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I put in a waiver claim on Deion Branch. I'm waiver 9.
dhazer put a waiver in on three players. He's waiver 12.

He got one player on his first claim, then second claim got Deion Branch.

I thought being 9th, I'd have gotten him over anyone 10th or higher. Especially since he got someone in his first claim.

I have had issues with waiver for a few years now, (which is why I like the first come first serve but I'm alone on that).

Can anyone explain the waiver thing to me, because I'm obviously and idiot when working with it and dhazer is a freaking Genius at it. He's owned my ass a few times on this claiming people, lol.
That's weird man. It certainly shouldn't work that way unless it was some kind of bug. FleaFlicker has a few of them that I've noticed. Hell, they still list Big Ben and S. Holmes as on suspension, and the IR system has some kinks as well.

But yeah, if Branch was his 2nd claim and he got his first and Branch was your first ahead of him, you absolutely should have gotten your pick.
I haven't noticed any issue with the waiver claims in a couple years of use.. however I have never nested them like Hazer is either.. wonder if there is some issue with the process as it resets your claim position after you are rewarded a claim.

If his first player was a unchallenged claim.. his second one would be reset to 1.. and depending on how they process the claim.. his position might be mistakenly been bumped ahead of your first claim.

Can't see the transaction history in that league.
I dunno man. I think dhazer just owns my ass in fantasy football, lol. This happened a few times last year in Yahoo! but I thought I was going crazy, so I actually wrote my waiver position down and everything. He still got the guy.

It's just gotten really funny to see it happen again and again. I've decided to just not try to claim players from here on out unless I'm short on the position. I feel like David vs Goliath and the story was rewritten, hah.

My team is doing ok so maybe it's a good thing I didn't get the claims? 🙂

Your waiver claim position right now is 7 out of 12. (This means 6 teams can submit claims ahead of you. At worst, you'll get your 7th choice.)

Each time one of your claims is processed, your waiver claim position drops to 12 (to the end of the line).

You may submit as many claims as you want. Fleaflicker will attempt to process all of your claims.

WTF, I only have one player I'm going after! 7TH?
Don't worry Zero you can beat my ass this week like DFoster did last week. I'll even start Fitzpatrick as my qb over Rodgers 😛
"dhazer" wrote:

Don't worry Zero you can beat my ass this week like DFoster did last week. I'll even start Fitzpatrick as my qb over Rodgers :P

Don't play it like you're doing me a favor. You're not starting Rodgers because A, you're pissed off at him and B, he's playing one of the best defenses in the league, lol.
LMAO, unreal, someone four seeds AFTER me got the guy, the ONLY one I was going for.

This is incredible. At first it was annoying, but now its happening every time, it's funny.

Next season, its going to be first come first serve. I'm done with this waiver order since no one can explain it to me and I fail to understand it. 😉
OMG I claimed three bums and I got them all! :(

On a positive note, I scored enough points this past week to beat 10 teams, individually of course. BUT, as with my other two freaking losses, the team that scored the most in the league was my opponent.

dhazer beat me silly, slap me in the fast, and said 'bitch' and kicked me in the mouth. He had nearly 50! more points than me and I was the second highest scorer. Punk! 😛
Whos your daddy 🙂 hey I felt sorry for you and accepted the trade a week earlier than I said I would so shush :P

Also doesn't hurt Rivers gets a shitty pass defense this week lol
"dhazer" wrote:

Whos your daddy 🙂 hey I felt sorry for you and accepted the trade a week earlier than I said I would so shush :P

Also doesn't hurt Rivers gets a shitty pass defense this week lol

lmao son of a bitch

Yes, you are my daddy, that week.

