by Zero2Cool on 8/27/2015 7:17:30 AM
We have a new NFL Pick'em page!

Go to Fantasy > NFL Pick'em then click the Your Picks tab to give it a go!

I think this is a drastic improvement over what we had the last few years and with the changes here is a little explanation of what you're going to see.

Background: Gray
Pick Selector: None
Meaning: You have yet to make a pick for this match-up.

Background: Yellow
Pick Selector: Checkmark
Meaning: You have selected a winner for this match-up. (in event of a TIE, this is what you will see as well)

Background: Red
Pick Selector: X-mark
Meaning: You picked the wrong team to win.

Background: Green
Pick Selector: Checkmark
Meaning: You correctly picked the winner.
by Zero2Cool on 8/26/2015 7:16:16 AM
I've said often Javon Walker was the last great wide receiver talent the Packers have had and if you go back further, Sterling Sharpe. That being said, I've read Jordy Nelson is not a number one wide receiver.

That has me thinking, what is a number one wide receiver?

Last season just six wide receivers had more RECEPTIONS than Jordy Nelson.
Last season just three wide receivers had more RECEIVING YARDS than Jordy Nelson.
Last season just one wide receiver had more TOUCHDOWNS than Jordy Nelson.
Last season just nine wide receivers had more 20+ YARDS RECEPTIONS than Jordy Nelson.
Last season just two wide receivers had more 1st DOWN RECEPTIONS than Jordy Nelson.

If you were to put Jordy Nelson on any other NFL team, he would be no worse than the 2 on nearly every team except the Falcons.

  1. Lions have Calvin Johnson
  2. Steelers have Antonio Brown
  3. Giants have Odell Beckham Jr
  4. Falcons have Julio Jones and Roddy White
  5. Broncos have Demaryius Thomas
  6. Bengals have A.J. Green
  7. Cowboys have Dez Bryant
  8. Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald
  9. Colts have T.Y. Hilton

There you have it folks, Jordy Nelson is indeed a number one receiver. Deal with it!!

Oh and for those who will ask about Percy Harvin, sure he has talent coming out of his ears. Big deal!! A damn bowl in a China Shop lasts longer with a Bull hopped up on Red Bull than Harvin does in the NFL. Talent doesn't mean squat if you can't produce on the field and if you're always hurt, you're useless.

Class dismissed!
by Zero2Cool on 8/24/2015 10:45:48 AM
Punter Tim Masthay has punted 11 times for 448 yards with a long of 56. That averages just under 41 yards a punt. For comparison sake, Masthay has not averaged less than 43.5 yards a punt during an entire regular season since 2010.

Mathay's eight punts went for 36, 51, 56, 44, 45, 46, 39 and 29 yards against the Steelers. While his overall average for the Steelers game (43.3) topped his average for Patriots game (34.0) I am thinking the Packers need to bring in another punter.

Any Punter's out there or is the lack of a quality replacement the reason the Packers are going for it on 4th down so often?
by Zero2Cool on 8/24/2015 9:14:10 AM
Today we fans will certainly be confirmed of what we all suspect; Jordy Nelson is going to be placed on season ending injured reserve due to a torn ACL suffered against the Steelers.

Hold on, not all is lost!!!

Hey, if we had-to lose a starter at any offensive position, we all would have said wide receiver would be the least damaging, right? Yes, I know because I read it all off-season and training camp.

What all need to do is take a deep breath, do it again, and once more and realize the Packers offense is not a one trick pony, unless that one trick is Aaron Rodgers of course. The Packers offense is a spread the ball around offense incorporating all offensive weapons. Heck, Jarrett 'where did ya go' Boykin even had a good season at wide receiver in this system.

Supporting this is take a peak at what former wide receivers (e.g. James Jones, Greg Jennings.) have done after leaving the Packers. They found themselves on the back of a milk carton and are on their second teams already.

If you think Davante Adams is going to replace the production of Jordy Nelson, sorry, don't hold your breath. It will not happen.

What will happen is the rest of the Packers offense will pick up the production piece by piece like the well oiled machine they are under Aaron Rodgers.

Get familiar with these wide receiver names because these are all you're going to see opening day for the Green Bay Packers.

