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Ask any current and former NFL player and they will tell you that they had to overcome some type of adversity during their career. They will also tell you they’ve matured and have moved on since then. Rarely, however, do some actually live up to their word. For Damond Smith, he’s not only living up to it, but he’s setting the example for players to follow.

Smith grew up with five siblings, two older and younger brothers and one sister, in Ecourse, Michigan. At the age of seven, Smith first laced up his cleats and strapped on his helmet in the travel leagues of Michigan. He played in that league up until high school.

Being one of the bigger kids and the harder hitters, Smith always played linebacker and running back growing up. It wasn’t until he got to Cass Tech High School where he switched to corner and played with some of the best corners to come out of the state of Michigan.

“Cass Tech sent corners to D-1 schools every years. It was great because I got to learn under the best,” said Smith.

Cass Tech sent players to Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State, Western Michigan, and a number of other top Division-1 football programs. For Smith, he was ready to add his name to the list of quality corners to come out of Cass Tech.

Following his junior year, Smith’s family moved and with that so did where he went to high school. For his senior year, he attended and started at cornerback for Inkster High School. In the state semi-finals, Smith led the team with three interceptions and returned two of them for touchdowns. Unfortunately, they fell in the state finals to East Grand Rapids.

Coming out of high school, Smith was the 189th ranked cornerback on Scout.com. In Michigan, he was the top ranked corner and 32nd ranked overall player in the state. Smith was also a member of the Detroit News Blue Chip List in 2009. Following high school, Smith had all the top mid-west schools after him.

“Michigan, Western Michigan, all the MAC school, Utah, and few other Big 10 schools were after me. I took official visits to UMass and Western Michigan,” said Smith.

For Smith, the move to become a Western Michigan Bronco was fairly simple. It was close to home and he could play right away. He signed his letter of intent and in the fall of 2009 he was on the campus of Western Michigan.

Right away, Smith got playing time and appeared in all 11 of WMU’s games. One of his most memorable career moments came in his first ever game in front of 110,000 in the Big House on the campus of the University of Michigan.

“That opened my eyes to college football. The atmosphere was amazing and I was lining up against guys that I used to watch on TV. It was surreal,” said Smith. He finished with four tackles in his first career game against the Wolverines.

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You can never have too many good Corners ...... although if this guy pans out, and Hyde and that FA signed before the draft, we must be approaching the limit hahaha.
Guy can sure cover.... And tackles pretty well. Hard hitter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t_MVjlgZE4 
Dame Smith maybe the best UDFA signing. I am shocked at his level of play amazing hitter, tackler, raw football instincts, ability to read and react.

Just watch that video. This kid will make it.
This guy is one of my favorite rookies so far. He looks like a beast. Hopefully he keeps that attitude against the big boys.
I really wish Damond well with the Packers. He's had a hell of a struggle to get this far, and it would be great to see him take control of his life in the most positive of ways, and build on what he does best, playing CB and stopping his opponent.

I would love to see what this kid could do on STs to start. That may prove to be his road onto this team. What a tackler!
Originally Posted by: Gaycandybacon 

Guy can sure cover.... And tackles pretty well. Hard hitter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t_MVjlgZE4 

How big is he? Could he play S?

I heard a rumor they might bring Charles back at a reduced price...
Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

How big is he? Could he play S?

I heard a rumor they might bring Charles back at a reduced price...

This guy? 6-0 175

I think Damond Smith could play Safety, but he seems to have really good CB skills. Sound tackler.
Originally Posted by: play2win 

This guy? 6-0 175

I think Damond Smith could play Safety, but he seems to have really good CB skills. Sound tackler.

Yeah, that's a CB. Too light for a S.
Originally Posted by: play2win 

This guy? 6-0 175

I think Damond Smith could play Safety, but he seems to have really good CB skills. Sound tackler.

Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

Yeah, that's a CB. Too light for a S.

I was looking for his size.. Damn I really wanted to see if they could maybe see what he has at safety. He sure can fly, and tackle like an animal.
Any sign of this guy? Did he make it to the tryouts?
lol do a google search on his name and our site shows up in the top five. :)

He's in the Supplemental Draft. And that confuses me.

Darin Gantt wrote:

According to a report by Rob Rang of CBSSports.com, the league informed teams over the weekend that six players would be eligible to be drafted in Thursday’s version. If a team takes a player, they lose the corresponding choice in next year’s draft.

The six players are: UNLV defensive end James Boyd, UNLV defensive tackle Nate Holloway, Central Florida defensive end Toby Jackson, Houston wide receiver DeWayne Peace, Purdue wide receiver O.J. Ross and South Alabama defensive back Damond Smith.

Nevermind, confusion over.

"The Packers reportedly tried signing him to a try-out deal this spring before the league said he should go in the supplemental pool."
Thanks for clearing that up Zero2Cool. I really wanted to see this kid in the green & gold. Couldn't figure out what had happened... I thought we had him signed.
Originally Posted by: play2win 

Thanks for clearing that up Zero2Cool. I really wanted to see this kid in the green & gold. Couldn't figure out what had happened... I thought we had him signed.

I'm wondering if the Packers use a 7th on him or if everyone skips him over and the Packers sign him anyway? I kinda wanna see this one in camp. I did as much reading up on him as I could. (there's not much out there on him)
A good player to develop for the team that gets to sign him. He takes good angles with his tackles. That is what impressed me most.
No one picked in supplemental draft so maybe he still lands with the Packers?
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

No one picked in supplemental draft so maybe he still lands with the Packers?

Wow. Well, maybe he would like the chance to develop with a solid group to show him the way. He probably wants to jump in though, and challenge for a real roster opening. We are too loaded to offer that. He'd be a PS player at the most in GB this season.
"John Middlekauff @JMiddle365: South Alabams Damond Smith is getting NO action... To quote his agent they are "shocked'. Think he will still get some play come August"


The news is especially surprising when you consider the fact that Smith was approached after the 2013 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers, who had interest in signing him then. Unfortunately for Smith, he had not filed his official paperwork so he was not eligible to be signed as an undrafted free agent.

There must be more to this than meets the eye. Still, I don't see why they don't sign him for next to nothing and see what happens.
I don't really think it is up to the Packers. If you were a young, raw talent at CB, without the benefits of a high profile program in your history, would you want to choose Green Bay as your best chance to land a roster spot?

We are so deep at CB that I wouldn't doubt he is looking at other teams to sign on with, trying to get an offer... with nearly every team already loaded up to 90 going into camp. He'll land somewhere. I just doubt it will be GB after looking a bit more at the situation.
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