lol I knew weeks ago I'd be boning it up in weeks 8, 9 and 10. And my dumbass just picked up two more 10 bye week players. Idiot!!
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Nonstopdrivel (23-May) : Agreed. I love doing research. I submitted a paper to a journal a couple of days ago. Fingers crossed that it gets accepted.
Zero2Cool (20-May) : Research projects can be tons of fun!
Nonstopdrivel (20-May) : I don't have any hospital responsibilities, just the endless onboarding process. I'm working on some research projects too.
TheKanataThrilla (18-May) : Is it vacation now NSD or do you still have hospital responsibilities?
Nonstopdrivel (16-May) : I'll be moving to Myrtle Beach in June.
TheKanataThrilla (16-May) : Congrats NSD. When are you moving?
Nonstopdrivel (15-May) : And thank you, everyone. Your kind words are much appreciated. It's been a long, long, long time in coming.
Nonstopdrivel (15-May) : Except that I'll be getting me Lombardi Trophy in the mail in a few weeks (Delayed by the idiotic coronavirus pan(Dem)ic, of course.
Cheesey (15-May) : Congrats NSD! I’m sorry u had to watch from home. Must feel like having a ticket to the super bowl, and watching on TV instead
yooperfan (14-May) : Congratulations NSD!
KRK (14-May) : Now you are truly Dr. NSD. Bravissimo
wpr (14-May) : Congratulations NSD. It's an honor in whatever form.
Nonstopdrivel (14-May) : my*
Nonstopdrivel (14-May) : Watching my medical school commencement from by living room. 😂
Cheesey (14-May) : My favorite position on the Packers is the PUNter!😝
Cheesey (14-May) : Does that mean I should be PUNished?🤪
Nonstopdrivel (12-May) : I'd say most of your puns recently have been more of a stretch than string cheese, but Nostridamus was a masterpiece. I wouldn't nominate it for a Pullitzer anyway.
Cheesey (12-May) : LOL Wayne! I appreciate your comment. You and Non made me feel my “cheesiness” is still worth something here.
wpr (12-May) : I will apologize Cheesey. I saw it and considered it to be the typical cheese spread. I failed to recognize the masterpiece of pun it truly is. mea culpa
Cheesey (12-May) : Nonstop, I honestly wondered if anyone would get it! And you probably were the only one! Good job!🤪
Nonstopdrivel (11-May) : "Nostridamus" -- that might be your best pun yet, not least because it took me almost an entire day to get it.
Cheesey (11-May) : Wayne...is she gonna keep YOU?😂
Cheesey (11-May) : Nostridamis told me that Booger was being released....from the end of my finger!😁
wpr (10-May) : last December. I think I'll keep her.
wpr (10-May) : Today's Mother's Day. My wife can watch whatever she wants. What was on our tv? Pride and Prejudice? Sense and Sensibility? Something on Hallmark Chanel? Nope. Star Trek, Dr Who and now Packers-Bears
Zero2Cool (10-May) : Both guys on MNF are replaced.
KRK (10-May) : Seriously, IMO he was excellent in the role he was in the previous year
KRK (10-May) : To be fair to the guy it snot all his fault.
Cheesey (10-May) : No “Booger?” I heard he was hand picked!😂
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Booger McFarland won't be back in the MNF booth this year. And there is much rejoicing.
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Happy Mothers Day to our resident Kevins: Zero2Cool and KRK.
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Nah, my record is squeaky clean. It's just a reminder of better times and bad mistakes.
KRK (10-May) : NSD, when you have a history of crime, it can't be easy :-)
beast (9-May) : A link to it on twitter
Nonstopdrivel (9-May) : Filling out background check applications is so fucking depressing.
KRK (9-May) : Beast, where did you see that...re Watson/Bears.
beast (9-May) : And PFT pulls back information from before his draft (including his own words), to suggest Watson might currently be mistaken.
beast (9-May) : Deshaun Watson tweets "The bears NEVER ONCE talked to me.." when aruging against the Bears evaluating him... on a discussion about teams choicing QB based on race.
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Yup. Make it like week 11 or something. Have some Hall of Fame induction thing or something.
Nonstopdrivel (8-May) : I would rather the entire league took off the same week.
Cheesey (8-May) : I don’t like it either, Zero. But there’s not much we can do about it.
Zero2Cool (8-May) : It'd be more important if the BYE was later. I don't like how the NFL does their BYE weeks.
Smokey (8-May) : Week 5 Bye as important as a game !
Zero2Cool (7-May) : And now it's being said Vikings week 1 vs Packers.
buckeyepackfan (7-May) : @Colts wk1 @Saints wk3 @49r's wk5 Yikes! 😁
buckeyepackfan (7-May) : @Colts-wk1 @Saints wam
Zero2Cool (7-May) : NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay confirms that pass interference penalties will NOT be reviewable
Zero2Cool (7-May) : Week 1. 7:15 - Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts (ESPN)
Zero2Cool (7-May) : @AndrewBrandt says, for his 10 years with the @Packers the back-up QB position was like the 50th most important on the team because of Favre.
FLORIDA PACKER88 (6-May) : Martin Caught passes from LaFleur in College and Rodgers in the pros. Good connection!
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