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Originally Posted by: wpr 

I knew your paranoid tendency and I wanted to get you back on track. You gotta take the compliments when you get them Stud.

lol mom used to harp on me about that, actually so has dad ... "let people tell you you've done a good job without analyzing every damn thing!"

The site loads great.. except for the Random Babble section.. that one lags on the load. 😉
Originally Posted by: Pack93z 

The site loads great.. except for the Random Babble section.. that one lags on the load. ;)

??? it loads the same as the other categories for me. Tried on my work laptop and on my phone using Verizion 4G.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

??? it loads the same as the other categories for me. Tried on my work laptop and on my phone using Verizion 4G.

Not for me.. it loads noticeably slower than other sections.. I will post response times a bit later.
Comparison times..

Pack93z attached the following image(s):
RandomBabbleloadtime.png (9kb) downloaded 37 time(s).

You cannot view/download attachments. Try to login or register.
Random Babble actually loaded quicker for me than Lets Talk ...

I did another quick test and here's the debug information (we're in Debug right now which runs slower than Release). We've been in Debug mode since yesterday.

Lets Talk
9 SQL Queries: 0.714 Seconds (88.92% of Total Page Load Time).

[dbo].[yaf_forum_listpath]: 0.000
[dbo].[yaf_watchforum_check]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_forum_list]: 0.000
[dbo].[yaf_forum_listread]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_announcements_list]: 0.016
[dbo].[yaf_topic_list]: 0.676
[dbo].[yaf_active_listforum]: 0.015
[dbo].[yaf_topic_simplelist]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_message_simplelist]: 0.002

9 SQL Queries: 0.120 Seconds (60.00% of Total Page Load Time).

[dbo].[yaf_forum_listpath]: 0.000
[dbo].[yaf_watchforum_check]: 0.000
[dbo].[yaf_forum_list]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_forum_listread]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_announcements_list]: 0.012
[dbo].[yaf_topic_list]: 0.098
[dbo].[yaf_active_listforum]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_message_simplelist]: 0.003
[dbo].[yaf_message_simplelist]: 0.002

Added the pindgdom.com stats too, although not relevant to your mentioned concern. I was just curious, lol.
Zero2Cool attached the following image(s):
LetsTalk.jpg (17kb) downloaded 76 time(s).
random.jpg (22kb) downloaded 76 time(s).
pingdom.jpg (84kb) downloaded 76 time(s).

You cannot view/download attachments. Try to login or register.
I don't know what to tell you.. it has been like that since about when the SPAM subforum was added there..

Happens here .. at home... on Firefox and Chrome.. on Win 7, Vista and XP... lol.. now I sound like Dr. Seuss.

Could it be related to that subforum with a permission base?
Alright you comedian.. just went to try it again moment ago.. now it snaps to attention, this after two weeks of it loading so slowly I avoided popping in often.. lol.
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I don't know what to tell you Shawn. I have not had a problem either.


This page was generated in 0.204 seconds.

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I didn't see anyone document it earlier but the site was down for a few minutes around 9am cst. Couldn't have been more than 5 minutes.
Originally Posted by: wpr 

I didn't see anyone document it earlier but the site was down for a few minutes around 9am cst. Couldn't have been more than 5 minutes.

That was an update. I tried sneaking it in. 🙂
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

That was an update. I tried sneaking it in. :)

I assumed it was because it was so short. Just tried to document the down time.
  • wpr
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The site seems to be sluggish today. I thought it might be my home computer but I see it hangs a bit on my office computer too.

Something else I see is the radial buttons need to be selected twice. (Perhaps not every time.) I have not watched that closely.
When I have selected the "quote", "post a reply" and "edit" buttons I had to hit them more than once. At first I assumed I didn't get my cursor on the button correctly but it has happened a few times so I wonder if it is a site issue or a my stupidity issue.
Just did a site upgrade. Will announce changes later.
  • wpr
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Just did a site upgrade. Will announce changes later.

