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by Zero2Cool on 4/18/2019 8:41:17 AM

Throw down your GAME-BY-GAME record prediction. It's just some July off-season fun, you won't be winning nothing.

2019 Opponents

Home ( 6 - 2 )

  1. W - Minnesota Vikings
  2. W - Denver Broncos
  3. L - Philadelphia Eagles
  4. W - Detroit Lions
  5. W - Oakland Raiders
  6. L - Carolina Panthers
  7. W - Washington Redskins
  8. W - Chicago Bears

Away ( 4 - 4 )

  1. W - Chicago Bears
  2. L - Dallas Cowboys
  3. L - Kansas City Chiefs
  4. L - Los Angeles Chargers
  5. L - San Francisco 49ers
  6. W -New York Giants
  7. W - Detroit Lions
  8. W - Minnesota Vikings

This is being generous. I think we're probably 8 - 8 team at this point, but we'll see. Anyhooters, let's see what you got for game by game predictions! We will have to revisit this after the draft and training camp too! It's fun to see how our predictions change through the course of the off-season.
by Zero2Cool on 4/8/2019 1:21:14 PM

I won't pretend that I know Aaron Rodgers face to face, however, I have watched nearly every one of his press conferences and every episode of his (now defunct) radio show with Jason Wilde. I also take immense pride on hearing both sides of a story, or at least consider that I'm being fed fluff from somewhere, someone. That being said, the Tyler Dunne article I feel was very much slanderous and bullshit.

To say that Aaron has an ego is no surprise. He's a freaking elite talented QB and you'd be hard pressed to find an athlete at any level who isn't going to have similar ego and walk with similar arrogance.

One of the things Aaron said coming into the NFL that always stuck with me was if he's remembered more for being a great QB than great person, he considers it a failure. That is not word-for-word, but the point is, he values being a good person over being a good athlete.

There are many times I've watched Aaron give a sarcastic answer to a reporter that have been written as "Aaron being arrogant, Aaron showing he's the smartest one in the room and remind us" and such. The thing to remember here is a lot of the times it's because he has a rapport with the reporter he's replying to. He often times give a little smirk at that reporter to kind of say "gotcha!". For example, when Randall Cobb signed with the Packers, Cobb actually reached out to Jason Wilde first via iMessage, BUT, Wilde was asleep. So, one of the locker room conference deals Aaron said something like "Unless you're sleeping on the job" or something like that. Out of context, it reeked of arrogance and being condescending. Thing is, Aaron was just giving Jason shit, that's it!

I do not like how Aaron interacts with young WR's on the field. A few times I saw him really get on a guy when I thought damn man, just hold that in and when he comes to the huddle, put your arm around him and inspire him, say something like "gotta catch that, but I know you will next time" or "don't worry about it, we'll get it next time". I am also cognizant of I could be out of line here. Maybe Aaron knows which players need inspired, and which players need that throat crunch. I only know how it looks on the TV and my interpretation of it.

I am not a fan of disconnecting with family, that is something I think Aaron should fix. BUT, I am 100% ignorant to what happened. And with having lost my mother, I am over-sensitive about family. You can also take into consideration how moronic his brother is with his social media and airing out family issues publicly. Aaron did say that family sometimes changes and start to expect things from you just because of your fame/stature. I really don't know what is going on with his family, and won't pretend to either. I just know how I feel about it and what I (hope) would do in similar situation.

Greg Jennings ... some of the things he said I believe are TRUE. One interview Greg said Aaron didn't like bunch formations because he would rather use his cadence to get the defense to show what they were going to do. I believe this to be true because it fits what I "know" about Aaron the player. He wants control and that responsibility. The counter argument to that would be, why didn't we see more bunch formations with non-12 QB's behind center?

When it came time for his contract, James Jones was verbally backed by Aaron Rodgers. Aaron later said that was a mistake and that he needs to be QB, not GM. So when Greg Jennings doesn't get that same vocal backing that Jones did, suddenly his QB doesn't "want him" on the team.

As Packers fans, I have read some saying TRADE HIM, and so many disparaging things and it really annoys me. I see what is happening, I read articles like all of you too. That Dunne article meshed rumors and other things already said with some newly acquired and sought out information to validate it. Some Rob from TotalPackers used Dunne's article as validation of his opinion.

People are so quick to knock down a "millionaire" because of the money they make and because of their celebrity status. Aaron does not like the fame, he does not want to be the focal point. The article was right about Aaron wanting everyone to dedicate themselves as much as him and him turning a bad eye on those who don't. It's the same issue with any exceptional athlete. They fail to understand they have gifts that others do not, yet demand others to be as good as them and putting forth similar if not greater dedication.

When it comes to the whole 49ers drafting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. That was not Mike McCarthy! McCarthy said he felt Smith was the more mobile of the two. “The story I heard, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, was that Mike Nolan said when he saw Alex open the car door for his mom, he knew that was his quarterback,” Aaron Rodgers said, per Pro Football Talk. Aaron said he would from time to time would joke with Mike and that sometimes Mike would be like "you just get over it". Aaron told this to his radio show audience! Aaron was being lighthearted about it but obviously there was some truth behind it and Mike was uncomfortable about it. It's not hard to see how some in the same room would think "OMG Aaron is holding a grudge!" about it. The background on that is not told.

