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by Zero2Cool on 7/29/2016 12:17:49 PM
You may have heard that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is going to miss the first quarter of the NFL regular season over an alleged PSI issue of his balls. This makes way for Jimmy Garoppolo to start those four games. This has brought upon a lot of questions and quite honestly, Bill Belichick handles it awesomely! Besides being one of the greatest football minds ever, I admire his approach to reporters. Case in point.

Today Belichick grew annoyed being asked over and over about Brady and then was asked "What happens if Jimmy Garoppolo plays better?" and Belichick responded with "Look, I told you what's going to happen", meaning that Brady would start the 5th game of the season. The reporter followed up with "So there's no ..." and Belichick shook his head and under his breath says "Jesus Christ".

I love it!!!

I don't want [USERLINK]Smokey[/USERLINK] to get all bent out of shape here so I'm going to tie this in with the Packers right quick. BigGrin

Let's say Aaron Rodgers was suspended for four games and Brett "Future HOF QB for Packers" Hundley is forced to start those four games. How would you feel if Mike McCarthy were to respond similar to how Belichick did to that same line of questioning?

DISCLAIMER: While I admire Belichick's no bull approach, I do believe he could be more respectful towards reporters. I think a little smirk while muttering "Jesus Christ" would have been better than a disgusted annoyed "Jesus Christ". Know what I'm saying?!?

by Zero2Cool on 7/18/2016 2:41:21 PM
FleaFlicker is our home for the 2016 PackersHome Fantasy Football. Those whom played last season have priority on retaining their team this year.

UPDATED @ 28 JUL 2016


League Rules
You can read the League Rules by clicking the link.

League Scoring
You can read the League Scoring by clicking the link.

21 days of inactivity, team owner is replaced by first in line on 'Reserve/Waiting List'. PM and Email to be sent out to top 3 in the reserve list and first to respond, gets the spot. Questions?

TUESDAY, September 6th, 2016 @ 7:15 PM CST

2016 Participants
  1. Zero2Cool
  2. DoddPower
  3. djcubez
  4. dhazer
  5. yinzer
  6. buckeyepackfan
  7. grabacr
  8. GoPack1984
  9. porky88
  10. steveishere
  11. macbob
  12. pack93z

Reserve/Waiting List

Priority List from 2015 participants

  1. Zero2Cool
  2. DoddPower
  3. djcubez
  4. yinzer
  5. grabacr
  6. dhazer
  7. buckeyepackfan
  8. GoPack1984
  9. porky88
  10. steveishere
  11. macbob
  12. pack93z

Add a comment to this thread stating you are playing or you are not playing or if you would like to be on the waiting list.

by Zero2Cool on 6/30/2016 11:23:08 AM
Twitter has made changes to their twitter embed that were causing slower page load times. The "Tweeter" has been split into three sections and moved to the page. You can find former and current Packers Players, Packers Bloggers/Writers and some National media/misc folks.

This brought our page load from over 2.4 seconds to under 1.5 seconds.

Also, the Packers Current Headlines block has moved from left to right and increased from 7 headlines to 10 headlines.
by Zero2Cool on 5/25/2016 7:42:47 AM
QB - Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley
RB - Eddie Lacy, James Starks, Don Jackson
FB - Aaron Ripkowski
WR - Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Ty Montgomery, Jared Abberderris, Jeff Janis, Trevor Davis
TE - Richard Rodgers, Jared Cook, Kennard Backman, Justin Perillo
OL - David Bakhtiari, Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, Corey Linsley, JC Tretter, Kyle Murphy, Jason Spriggs, Matt Rotheram

DL - Mike Daniels, Letroy Guion, Datone Jones, Mike Pennel, Dean Lowry, Kenny Clark
LB - Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Sam Barrington, Nick Perry, Jake Ryan, Jayrone Elliott, Blake Martinez, Kyler Fackrell, Joe Thomas
CB - Sam Shields, Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, LaDarius Gunter, Robertson Daniel
S - Morgan Burnett, Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, Micah Hyde, Chris Banjo

K - Mason Crosby
P - Tim Masthay
LS - Rick Lovato

Average age 25.3 years old.

I'm thinking Brett Goode opens up on the PUP. As a long snapper you don't think running is that important until you realize that the long snapper is usually one of the first people down field on punt coverage.
by Zero2Cool on 4/30/2016 3:43:51 PM
Kyle Murphy | Offensive Tackle | Tackle | 6'7" - 305 lbs.

Murphy played like a solid right tackle prospect as a second-team All-Pac-12 pick his junior year, his first full year as a starter. In 2015, however, the brother of former Harvard and Minnesota Vikings tackle Kevin Murphy slid to left tackle and improved greatly in pass protection while maintaining his toughness in the run game. He combined with left guard Joshua Garnett as first-team All-Conference picks on the blind side of quarterback Kevin Hogan, who reaped the benefits of their play.

