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2 months ago
According to this article, WWE is working State Game Commissions to legalize betting on WWE results. 


WWE is in talks with state gambling regulators to legalize betting on high-profile matches, according to people familiar with the matter. WWE is working with the accounting firm EY to secure scripted match results in hopes it will convince regulators there's no chance of results leaking to the public, said the people, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private. Accounting firms PwC and EY, also known as Ernst & Young, have historically worked with award shows, including the Academy Awards and the Emmys, to keep results a secret
Betting on the Academy Awards is already legal and available through some sports betting applications, including market leaders FanDuel and DraftKings, although most states don't allow it. WWE executives have cited Oscars betting as a template to convince regulators gambling on scripted matches is safe, the people said. Still, while Academy Awards voting results are known by a select few before they're announced publicly, they aren't scripted by writers. Even if regulators allow gambling, betting companies would have to decide if they're willing to place odds on WWE matches even if it's legalized. Those discussions have yet to occur at betting firms, according to people familiar with the matter. A WWE spokesperson declined to comment. A spokesperson for EY couldn't immediately be reached for comment. WWE is targeting Michigan, Colorado and Indiana as potential states to pursue legalization, two of the people said.

This just seems like an absolutely horrible idea... even if you keep the results under lock and key, the results known hours before hand by the wrestlers whom have to set up a finish and wrestlers are known to have money and drug issues (though less so in recent years).

Not only that, but wrestling is best when telling a story and because of that story, results have been half way predictable. So either the odd would be quite low, or you'll have mess with the stories, which might worsen the product.

Academy Awards, there is no story, it's simple whom won (or whom bought the judges with gifts, as that is something that happens in some award shows, I don't know specifically the Academy or not).
2 months ago
Absolutely impossible. There's just no way a betting establishment would want this. How can you know the script and then set spreads? 
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2 months ago
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Absolutely impossible. There's just no way a betting establishment would want this. How can you know the script and then set spreads? 

MY guess is in theory, only a limited number of WWE employees and their independent contractors (ie the wrestlers) would know the script (and based on the article, the wrestlers would only know the results hours ahead of time).

Meanwhile the Betting places would not know the script and would set the betting lines.

I think it could work, I just think it's an absolute horrible idea... as I think they'll be more likely to have people try to cheat the system as results will in theory be known by a few and wrestling can have people mentally struggling and stay in the game a lot time, where in professional sports the competitive nature usually takes out those that are mentally struggling.

Also if you get thrown out of your major sport league, there usually isn't a decent second option.

In theory with wrestling there are other major pro wrestling companies (that don't quite pay as well, but I don't think they're nearly as far behind as the backup to NFL, NBA etc leagues).

So they could just go to AEW or New Japan... if kicked out of the WWE.

And I believe UFC just had a scandal where one of the coaches, or guys in a coaching corner was putting some big bets on fights.

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2 months ago
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Absolutely impossible. There's just no way a betting establishment would want this. How can you know the script and then set spreads? 

And that seems to be the reaction from the betting world. 'NFW!' say gaming operators and regulators 

I felt like the award shows being allowed to be betted on in some locations was their best argument for it and this counters that

FanDuel , owned by Flutter Entertainment, says permitting betting on the Academy Awards, once a year, is completely different to contemplating the enormity of weekly scripted programming, at least twice a week from the WWE

I wonder if they would of been much better if they said just WrestleMania night and only WrestleMania 
2 months ago
would of made a killing betting on the Undertaker during his 20+ years undefeated at wrestle mania.
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Zero2Cool (3h) : I wasn't expecting it to be cheap. I was thinking the three in front maybe ~1,500 but i could buy a stump grinder for that.
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dfosterf (4h) : Thing is, if he's hiring a tree service, my guess is we are talking some big trees. That shit usually gets craned on and off the chipper shredder truck.
beast (4h) : That's why some wooden ramps can be nice. And heck, you got the wood with the tree. Turn it into a ramp, wheel barrow the rest onto the truck 😋
dfosterf (4h) : I don't know the diameters you'd be dealing with, but tree sections are almost invariably a hell of a lot heavier than they look
Zero2Cool (5h) : Eh, that's not right. It's more like three an half feet. Still sucks loading things into it.
Zero2Cool (5h) : Damn tailgate is almost four feet above ground.
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Zero2Cool (5h) : Ugh. I'm so damn ignorant on this stuff!! Thanks for the heads up.
dfosterf (6h) : Some of the municipality dumps that accept tree debris have a maximum diameter that they will accept, so you might want to check on that before deciding on who is taking the tree
Zero2Cool (6h) : Packers announce Family Night will be held August 5th
Zero2Cool (6h) : I'm not sure what to expect, never did this before and first place comes today for estimate. I just compiling list of questions haha
dfosterf (7h) : Kidding aside, you sure they aren't coming back for it? Maybe went to get the chipper shredder?
dfosterf (7h) : Unless you hired the tree cut down and left company, which we don't have in our yellow pages 🙃
dfosterf (7h) : Well, it's called tree removal, so you'd think removal would at least be part of the conversation 😉
Zero2Cool (7h) : Looks like there's a public works spot near me that I can just dump it at. That might save me a few bucks
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dfosterf (8h) : I missed those comments. Curious as to what Bakhtiari said...
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