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#1 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 8:51:36 AM(UTC)
Looks like some decent players picked at number 14 over all.
  1. 2017 Derek Barnett DE/OLB Tennessee
  2. 2016 Karl Joseph S W. Virginia
  3. 2015 Devante Parker WR Louisville
  4. 2014 Sammy Watkins WR Clemson
  5. 2013 Star Lotulelei DT Utah Carolina
  6. 2012 Michael Brockers DT LSU St. Louis
  7. 2011 Robert Quinn DE North Carolina St. Louis
  8. 2010 Earl Thomas S Texas Seattle
  9. 2009 Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State New Orleans
  10. 2008 Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt Chicago
  11. 2007 Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh New York Jets
  12. 2006 Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State Philadelphia
  13. 2005 Thomas Davis FS Georgia Carolina
  14. 2004 Tommie Harris DT Oklahoma Chicago
  15. 2003 Michael Haynes DE Penn State Chicago

Source: http://www.mynfldraft.co...cks/14th-overall/140309/
#2 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 10:30:15 AM(UTC)
Your thread and the list presented is interesting, but did you have any opinions or views relating to the list.

IMO, the next 6 to 10 picks in those drafts would say even more. What players were passed by and could have been picked instead. That is a lot of work, but it would have made for a more fascinating read.
#3 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 1:56:40 PM(UTC)
That list just took away all of my optimism
#4 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 2:02:13 PM(UTC)
gbguy20 said: Go to Quoted Post
That list just took away all of my optimism

Check out the 15th overall, little better. http://www.mynfldraft.co...cks/15th-overall/150309/
#5 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 7:48:55 PM(UTC)
gbguy20 said: Go to Quoted Post
That list just took away all of my optimism

It had Revis. I would feel pretty excellent if we landed a Revis. Just sayin'.

#6 Posted : Friday, April 6, 2018 8:47:02 PM(UTC)
gbguy20 said: Go to Quoted Post
That list just took away all of my optimism

I was kind of thinking the same thing myelf. Here I was all excited that we finally get a pick in the top half of the draft and then I see this list. Maybe not all my optimism but it sure is nothing to get excited about.

I wonder what sort of hype some of these guys were getting. I keep thinking that with all the QBs going on the top 10 someone good has to drop to us.
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TheKanataThrilla (21-Jan) : They review PI calls in the CFL. In slow motion many calls look like PI. The fact is there were at least 3 refs looking at the play and they all botched it.
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gbguy20 (21-Jan) : hi how many damn coaches do we have left to replace? qb, ST and ST asst, ILB? what else?
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Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : Need 👉 free agency/trade
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Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : @alexmarvez Source tells me @vikings have hired @MiamiDolphins asst special teams coach Marwan Maalouf as their new ST coach
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : i bet joe whitt jr is pissed about Patrick Graham
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : just 3
yooperfan (21-Jan) : How many deep passes did he complete?
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : Aaron Rodgers was the only qualified NFL QB to not throw an INT on deep passes this season – despite throwing the second-most deep pass attempts this year (91).
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Dolphins plan to hire Packers run game coordinator/inside linebackers coach Patrick Graham as their defensive coordinator.
Smokey (21-Jan) : true
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : No. The guy lined up too close and then they got an interception. 😜
rabidgopher04 (21-Jan) : Andy Reid loses another conference championship game.
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : dyspeptic
Nonstopdrivel (21-Jan) : So aggravating and unsatisfying.
Nonstopdrivel (21-Jan) : I have the same sort of dyspeptic feeling after this game that I often had after big games coached by Mike McCarthy.
beast (21-Jan) : Also Chiefs got an INT, then the guy lined up too close...
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : you're right about the chiefs Defense. get stops on first and second then fail on 3rd and long time and time again
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : the guy is incredible
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : it's been a long time since we have seen rodgers play as well as brady did these last few weeks
rabidgopher04 (21-Jan) : They are good, but I just don’t like them.
rabidgopher04 (21-Jan) : Chiefs looked a lot like the McCarthy Packers of old. Amazing offense and a defense that can’t get a 3rd down stop. Probably not watching the Super Bowl this year. So tired of the Patriots. They are g
gbguy20 (21-Jan) : do we get brady too?
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