  1. Randall Cobb
  2. Davante Adams
  3. Ty Montgomery
  4. Jeff Janis
  5. Larry Pinkard
  6. Myles White / Jared Abbrederris

And guess what? The Packers offense is still going to finish in the top five in scoring by the end of the regular season.
by PWT36 on 8/16/2015 4:50:50 AM
Event: Posters Get Together and Dinner

Place: Green Bay Distillery Bar and Restaurant

Location: 835 Mike McCarthy Way (formally Potts Ave) - Village of Ashwaubenon -Just south of Lambeau Field

Date: Saturday night, September 19th (Seattle Seahawks/Packer home game weekend)

Time: Cocktails 5:30 pm- Dinner 6:30 pm

Reservations post under this topic with user name and number of persons attending

Fan Shout
uffda udfa (2h) : They don't Steve...but Wilde had Guion as "IN"
sschind (5h) : guy will be ready injury wise by week 4 have him toke up and get caught.
sschind (5h) : how soon before teams start asking players to violate policy so they can keep them on the team and not have to countthem on the active roste
steveishere (6h) : I don't think suspended players count toward the 53
uffda udfa (15h) : Incredible! Wilde's 53 man roster doesn't even have Datone Jones as "IN"...he's "looking good". Sad, a 3rd year 1st rounder isn't a lock f
Smokey (18h) : Attention Guests: Come join us here in the Forum ! A great place to post !
Smokey (19h) : 3rd Qtr/ Jax 17 Det 13
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : Guion suspension upheld...lost for 3 games
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : He works boundary...great body control...great feet...goes deep...runs strong. Jordy Clone, maybe.
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : Tell me he doesn't remind you of 87...
Zero2Cool (27-Aug) : Only thing that matters : 40 Yrd Dash: 4.54
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : Butler is 6'2 215...Hmmm, wonder what TT has in mind. Ha.
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : TT went out and got us Jordy's replacement...James Butler...not even a camp invite.
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : I knew what you were saying and I loved it! From a production standpoint it was worse than college radio. It had Aaron which made it worth
Zero2Cool (27-Aug) : I wouldn't know good radio if it sat on my face, but I know what I find informational and worthwhile. Tuesday with Aaron, was both.
Zero2Cool (27-Aug) : I am saying my zero experience in radio > your whatever years. :D Bahahahahah
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : Ha! Yeah, I only was involved in making good radio for 8 years. Don't know a thing.
Zero2Cool (27-Aug) : Yeah, I'm not surprised I know good radio better than you. Not a big deal, you have your strengths, radio isn't one.
uffda udfa (27-Aug) : We have very different tastes. I worked in radio for many years. Thought the show was so much worse than it needed to be.
Zero2Cool (27-Aug) : NFL Pick'em v2.0 is here!
Zero2Cool (26-Aug) : Wilde was great choice and if not for Jason's rapport with Aaron, never would have happened.
uffda udfa (26-Aug) : I never caught it live...listened to podcast a few times. Wilde was the wrong guy for that show.
Zero2Cool (26-Aug) : That was poorly worded, my mistake. I was regular, it was great peak into his life. Planned meetings around it lol
uffda udfa (26-Aug) : As for Tuesday's with Aaron I did listen, but I wasn't a regular.
Smokey (26-Aug) : Anyone seen Polargrizzz lately, he's AWOL !
Zero2Cool (26-Aug) : If you listened to them, Aaron urged them to go past the 10 minutes. Jason would be an idiot to cut it off.
uffda udfa (26-Aug) : The contract stated 10 minutes but the show always went longer. Sounds like 540 took advantage and perhaps he got sick of it.
uffda udfa (26-Aug) : As for Aaron's radio show, sounds like he just didn't want to do it and they took too much of his time. Was only supposed to be 10 minutes.
Smokey (26-Aug) : Don't worry, be WR happy !
Zero2Cool (26-Aug) : WR!!
uffda udfa (25-Aug) : LeRoy Butler and Finley want TT to add a WR. Silverstein wrote a piece on it, including Rison mention. Let's get this!
uffda udfa (25-Aug) : The WHY is the big story, but that hasn't come out yet.
Zero2Cool (25-Aug) : noooooooooooooooooooo!
Zero2Cool (25-Aug) : Aaron is done? Why????
uffda udfa (25-Aug) : If you liked "Tuesday's with Aaron" he's not doing it this year. He's done.
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