Jun) : Wait, what? He bitches for years about not having been selected, and now he won't attend the ceremony?
Zero2Cool (7-Jun) : Hall of Fame announces that Terrell Owens has informed them he will NOT attend the enshrinement ceremony in August.
Nonstopdrivel (5-Jun) : Looking at some of the multiyear rookie UDFA contracts made me think of it. But now I see it's standard to sign them for three years.
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Nonstopdrivel (3-Jun) : Probably I was thinking about Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern -- went to the Panthers).
Nonstopdrivel (3-Jun) : Apparently, I'm full of shit. The amount of money teams are allowed to spend on UDFA signing bonuses is extremely small.
Nonstopdrivel (3-Jun) : He's not named in any list of 2012 Green Bay UDFA signings, I mean.
Nonstopdrivel (3-Jun) : I don't think that's the player. I don't recognize the name, and he's not listed on any news article from 2012.
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