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by Zero2Cool on 7/14/2019 10:15:13 AM

I thought upgrading to the latest YAF would be seamless. I believed it would just be the hassle of creating a new theme. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I want the sub-forums at the bottom, I want the userbox on the left side and I want more flexibility in how the controls are laid out. Much of the latest branch of the code has a lot of server-side generated mark-up and that bothers me. Solely because it requires a lot of re-work just to update the software. This happens a lot when you use software not specifically crafted for what you want. It's something expected to be honest.

That being said, the upgrade to the latest YAF is being nixed. I have blown away several weekends and evenings repeatedly trying to get it to work how I want and it is just too much work.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to build my own discussion board flavor of a website and I think that is what I'm going to move forward with. I don't think the first version will have all the bells and whistles, but honestly, I just want a place for fans to interact with one another and talk Green Bay Packers. I've actually had the first release completely planned out for several months now. I am going to focus my 'hobby time' on writing that code and getting that released. I wouldn't expect anything for probably 2-3 years, if you are even still around at that time lol.

I feel this is acceptable because our current website is very serviceable and "works".
by Zero2Cool on 6/6/2019 11:11:58 AM

UPDATED @ 6 JUN 2019


League Rules
You can read the League Rules by clicking the link.

League Scoring
You can read the League Scoring by clicking the link.

21 days of inactivity, team owner is replaced by first in line on 'Reserve/Waiting List'. PM and Email to be sent out to top 3 in the reserve list and first to respond, gets the spot. Questions?

TUESDAY, September 3rd, 2019 @ 7:15 PM CST

2018 Participants
  1. Zero2Cool
  2. buckeyepackfan
  3. djcubez
  4. dhazer
  5. macbob
  6. DoddPower
  7. Grabacr
  8. Tezzy
  9. GoPack1984
  10. yinzer
  11. porky88

Reserve/Waiting List

Priority List from 2018 participants

  1. Zero2Cool
  2. DoddPower
  3. Grabacr
  4. dhazer
  5. buckeyepackfan
  6. macbob
  7. djcubez
  8. Tezzy
  9. GoPack1984
  10. yinzer
  11. porky88
  12. steveishere

Add a comment to this thread stating you are playing or you are not playing or if you would like to be on the waiting list.

Once the final spot is confirmed, we'll randomize the draft order one time and be good to go!
by wpr on 4/27/2019 10:16:23 PM

Ty Summers | Inside Linebacker | Texas Christian | 6'1" - 241 lbs.

Inside linebacker possessing the physical qualities of an NFL player but lacking the necessary instincts and feel to make plays on his terms. While Summers won't always play to his top speed, he could very well run a pre-draft sub 4.6 40, which could make him a late-round target for teams who view him as back-end depth and a potential core special teamer.

  • Expected to test well, especially in the 40-yard dash
  • High-motor player who makes all the calls for the defense
  • Play strength is a plus
  • Asked to play on the edge at times, and showed ability to hold up
  • Low pad level and sturdy base to anchor in his gap against blockers
  • Patient when scraping with focus on leveraging runner and preventing a backside cut
  • Heavy tackler with compact strike zone
  • Possesses tools to specialize on special teams

  • Movement skills on tape don't match workout numbers
  • Lateral agility and change of direction is just average
  • Below average as open-field tackler Hangs back waiting to bang with lineman rather than attacking downhill
  • Too much reading and not enough reacting
  • Comes off the field on passing down

Pre-Draft Analysis
Summers is a big linebacker with below-average length and excellent timed speed. He flashes good stopping power in a phone booth, but he's better defending the run than he is in coverage. He tested better than expected and might have some upside in that area.
by wpr on 4/27/2019 10:15:08 PM

Dexter Williams | Running Back | Notre Dame | 5'11" - 212 lbs.

Ascending every-down running back prospect who showed major flashes of becoming an NFL starter in his most active season to date. Williams runs with a good combination of feel, force and juice, which allows for a variety of methods in creating yards for himself. His evaluation could require additional character work and his relative lack of experience could mean a slower integration into an NFL offense; however, he offers exciting upside with the talent to become a productive, NFL starter.

  • Possesses adequate NFL size with good flexibility
  • Stepped into bell-cow role with ease
  • Had four games with 140-plus yards and averaged a touchdown run every 12 carries
  • Understands block development and where lanes will originate
  • Adequate decisiveness as interior runner
  • Presses line of scrimmage to set blockers up for success
  • Loose hips to flow where his eyes take him
  • Processes traffic quickly to work away from peek-a-boo gap-fitters
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Mashes gas to win foot races to corner or hit the home run
  • Runs with square pads and drops heavy, pre-emptive blows on tacklers
  • Small career workload for fresh NFL legs
  • Ball security has been excellent in relatively limited work.

  • Small sample size with limited tape against quality competition
  • Never more than 39 carries in a single season before 2018
  • Has an arrest (2016) and four-game suspension (2018) in his background
  • Slew-footed running style can affect balance through cuts
  • Needs to step in and square blitzers rather than defaulting to body rolls
  • Easier to upend in space because of narrow running base
  • Vision goes from good to average after he's past the line of scrimmage
  • Average elusiveness in open field

Pre-Draft Analysis
Williams is an instinctive between-the-tackles runner who does a good job of following his blocks. He plays faster than his 40 time and flashes the ability to pull away when he gets a seam. His limited production in the passing game is a concern, but he flashed the potential to develop into an effective checkdown who picks up some yards after the catch on 2018 Southern Cal tape.
by wpr on 4/27/2019 10:12:00 PM

Ka'dar Hollman | Cornerback | Toledo | 6'0" - 196 lbs.

