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#1 Posted : Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:35:20 PM(UTC)
Mass Packer asked...here is one:

A typical ZBS Play.

This is what is supposed to happen when you see Ryan Grant go strong side outside. It is called the Pin and Pull. The linemen do not step playside, as they would in an inside zone play (see covered vs. uncovered). But rather try and pin a backside defensive lineman, while the next backside offensive lineman pulls around the block and up to a track to the second level.

Confused the reader yet? Well, next time you see Ryan Grant on his ass with a loss on an outside running play, maybe you might remember this post. This is what we expect from the same fellows that cannot even remember to start the play at the right time False start, # (pick lineman) 10 yard penalty (ok editorializing a little)

The "Pin and Pull" Stretch Play


[In this terminology, the play is called "flex."]

FLEX is a strong side play.

The aiming point for the Single Back is 1 yard outside of the TE.

"A" is either a stationary or motion receiver.

If the A is play side he is responsible for blocking the force (strong safety) defender.

If the A is aligned on the backside of the play he must start on an inside path and block the most dangerous pursuing defender
After the exchange the QB will set-up like he does on on a pass play.

If the A is in motion prior to the snap and we want him to block the force defender on the play side it will called FLEX BOSS.

BOSS means Back On Strong Safety

Against "Under"

If the Center can reach the Nose he will make a YOU call to the Strong Guard (literally meaning you have him) telling the Strong Guard to pull and block the M(ike) linebacker.

The Strong Tackle and Tight End will TEX. The TE must block DOWN and not allow any penetration. The Strong Tackle needs to pull and RUN TO REACH the S(am) linebacker.

Against "Loaded"

If the Center cannot reach the Nose he will make a ME call to the strong guard telling him to block the Nose and the Center will pull to block the M(ike).

The Strong Guard must block DOWN and not allow the Nose to penetrate.

The Strong Tackle and the TE will TEX," as described above.

Against "Adjusted 4-3"

The Tight End is responsible for blocking the DE wherever he aligns.

The Strong Tackle is responsible for pulling and blocking the SLBer wherever he aligns. Stay square and see the Sam linebacker during the pull.

The Center is responsible for blocking the Mike linebacker. The Quick Guard has a difficult block and must be prepared to SCRAMBLE block the Nose.

Against "4-3 Wide"

The Tight End is responsible for blocking the DE wherever he aligns. STEP-CROSS-STEP to reach the DE.

The Strong Tackle is responsible for pulling and blocking the Sam linebacker. Stay square and see the Sam linebacker during the pull - you could go around OR inside of the TEs block.

The Center is responsible for blocking the Mike linebacker & the Quick Guard blocks the Nose.

Take note of blocking responsibilitiesTight ends on Defensive Ends Hows that working for us???, for example..

Remember how "SIMPLE" the ZBS is?
#2 Posted : Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:47:07 PM(UTC)
df, thanks for the great tutorial on the ZBS.
I have never liked it and without having any in depth knowlege about it I always thought it would be easy to defeat if the linebackers stayed home.
I will be reading your posts many times before the next game.
Armed with new knowlege I will probably despise it more than I already do.
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