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Oren Burks | Linebacker | Vanderbilt | 6'3" - 233 lbs.

In any other decade, Burks' lack of familiarity for any position for more than a year would force him into the "tweener" stack and he would be on his way. In today's game filled with hybrid players and sub-packages, Burks' background could make him more valuable. He needs to play with more consistency in diagnosing and tackling, but his athleticism, cover talent, and ability on special teams make him a developmental prospect with decent upside.

  • Well-proportioned between upper and lower body
  • Has broad back and long arms
  • Leader on and off the field
  • Has experience at three different positions over the last three seasons
  • Fits as 4-3 WILL or 3-4 inside linebacker
  • Former safety with athletic ability to handle coverage duties at linebacker
  • Range and pursuit speed is above average
  • Possesses good lateral twitch
  • Has reactive athleticism to spring into adjacent gap as tackler
  • Plays with good toughness
  • Willing to take on pulling guards with good force
  • Continued to improve as season progressed
  • Has talent to become a core special-teamer

  • Will make mistakes in diagnosing that pull him out of position
  • Still learning the position, but instincts may be average for a role as inside linebacker
  • Below average punching and playing off blockers
  • Gets engulfed and will need to become more capable in slipping or playing around blocks
  • Gets neutralized in the hole
  • Has to become more effective at imposing his will despite physical challenges
  • Consistency as a tackler is a concern
  • Doesn't flow with leverage and will overshoot the ball carrier
  • Needs to tackle with better positioning to finish what he starts

4.59 in 40 Yard Dash

Glad the Packers are taking athletes. In this spot, Ted would've taken "a football guy" like Jake Ryan.
Sounds like a coverage backer similar to Jones, should eventually find a role on passing downs. Not sure how much of an edge rush he can provide.
Don't mind the pick, just don't know why we traded up for him. Wondering if we were targeting Arden Key and got hooped.
They most likely wanted Key. That's why the Raiders jumped up two spots to grab him.
Mucky Tundra
So, do we finally have some speed and athleticism over the middle with this guy?
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Originally Posted by: Bigbyfan 

They most likely wanted Key. That's why the Raiders jumped up two spots to grab him.

Its possible Key was the target but I'm not sure for a couple of reasons. First of all it seems to me that you trade up to take the guy you want not trade up just to move up and see who is still there. Unless the Raiders expected the Panthers to grab Key they would have no reason to feel the need to move up two spots. I suppose they could have just felt it was time to make the move just in case the Panthers wanted him or the value was too great that they feared another team would do exactly what we did.

Second, was our trade up with the Panthers announced before the Rams and Raiders made their swap and if so why. Why would we trade up and then make it known before we were on the clock giving the Raiders or any team now behind us time to swing the deal with the team just ahead of us if they figured we were after their guy. Knowledge beforehand or at least a strong suspicion is the only thing that makes sense to me for the Raiders to feel the need to move up when they did.

If in fact we were after Key can you make a trade contingent on our guy being there. Could we have told the Panthers We will make the trade as long as no one before us take Arden Key. If he is off the board the trade is voided. I suspect that would be perfectly legal.

I suppose Key could have been our target and Gute figure the Panthers pick was high enough to get him but why wouldn't he take steps to avoid just what you said most likely happened. I do think Key would have been the better pick there but I have know idea what Gute was thinking. I think Burks was the target all along. It's not like it was completely out of left field as some "experts" did have him as a third round talent even if most of us didn't.

If he was indeed the target then I am totally fine with the move. He likely would have been our day 3 first pick and while most will say he would have been there anyway so we wasted the 5th round pick so Gute essentially gave away a 5th rounder to make sure he got the guy he most wanted. I have no problem with that sort of move by a GM.

I suppose now you will give me a link to comments by Gute (or someone with inside information rather than just speculation) contradicting all I just said and in that case never mind.
Key was a 13th percentile athlete, he was not the target
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This should keep CM3 from whining abut not wanting to play MLB. I wonder if they will have him drop back into a quasi safety role from time to time.
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