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#1 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2018 8:37:33 PM(UTC)
PackersTalk said:
The only predictable thing about the NFL draft is that it is unpredictable. For a lot of NFL fans, mock draft season begins before the regular season has even ended. They mostly come from teams who have nothing else to look forward to because the playoffs are out of sight. However, these early guessing games [...]

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Emphasize who is selected ahead of GB's 14th pick. You can guess all you want. You make wish, hope and dream for a certain player but if he is truly worthwhile, he will probably be gone when it's GB's turn.
#2 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 5:41:14 AM(UTC)
There will be a game changer available at 14. The question is will we pick them.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 5:50:44 AM(UTC)
With a new GM at the helm in GB, there is no past record to look at and try to predict what will happen. It is possible to look at the Teams that pick before GB and speculate how their team needs will transition into who they might pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Some of them are easy to predict and some will not be known until the pick/s are announced.

IMO, GB will have a shot at the #3 or 4 Edge Rusher in this Draft. I like Arden Key, the 6ft 6in. and 265 lb. DE from LSU. Train and pump up this kid and he will move Matthews to ILB next season with Martinez. That puts Perry and Key on the edges as Mike Daniels and friends control the middle.

That will leave the Defensive Secondary to Safeties Burnett, Clinton-Dix, and Josh Jones. The CB's Randall, King, and ? . King may be a different player in his 2nd season and the rest could be at risk.
I'd love to see a deal where Richard Sherman would come to GB.

GB may just get lucky and get a good TE in the lower rounds. ThumpUp
#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 5:56:17 AM(UTC)
DarkaneRules said: Go to Quoted Post
There will be a game changer available at 14. The question is will we pick them.

Exactly! Every year there are 2nd round 3rd round and what not players that show up to make a big impact on their team. You don't need to pick in the top 10 to get one. You need to get one and develop them. I believe we've failed to develop a lot of players, but then again, its not like every player that left Green Bay went to the All-Pro elsewhere, oh, Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde.

#5 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2018 7:22:35 PM(UTC)
The point of the article is that fans fixate on a specific player. "Wouldn't it be great if GB drafted -----?" Then that player is taken 3 or 4 slots earlier.

Couple that with the players who would normally be available where GB typically picks in the mid to low 20's being taken in the teens because they moved up everyone's board because they had a great workout.

The last part of the equation is that the draft is fluid. The sage writers methodically go through their Big Board and lay everything out only on Draft Day the real teams select players differently and everything is suddenly askew.

It's fine to say GB desperately needs a DE or OLB but if there is a run on those players the best player on the board just might be the OT that you may or may not need.

What he said is instead of working on a mock draft on Jan 1, it makes more sense to wait until after March 6 when the combine is over.
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