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#1 Posted : Monday, September 11, 2017 8:36:59 PM(UTC)
Sounds like both Burnett and Brooks were used more at ILBers than their normal positions (and more than the ILBers, with the exception of Martinez).

Got to be a bit considered with the OLB depth if they get banged up... or even have to play a lot of snaps. At one point, I thought they might of gotten wore out on that long run.

The snap counts are laid out better in the second quote
totalpackers said:
Inside linebacker is getting sorted out. Blake Martinez got 42 of those snaps, Ahmad Brooks got six (prior to being concussed), and Jake Ryan and Joe Thomas got five each. Martinez was flying all over the field, and Ahmad Brooks appears to be coaches’ second favorite inside linebacker. I was surprised to see Ryan with only five defensive snaps, though he had 24, counting special teams play, and he was a beast. Thomas has slipped down on the depth chart. Is Burnett, rather than Josh Jones, the hybrid DB/ILB, with Brice filling in at strong safety?

Outside linebacker was a team strength in this game, with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry each in the upper 40s as to defensive snaps. The other 12 went to an energetic Kyler Fackrell.

The special teamers getting the most snaps were: Josh Jones and Kyler Fackrell (21), and Jake Ryan, Joe Thomas, Marwin Evans, and Jeff Janis (19). This unit also provided solid play.

acmepackingcompany said:

OFFENSE (82 plays)
QB: Aaron Rodgers 82

OL: David Bakhtiari 82, Lane Taylor 82, Corey Linsley 82, Jahri Evans 82, Kyle Murphy 82

WR: Jordy Nelson 76, Davante Adams 67, Randall Cobb 63, Trevor Davis 6, Jeff Janis 3

TE: Martellus Bennett 67, Lance Kendricks 21, Richard Rodgers 5

RB: Ty Montgomery 74, Aaron Ripkowski 22, Jamaal Williams 6

DEFENSE (49 plays)
CB: Davon House 49, Quinten Rollins 46, Damarious Randall 40, Kevin King 6, LaDarius Gunter 2

S: Morgan Burnett 49, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 49, Kentrell Brice 47

ILB: Blake Martinez 42, Jake Ryan 5, Joe Thomas 5

OLB: Clay Matthews 43, Nick Perry 42, Kyler Fackrell 12, Ahmad Brooks 6

DL: Mike Daniels 38, Kenny Clark 37, Dean Lowry 15, Ricky Jean Francois 6
#2 Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:33:54 AM(UTC)
It is interesting to see who played and how much. I would have thought Ryan would get at least 10-12 plays. Brice was out there a lot more than I thought he would be. They don't need 4 WRs but I thought Davis would get about 10 snaps. RRodgers barring injury won't see much time at all on the field and will be gone next year. Lowry has been looking pretty good. I wish he got a few more snaps.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017 12:58:30 PM(UTC)
It's like we skipped the draft this year
#4 Posted : Tuesday, September 12, 2017 1:43:54 PM(UTC)
gbguy20 said: Go to Quoted Post
It's like we skipped the draft this year

We selected a lot of high potential but still very raw defensive players who needed development.

That's one thing you have decide with the draft, do you want to chase higher potential or more already developed players as they're usual players that have both are gone early and then it's one or the other.

Packers like to believe they can develop the players and so normally want the higher potential/raw players at most positions.
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