Former walk-on who continues to allow the chip on his shoulder to fuel his tenacious play at cornerback. Hollman hits the height, weight and speed markers and has the athleticism to stay near routes on all three levels as a press corner, but his instincts and ball production are somewhat underwhelming relative to the traits and his age could hurt his draft slotting. Hollman's tenacity and traits make him a worthy Day 3 selection with the ability to work his way up from CB4 into playing time.

  • Combines good size with great speed
  • Destroyed his pro day with 4.39-second 40-yard dash, 38-inch vertical and 6.81 3-cone
  • Highly competitive demeanor from press
  • Has lateral foot agility to mirror and stall route timing
  • Recovery speed allows him to wait out receiver's release fakes
  • Aggressive crowding outside release against boundary
  • Face guards to congest top of the route
  • Allowed just 40 percent completion rate in 2018
  • Will range and overlap into deep center from Cover-3
  • Dips and slips around perimeter blocks in run support
  • Fearless tackler who sees what he hits

  • Will be a 25-year old rookie
  • Has tendency to play man over ball on 50-50s
  • Arms are below desired length
  • Needs better eye-balance between route and quarterback
  • Doesn't play with optimal route recognition
  • Can be baited out of position by combo routes
  • More reactive than anticipatory in his coverage
  • Needs to trust technique downfield to avoid flags in NFL
  • Inconsistent positioning tracking deep receivers

Sources Tell Us
"From the standpoint of traits and upside, he's got it. He's tough and fast, he just needs to work on his fundamentals, but he's going to be a starter in the league." -- Defensive backs coach for NFC team

Pre-Draft Analysis
Hollman has average size, below-average length and outstanding top-end speed. He has the upper body strength, speed and toughness to develop into an effective press corner, and is willing in run support. He had just two career interceptions.
Fan Shout
rabidgopher04 (23h) : Hundley is the king of preseason.
buckeyepackfan (16-Aug) : Meanwhile in Arizona, Brett Hundley outplays Kyler Murray!
KRK (15-Aug) : Does anyone have a live feed for the game. I dont want to give the NFL a credit card.
Zero2Cool (15-Aug) : No Rodgers tonight.
Zero2Cool (15-Aug) : Ravens haven't lost preseason game in years. Geez
Zero2Cool (15-Aug) : Watch #GBvsBAL live tonight with @NFL Game Pass. Free trial:
Cheesey (15-Aug) : “He went to JAROD!!!” LOL!
wpr (14-Aug) : A: great B: Jarod is a douche C: "Packer People" lives.
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : C: At worst, we'd have to change the domain name.
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : B: My brother "Jarod" could take over ;-)
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : A: I wouldn't do that.
gbguy20 (14-Aug) : goodnight sweet prince
gbguy20 (14-Aug) : oh shi-
KRK (14-Aug) : Z, do you think you would have to give up the site if you got the gig?
Cheesey (14-Aug) : So...from now on they can be known as “THE” idiots from Ohio State!
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : Whoa. U.S. Rep. Steve King
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : Par for the course for Ohio S...err THE Ohio State.
buckeyepackfan (14-Aug) : That's STUPID!
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : Ohio State seeks to trademark the word 'The'
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : Combine two of my passions, coding and football.
Zero2Cool (14-Aug) : ha, probably won't get it, but gonna try my best. it'd be perfect for me.
Cheesey (14-Aug) : KNOW you have to show Cheesey around Lambeau Field when you get the job!!!(PLEEZE!!!)
Cheesey (14-Aug) : UnderWARE! Dang spell check!!
Cheesey (14-Aug) : KRK, yes, there is a front and a back to underwater. The yellow stain goes in front, the brown stain in the back.
wpr (14-Aug) : Good luck Kevin
gbguy20 (13-Aug) : easy access?
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : I did, yes.
TheKanataThrilla (13-Aug) : I guess I should have hit send earlier.
TheKanataThrilla (13-Aug) : Do you apply for the Packers job? That would be awesome.
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Submitted resume to the Packers. ;-)
Nonstopdrivel (13-Aug) : Since we're talking about underwear, can anyone explain to me why underwear has three holes? 🤔
gbguy20 (13-Aug) : what
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Verisimilitude
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Burks MIGHT BE BACK baby!
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : SI let go of all their photographers.
KRK (13-Aug) : My dream job is as a photographers assiistant at the SI swimsuit edition shoot.
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Dream Job Alert!! Packers are hiring a app developer!!
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Not if you turn them inside out.
KRK (13-Aug) : Wait… There’s a front and a back to underwear?
gbguy20 (13-Aug) : who wears underwear?
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : On the rare days he wears underwear, he puts them on backwards.
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : And you want Rourke to be the voice of reason on that?
KRK (13-Aug) : i was just joking...but actually, if we talk all issues in random babble, why not? we could discuss supplements exercise plans etc
Zero2Cool (13-Aug) : Why?
KRK (13-Aug) : Perhaps a special section on the site "Ask Dr. Drivel"...
KRK (13-Aug) : DrNSD, thats ok. You just have to provide free medical services and advice to all members.
Nonstopdrivel (13-Aug) : Sorry for how terse I've been lately. Once I have my boards out of the way, I'll have more to contribute.
Zero2Cool (12-Aug) : Mason Foster.
gbguy20 (12-Aug) : hes only been signed because we don't currently have a healthy FB on the roster. don't expect him to stick around.
KRK (12-Aug) : good. i am not sold on Vitale
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