much more better this afternoon than it was this morning.
Running like dog crap on a hot summer day.
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Nonstopdrivel (23-May) : Agreed. I love doing research. I submitted a paper to a journal a couple of days ago. Fingers crossed that it gets accepted.
Zero2Cool (20-May) : Research projects can be tons of fun!
Nonstopdrivel (20-May) : I don't have any hospital responsibilities, just the endless onboarding process. I'm working on some research projects too.
TheKanataThrilla (18-May) : Is it vacation now NSD or do you still have hospital responsibilities?
Nonstopdrivel (16-May) : I'll be moving to Myrtle Beach in June.
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Nonstopdrivel (15-May) : Except that I'll be getting me Lombardi Trophy in the mail in a few weeks (Delayed by the idiotic coronavirus pan(Dem)ic, of course.
Cheesey (15-May) : Congrats NSD! I’m sorry u had to watch from home. Must feel like having a ticket to the super bowl, and watching on TV instead
yooperfan (14-May) : Congratulations NSD!
KRK (14-May) : Now you are truly Dr. NSD. Bravissimo
wpr (14-May) : Congratulations NSD. It's an honor in whatever form.
Nonstopdrivel (14-May) : my*
Nonstopdrivel (14-May) : Watching my medical school commencement from by living room. 😂
Cheesey (14-May) : My favorite position on the Packers is the PUNter!😝
Cheesey (14-May) : Does that mean I should be PUNished?🤪
Nonstopdrivel (12-May) : I'd say most of your puns recently have been more of a stretch than string cheese, but Nostridamus was a masterpiece. I wouldn't nominate it for a Pullitzer anyway.
Cheesey (12-May) : LOL Wayne! I appreciate your comment. You and Non made me feel my “cheesiness” is still worth something here.
wpr (12-May) : I will apologize Cheesey. I saw it and considered it to be the typical cheese spread. I failed to recognize the masterpiece of pun it truly is. mea culpa
Cheesey (12-May) : Nonstop, I honestly wondered if anyone would get it! And you probably were the only one! Good job!🤪
Nonstopdrivel (11-May) : "Nostridamus" -- that might be your best pun yet, not least because it took me almost an entire day to get it.
Cheesey (11-May) : Wayne...is she gonna keep YOU?😂
Cheesey (11-May) : Nostridamis told me that Booger was being released....from the end of my finger!😁
wpr (10-May) : last December. I think I'll keep her.
wpr (10-May) : Today's Mother's Day. My wife can watch whatever she wants. What was on our tv? Pride and Prejudice? Sense and Sensibility? Something on Hallmark Chanel? Nope. Star Trek, Dr Who and now Packers-Bears
Zero2Cool (10-May) : Both guys on MNF are replaced.
KRK (10-May) : Seriously, IMO he was excellent in the role he was in the previous year
KRK (10-May) : To be fair to the guy it snot all his fault.
Cheesey (10-May) : No “Booger?” I heard he was hand picked!😂
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Booger McFarland won't be back in the MNF booth this year. And there is much rejoicing.
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Happy Mothers Day to our resident Kevins: Zero2Cool and KRK.
Nonstopdrivel (10-May) : Nah, my record is squeaky clean. It's just a reminder of better times and bad mistakes.
KRK (10-May) : NSD, when you have a history of crime, it can't be easy :-)
beast (9-May) : A link to it on twitter
Nonstopdrivel (9-May) : Filling out background check applications is so fucking depressing.
KRK (9-May) : Beast, where did you see that...re Watson/Bears.
beast (9-May) : And PFT pulls back information from before his draft (including his own words), to suggest Watson might currently be mistaken.
beast (9-May) : Deshaun Watson tweets "The bears NEVER ONCE talked to me.." when aruging against the Bears evaluating him... on a discussion about teams choicing QB based on race.
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Yup. Make it like week 11 or something. Have some Hall of Fame induction thing or something.
Nonstopdrivel (8-May) : I would rather the entire league took off the same week.
Cheesey (8-May) : I don’t like it either, Zero. But there’s not much we can do about it.
Zero2Cool (8-May) : It'd be more important if the BYE was later. I don't like how the NFL does their BYE weeks.
Smokey (8-May) : Week 5 Bye as important as a game !
Zero2Cool (7-May) : And now it's being said Vikings week 1 vs Packers.
buckeyepackfan (7-May) : @Colts wk1 @Saints wk3 @49r's wk5 Yikes! 😁
buckeyepackfan (7-May) : @Colts-wk1 @Saints wam
Zero2Cool (7-May) : NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay confirms that pass interference penalties will NOT be reviewable
Zero2Cool (7-May) : Week 1. 7:15 - Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts (ESPN)
Zero2Cool (7-May) : @AndrewBrandt says, for his 10 years with the @Packers the back-up QB position was like the 50th most important on the team because of Favre.
FLORIDA PACKER88 (6-May) : Martin Caught passes from LaFleur in College and Rodgers in the pros. Good connection!
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