by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2016 3:43:51 PM
Kyle Murphy | Offensive Tackle | Tackle | 6'7" - 305 lbs.

Murphy played like a solid right tackle prospect as a second-team All-Pac-12 pick his junior year, his first full year as a starter. In 2015, however, the brother of former Harvard and Minnesota Vikings tackle Kevin Murphy slid to left tackle and improved greatly in pass protection while maintaining his toughness in the run game. He combined with left guard Joshua Garnett as first-team All-Conference picks on the blind side of quarterback Kevin Hogan, who reaped the benefits of their play.

STRENGTHS Has good feel for the position. Very aware in pass protection seeking out blitzes and twists and takes consistent angles up to the linebackers in the running game. Once he gets moving in space, is able to open up his hips and run with a relatively athletic gait. Plays with strong hands and good placement that can snatch and latch if he gets there first. Makes low pad level a priority in run game. Is usually low man and will use good leg drive or snap hips to secure the block. Adequate change direction in space. Patient second level blocker allowing the block to come to him. Outstanding work with teammate Joshua Garnett with combo blocks and double teams. Doesn?t lean in pass protection and can gain decent ground with his kick ­slides.

WEAKNESSES Feet are just average from a quickness standpoint. While he can be a little slow out of his stance and off to the races when moving laterally. Will get antsy pre-­snap. Tape shows him getting some headstarts that weren?t called by college officials. Troubling anchor issues as pass blocker. Will get stiff legged at impact in protection, raising pad level and losing anchor leverage. Needs to play more flat­-footed when shooting his punch. Speed to power rushers give him problems so may need to make inside hand placement a greater priority.


SOURCES TELL US "I don't think you can play him for at least a year until he gets stronger. He's a good run blocker but I don't know if he's strong enough to play on the right side or quick enough to play left." -- AFC general manager


BOTTOM LINE Interesting prospect full of juxtapositions. On one hand, he?s an athletic mover in space, but his foot quickness is just average. While he plays with good bend, leg drive and low pad level as a run blocker, he tends to play too tall and lose his anchor against bull­ rushers. Murphy plays with good tackle instincts and shows enough potential to become an eventual starter in the NFL if he can improve his overall strength and tighten up some of his pass protection flaws.
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2016 2:43:00 PM
Trevor Davis | Wide Receiver | California | 6'1" - 188 lbs.

Most people spend their lives trying to get to Hawai'i at least once, but Davis decided that two years in the Rainbow State was enough, especially after head coach Norm Chow was let go. He had started 10 times in his two years with the Warriors, racking up 45 receptions for 601 yards and five touchdowns. After sitting out a redshirt season in 2013, Davis became an all-purpose threat for the Bears, making plays as a receiver (24-399, five TD) and returner (424 kickoff return yards, 70 punt return yards) as a junior. He had 40 receptions in 2014 (one of six players hitting that mark) that covered 672 yards and two scores, and had 686 kickoff return and 45 punt return yards as well. Those sort of receiving/return numbers won't go unnoticed by NFL scouts.

STRENGTHS Quality return man specializing in kick­offs with two touchdowns under his belt while at Cal. Former high school long jumper and sprinter with build­up speed to challenge deep safeties from the hash. Competitive runner after the catch with ability to make defenders miss and finish his runs with some authority. Hands are adequate.

WEAKNESSES Track speed doesn't translate underneath. Needs runway to get going and can't hit jets out of his breaks for separation. Needs to improve hard vertical push to clear space for comebacks and outs. One­-speed, rounded routes need work. Struggles to release cleanly against quality press coverage.


SOURCES TELL US "He's a pretty good returner. I don't see him being drafted, but he could make a team as a return man and last receiver on the depth chart." -- NFC West scout

BOTTOM LINE Wiry catch-­and-­run specialist whose NFL value rests in his return ability. Davis could be a difficult sell because he's not an NFL­-ready receiver, but a big combine could create late-round interest or elevate his stock as a priority free agent.
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2016 12:58:16 PM
Dean Lowry | Defensive End | Northwestern | 6'6" - 296 lbs.

The Chicago Tribune All-State pick decided to stay in-state to play for a Wildcats legend in head coach Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern. Like Fitzgerald was during his time as a two-time Bronko Nagurski Trophy and Chuck Bednarik Award winner with the Wildcats, Lowry is a lunch pail player who brings effort on every snap. He?s also a better athlete than most people realize, showing the agility to spin off blocks and make plays in the backfield (15 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks in 2013-2014). His senior year capped an excellent career, with a highlight being his school-record six tackles for loss against Nebraska. He finished as a second-team All-Big Ten honoree with 46 tackles, 13.5 for loss, and three sacks. Lowry could play multiple spots along the line depending on his new team?s defensive scheme.