The article Dunne inked up was aimed to degrade the player and the man that is Aaron Rodgers. The article didn't go into how many charities Aaron handles (Tahoe, MACK Fund, etc), how many selfless things he does for numerous people or anything of that nature. The fact that he went to Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley tells you everything about his motives.

Aaron is one of the good guys. I hope Packers fans give him the benefit of doubt until HE does something to deserve losing such benefit. Take it from someone who follows the Packers and puts more stock in facts than hyperbole.
by Zero2Cool on 1/18/2019 2:53:49 PM

Congratulations, [USERLINK]gotarace[/USERLINK] !!

Great job, gotarace! Good fun by everyone.

  1. [USERLINK]gotarace[/USERLINK]
  3. [USERLINK]GoPack1984[/USERLINK]

by beast on 1/15/2019 9:15:22 AM

The NFL is strongly trying to get all 32 team to have played a game in London. And all but 3 teams have... the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans.

The Packers haven't had a London game because there is no way in hell any team, under normal circumstances, would willingly give up a home game with how well the Packers fans travel (and therefore spend money)... but it might finally happen next season.

The NFL's two main ways of getting teams to London have been the Jaguars (who want to play in London as they seem to be considering a potential move to London) and the unusual circumstances of teams that are relocating and don't have their new stadium ready yet (such as Chargers, Rams and Raiders, whose new stadiums are expected to be ready to go in 2020).

So why could 2019 be the year the Packers finally play in London? Because they're scheduled to face not one but two of these teams (Chargers and Raiders).

The Raiders don't currently have a stadium contract signed for next season as their new stadium isn't ready and their old one is playing hardball since it's the last time they'll be getting money from the Raiders, so depending on what arrangement the Raiders have set up, this could be a great game for the NFL to move to London.

Meanwhile the Chargers are playing home games in a 27,000 capacity soccer stadium while their new stadium is being built. The Packers fans normally travel to warm areas Packers games (especially in winter) in huge flocks... 27,000 seats simply isn't enough for the crowd they could get and maximuming the games potential crowd. Meanwhile, NFL's 2018 London Games achieved an average attendance of 85,031 including a record attendance of 85,870 to watch the Eagles/Jaguars game.

As we all know the NFL likes setting and breaking records, and with the Packers fans that travel so well, the NFL will probably try to break the London game attendance record. So I'm fully expecting the Packers to have a London game next year, and I'm thinking it will be Packers vs Chargers.
by Zero2Cool on 12/31/2018 10:52:36 AM

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Los Angeles Chargers
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. New England Patriots
  7. Minnesota Vikings
  8. Los Angeles Rams
  9. Houston Texans
  10. Philadelphia Eagles
  11. Indianapolis Colts
  12. Atlanta Falcons
  13. Baltimore Ravens
  14. Dallas Cowboys
  15. Cleveland Browns
  16. Tennessee Titans
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers
  18. Miami Dolphins
  19. New York Giants
  20. Carolina Panthers
  21. Green Bay Packers
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars
  23. Denver Broncos
  24. Oakland Raiders
  25. Cincinnati Bengals
  26. Detroit Lions
  27. Washington Redskins
  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  29. Buffalo Bills
  30. San Francisco 49ers
  31. New York Jets
  32. Arizona Cardinals

And for fun, here's the last four games of the season, excluding week 17 seeing as some of the better teams rested players.

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Minnesota Vikings
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Atlanta Falcons
  5. Cleveland Browns
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. Seattle Seahawks
  8. Oakland Raiders
  9. Philadelphia Eagles
  10. Houston Texans
  11. New England Patriots
  12. Dallas Cowboys
  13. Miami Dolphins
  14. New York Giants
  15. Jacksonville Jaguars
  16. Indianapolis Colts
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  18. New York Jets
  19. Kansas City Chiefs
  20. Los Angeles Rams
  21. Los Angeles Chargers
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers
  23. New Orleans Saints
  24. Detroit Lions
  25. Green Bay Packers
  26. Denver Broncos
  27. San Francisco 49ers
  28. Arizona Cardinals
  29. Cincinnati Bengals
  30. Buffalo Bills
  31. Washington Redskins
  32. Carolina Panthers

16th in offense
28th in defense
21st overall (which is kind of where they draft, right?)
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KRK (2h) : It is nice to have team like Oakland and Arizona who are totally dysfunctional. I only wish they were in our division.
Pack93z (2h) : Still amazes me the at Mayock is a GM... lol
Pack93z (2h) : Gruden and Mayock running a team.. not a recipe for .. umm success!
Zero2Cool (2h) : How's that for dysfunctional lol
Zero2Cool (2h) : The belief is they don’t know who to trust and wanted to clear the room.
Zero2Cool (2h) : Sources: #Raiders coach Jon Gruden and GM Mike Mayock sent their scouts home for the weekend and they are not expected to return by draft time. The belief is they don’t know who to trust and wanted to
Zero2Cool (2h) : Ignore those who are bothersome to you. It's easy!
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gbguy20 (18h) : so you don't like him because he's old then Kevin?
gbguy20 (19h) : you're right. and the bye week isn't listed ffs
rabidgopher04 (19h) : Your schedule of games is out of order at the end
Zero2Cool (21h) : He's not younger than me.
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Zero2Cool (22h) : Eric Berry = over rated
gbguy20 (22h) : Eric Berry imo
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