STRENGTHS Has good feel for the position. Very aware in pass protection seeking out blitzes and twists and takes consistent angles up to the linebackers in the running game. Once he gets moving in space, is able to open up his hips and run with a relatively athletic gait. Plays with strong hands and good placement that can snatch and latch if he gets there first. Makes low pad level a priority in run game. Is usually low man and will use good leg drive or snap hips to secure the block. Adequate change direction in space. Patient second level blocker allowing the block to come to him. Outstanding work with teammate Joshua Garnett with combo blocks and double teams. Doesn?t lean in pass protection and can gain decent ground with his kick ­slides.

WEAKNESSES Feet are just average from a quickness standpoint. While he can be a little slow out of his stance and off to the races when moving laterally. Will get antsy pre-­snap. Tape shows him getting some headstarts that weren?t called by college officials. Troubling anchor issues as pass blocker. Will get stiff legged at impact in protection, raising pad level and losing anchor leverage. Needs to play more flat­-footed when shooting his punch. Speed to power rushers give him problems so may need to make inside hand placement a greater priority.


SOURCES TELL US "I don't think you can play him for at least a year until he gets stronger. He's a good run blocker but I don't know if he's strong enough to play on the right side or quick enough to play left." -- AFC general manager


BOTTOM LINE Interesting prospect full of juxtapositions. On one hand, he?s an athletic mover in space, but his foot quickness is just average. While he plays with good bend, leg drive and low pad level as a run blocker, he tends to play too tall and lose his anchor against bull­ rushers. Murphy plays with good tackle instincts and shows enough potential to become an eventual starter in the NFL if he can improve his overall strength and tighten up some of his pass protection flaws.
Fan Shout
Zero2Cool (29-Jul): NFL just needs more rules and intrusive Judging and Jury and Sentencing and it'll be w!n!
wpr (29-Jul): I understand Pack93z. Unfortunately the good ol days are gone.
Zero2Cool (29-Jul): Bahahaha
Zero2Cool (29-Jul): It's hard for me to get amped when I'm so much more wise than the others here. *sigh*
Pack93z (29-Jul): football is still in my blood... just not the current NFL product.
Pack93z (29-Jul): Trying to get into TC mode and get amped for the season... alas, it just isn't the same passion I once had for the NFL product.. football is
Zero2Cool (28-Jul): I have a habit of hitting tab then space bar lol
Pack93z (28-Jul): .... and yes, that was a retyped message cause the user hit the enter key.. lol
Pack93z (28-Jul): It really isn't that big of a deal, more of a user problem that can't remember to stop and click in place of hitting a key... and yes, this
Zero2Cool (28-Jul): And it also won't do a full page refresh either.
Zero2Cool (28-Jul): I have to toss in an UpdatePanel and dedicate Enter to it for submission, then it will work.
Zero2Cool (28-Jul): nerdmann went bonkers with creating topics so we had to slow him down a tad lol
Pack93z (28-Jul): If I gotta field questions all week from this user base at work... going to share the "love".
Pack93z (28-Jul): There... that should miff Zero for a couple of seconds... ;)
Pack93z (28-Jul): Also.. when posting in the fan shout... why can't I hit the enter key to post a message?
Pack93z (28-Jul): What is this 5 minute wait cycle to create articles from the headlines... can't I spam them like hotcakes?
Mucky Tundra (27-Jul): haha
Zero2Cool (27-Jul): Crap, another meeting! Ugh!
Zero2Cool (27-Jul): Check in already! We waiting on YOU!!!
Pack93z (27-Jul): YES :)
Pack93z (27-Jul): --- KEVIN ----
Mucky Tundra (27-Jul): of the Dead?
Zero2Cool (27-Jul): --- SHAWN ---
Cheesey (25-Jul): Me neither. He did virtually nothing after he left the Packers.
Zero2Cool (25-Jul): WR Greg Jennings retires. I think I should be surprised, but I'm not.
Cheesey (23-Jul): It's sad, he was young.
wpr (22-Jul): Sorry to hear about Dennis passing away.
Zero2Cool (22-Jul): Hopefully people respect his passing without trying to make jokes.
Zero2Cool (22-Jul): Damn, Dennis Green passed away.
Zero2Cool (22-Jul): Bahahahah
Smokey (16-Jul): Playing 2016 Fantasy Football ? NO ? Contact me to join the Tailgaters Fantasy Football League !
wpr (15-Jul): Happy birthday since69
Zero2Cool (15-Jul): Whoa!Today's Birthdays: Since69 (51)
Zero2Cool (15-Jul): No sir. But at work we had our A/C go out, not fun lol
Smokey (14-Jul): Did recent bad weather affect you Zero ? ie: loss of electricity ?
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