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Playoff Time.
Packers as healthy as they have been all year.
Little tidbit I heard today.
Jimmy G. Has never started or thrown a pass in The NFL with temp under 40 degrees
Bosa starting, I expect he will see a big dose of AJ Dillon to soften him up.
Haven't been sweating this game at all.
Packers 34
49rs. 16
I was addicted to The Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around!
No one showed up. So sick of these playoff games where the whole team just gives up in the 4th quarter. Probably Rodgers last game as a Packer.
The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool - R. Feynman
The defense did a decent job except for that last drive. They only gave up 6 points.
The TD was given up by our lousy special teams.
How our offense did virtually nothing after the first drive, I don’t understand.
I’m just sick over this game.
Another in the long line of disappointing seasons.
Another WASTED season.
Mucky Tundra
Got forced into work due to call-ins and people testing positive for covid. Followed the first two drives of the game on my phone on my lunch break and all looked great. Get off work and see the score and of course it was ST that killed us in the end. Defense played great and the offense while absolutely anemic after the opening drive did enough to win. I can't help but compare this game one between the Colts and the Ravens back in 2007. Manning played like trash with multiple picks but the Colts got enough points on the board thanks to special teams and the defense held the Ravens in check to 6 points. Final score? 15-6. Manning got roasted in the media and if Green Bay pulled it off tonight Rodgers would have deserved to be as well. But one guy one won and the other didn't.

For whatever reason, it seems like all three phases of the game just never line up when they need to.
“Nah. I like having the island. It’s pretty cool...not too many visitors”
"I’ve got it." -Aaron Rodgers
Fuckin Gary was a beast.

“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
Like I said earlier, I had a bad feeling about this game. I wish I would have been wrong.😖😔
What happened to the short quick passes??? They worked all through the regular season. You can’t tell me no one was getting open. Three on Adams HAD to leave someone open.
Rodgers chokes all the time when it counts.
We didn’t get any farther then the Vikings, Bears and Lions.
Won the division.
Got home field advantage.
Crapped the bed.....again.
As always, when Aaron does too much coke before a game, he stops executing the offense and runs wild. Been the same thing since 2015.

 Screenshot_20220123-104831_Twitter.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

As always, when Aaron does too much coke before a game, he stops executing the offense and runs wild. Been the same thing since 2015.

 Screenshot_20220123-104831_Twitter.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.

He said it in his presser that he screwed up there & wishes he had that opportunity back.
He choked. Props for admitting it but he choked at the worst moment. Special teams deserves the brunt of the blame yesterday but Rodgers had an opportunity to keep the game alive and reacted like us mere mortals.
The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool - R. Feynman
“Superman” becomes “Clark Kent” in the playoffs.
What stinks is that other than 2010, he’s done that consistently.

Here's the heartbreaking call from Packers Radio Network. Larry McCarren has to restrain himself from ripping off an F-bomb when the ball sails through the uprights. The man is 70 years old. He might just decide to hang it up after this latest disappointment.
I thought I was wrong after that opening drive. I thought, damn, we get at least a FG on the next drive we got this. And then the fumble. Couldn't believe it. The 49ers were negative yards going into 2nd quarter and didn't even have a first down.

This game could have been won easily by a mediocre output from offense. Instead it was lost by horrendous Special Teams.
I'm still puzzled why Billy Turner was starting over Yosh. I thought Yosh was doing so well, so why fook with it? Fine that David B couldn't go, whatever reason that wuss had, but why not go with Yosh? Didn't we learn from last season that Billy Turner cannot play LT well enough for winning in the playoffs?
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