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On Sunday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made his thoughts regarding the Bears known to their fans. Then, a former Bears player made his thoughts regarding Rodgers known. Olin Kreutz, appearing on WSCR radio in Chicago, said of Rodgers, "I'd like to punch him in his face.' "When you see that, that's your first reaction, right?,' [more]

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Not nice to want to punch your owner.
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Not nice to want to punch your owner.

This is the kind of crap Florio loves to talk about.
I listened to someone else talk about it on the SCORE on Monday. He was a former player too. He said this kind of thing happens all the time. For the most part no one even pays any attention to it. It's a story only because the end zone mic picked it up. If it took place behind the bench it wouldn't have been observed.
As far as Kreutz is concerned, He was owned by both Favre and Rodgers. A mere 12-8 against Favre or .600. 5-2 against Aaron .714. Overall an embarrassing 17-10 .630 record.
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