STRENGTHS Comes off the snap with burst and good pad level. Gives chase on the backside with great motor and good play speed. Willing to pursue the ball with consistency or effort. When pad level is good, can generate effective speed-­to-­power attack. Has play frame to fit classic 3-­4 DE spot. Coaches praise his work ethic and team­-first mentality. Does the dirty work that helps others succeed. Always active. Tackle finisher who rarely allows runners to escape. Had as many tackles and more tackles for loss than Joey Bosa.
WEAKNESSES Short arms and small hands prevent him from posting higher win percentage at point of attack. Not as aware of the ball as he needs to be. Needs to unhinge from blockers earlier when runners are in his neighborhood. Gets stood straight up at contact as bull rusher. Pad level and narrow base rob him of bull-­rush power when rushing from inside. Dull, straight-ahead rusher with no pass rush plan. Doesn?t threaten the edges of blockers. Marginal play­making change of direction.

DRAFT PROJECTION Round 7 or priority free agent

BOTTOM LINE Try-hard player with good size who is always active. While he won?t be considered a pass rushing threat, Lowry?s production was a function of effort and flashes of power and the aforementioned traits and qualities give him a good shot at being drafted and becoming an NFL backup.
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2016 12:43:39 PM
Blake Martinez | Inside Linebacker | Stanford 6'2" - 237 lbs.

STRENGTHS: Looks the part of an NFL linebacker with broad shoulders and an athletic, well-distributed frame. Highly aggressive run defender who attacks the line of scrimmage, showing no hesitation to take on blockers at the point of attack. Balanced, coordinated athlete who shows creativity in slipping under or spinning through would-be blocks.
Generally reliable open-field tackler, lassoing ballcarriers with his long arms and strong hands. Possesses the agility and awareness to handle coverage responsibilities, showing light feet and fluidity when changing directions. Locates the ball quickly and accelerates smoothly.

WEAKNESSES: Isn't a classic thumper 3-4 inside linebacker who will consistently take on and shed blockers in the hole. A bit taller than ideal for the inside and has a tendency to get caught up in the trash. Too often catches ballcarriers and falls backward rather than driving through his target.

Doesn't appear to possess the straight-line speed to beat backs to the edge or to handle deep seam responsibilities against NFL tight ends. Limited pass rusher, lacking the agility to elude blockers or the explosive power to bull rush through them.

IN OUR VIEW: By leading the Pac-12 with 141 total tackles in 2015, Martinez will certainly get a long look from NFL scouts, who could see his length and athleticism as a better fit outside. Martinez may need to impress in workouts to help convince scouts that his gaudy production wasn't inflated due to Stanford's scheme.

--Rob Rang (1/18/16)
by Zero2Cool on 4/29/2016 9:54:33 PM
Kyler Fackrell | Outside Linebacker | Utah State | 6'5" - 245 lbs.

Fackrell returned from a serious knee injury as a junior to emerge as a first team all-Mountain West player in 2015, leading the nation with five fumble recoveries while recording a team-high 15 tackles for loss and a school-record 12 quarterback hurries. He also had 4.0 sacks while become a semifinalist for the Butkus Award and earning an invitation to the Senior Bowl.
Fackrell suffered a season-ending torn ACL in September of 2014 after emerging the previous season with a team-best 13.0 tackles for loss, adding 82 tackles, 5.0 sacks and a 99-yard interception for a touchdown.

STRENGTHS: Tall, long-levered frame. Worked hard to develop his muscle and limb strength. Loose athlete with smooth redirection skills and long strides to cover a lot of ground. Lateral quickness to sidestep blocks or string plays to the outside. Active rusher and quick to read, adjust his angle and close. Uses his length to engage and lock out.
Looks natural in reverse and has experience in coverage. Offers athletic versatility and natural ball-skills (eight passes defended and four interceptions in his career).

Played on special teams coverages in college, including one blocked kick. Humble and hard-working, but also feisty and competitive - singled out as the leader of the defense by his head coach. Football junkie who already works and prepares like a professional. Highly productive with 253 tackles and 36.0 tackles for loss over 41 career starts.

WEAKNESSES: Lean-muscled body type with lanky bulk. Not a forceful player at the point of attack and needs to develop his take-on strength to push through the shoulder of blockers. Plays tall and too easily caught up in the crowd. Quick hands, but shed technique and block recognition requires fine-tuning.

Needs to better break down and finish in space. Long-legged mover, leading to choppy steps and lost balance in short-areas. Inconsistent backfield vision and anticipation, which leads to overaggressive tendencies.

Older prospect and will be a 25-year old NFL rookie. Missed all of the 2014 season due to an ACL tear in his right knee (Sept. 2014).

IN OUR VIEW: A three-year starter, Fackrell lined up as an edge rusher and outside linebacker in Utah State's 3-4 base and was a jack-of-all-trades defender who rushed and dropped in coverage.

He is a tall, long-armed and flexible athlete with range and closing burst, doing his best work in space because he's not a power player. Fackrell can be too easily controlled at the point of attack and needs to develop his take-on strength to better dispose of blockers, but the competitive toughness is there. He has above average intangibles and you won't find anyone who says something negative about him as a person.

Fackrell isn't an explosive player, but floats with great effort in pursuit and offers functional versatility to be an every-down player, ideally suited in a 3-4 scheme.

--Dane Brugler (2/13/16)
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