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#1 Posted : Saturday, March 10, 2018 1:34:05 PM(UTC)
You are the GM of the Browns. Your task is to bring the NFL's last place team back to respectability. You hold the 1st and the 4th overall picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. In addition you have just secured QB Tyrod Taylor, WR Jarvis Landry, and CB D.Randall for your team

Your job is to decide Who/What Position player to draft 1st and why?

EX: If you choose a QB, why did you pass on a RB and vise versa?

If you choose a QB, Who do you pick and why?

This is your chance to play GM and impress us with your superior football management skills.

#2 Posted : Sunday, March 11, 2018 6:05:30 AM(UTC)
If I am Browns GM, I am basically trying to rebuild the team so here are my priorities by position:

Special Teams

I would then need to have a good understanding of the the coaching talent of my team in the above categories. Most important in drafting is to find guys than can learn under my coaching system. Athleticism is a bonus.

For the next year, I would make the goal of trying to get the team to 8-8 or even 6-10, which should be considering a great success over the previous year. I would then ask the coach to develop Tyrod Taylor to be a game manager and keep the Offensive Playbook relatively simple. Focus is to get a young team solid experience with a few wins under their belt.

#3 Posted : Monday, March 12, 2018 4:19:06 PM(UTC)
I have been saying this before they even did anything, It's a no brainer your taking Barkley at #1. He is the best player in the draft. Your offense is now young and very talented Barkley at rb, Coleman and Gordon on the outside and landry in the slot. You have a very young defense but have the studs in place. You will be able to trade the 4th pick with the Bills and probably pick up the 12th and 21 st pick. Thats where you grab yourself Vita and pair him with Myles Garrett and at 21 grab yourself Jackson from Iowa. Then 11 picks later you grab yourself 1 of the 5 qbs that didn't get drafted.

PS I play as the Browns all the time on the first pick game lol
I am calling the Browns in the playoffs this year at 10-6
#4 Posted : Tuesday, March 13, 2018 1:04:38 PM(UTC)
Stepping in as The Browns GM, I would do the following.

1] Draft RB S.Barkley with the #1 draft pick.

2] Draft QB Darnold or next best QB to train for the next few years as Tyrod Taylor(QB) and S.Barkley try to build the Browns back to a 4 or 5 win seasons.

3] Use the majority of the remaining draft picks to better the Defense and the Offensive Line.

4] Promote a new era of football in Cleveland and get the players and the fans to believe that the times are changing. Smile

Now, show some courage and post to this thread as I and another has. Lets Box!
#5 Posted : Saturday, April 14, 2018 1:13:01 PM(UTC)
Initially my reaction was to go with Barkley at #1 and the best remaining QB at #4 but the Jets trade and a few other things made me rethink things. Keep in mind I do think Barkley is the best prospect in the draft but he is not the only good one and at #4 there will be some serious help for the Browns available even if Barkley is gone.

For that reason would take my top rated QB at #1. I can't say who that is because personally I don't know but if I were the GM I probably would. For the sake of argument and this exercise lets say Darnold. Why let someone else choose your QB for you and if you have the pick of the litter why risk settling for the runt? I know the rankings are all over the board as far as QBs go with no consensus #1 but if I am the GM I most likely have 1 prospect I have rated above the others and if I do I'm taking him. I'm not risking him being gone. That depends of course on whether or not you think ANY of the QBs available this year are potentially a franchise QB. If you don't then go with Barkley and Chubb if he is available at#4 and if not see if you can trade back as hazer suggests.

The Giants may take a QB as well or they may take Barkley or they may take Chubb or they may trade out of the spot. It is likely that any team trading up will also take a QB so that is another reason I'd get the one I wanted because I am pretty certain the Jets will be taking one. That means I could potentially be forced to settle for my third choice.

Obviously if that was the case I wouldn't have to take a QB. I could take Chubb or I could trade with the Bills as hazer says I could, I'm not so sure its a given like he suggests but it is a possibility.

Now if I would be happy with any of my top 3 QBs or if I didn't think one of them was going to be the man then I would take Barkley for sure at #1

I know I'm not playing strictly by the rules but that is because I do not have a clue which QB is better so I can't say I would take "that guy" If I thought one of these QBs could be the answer though I would certainly take him at #1.

Now if I am the Giants GM I am 100% taking Barkley if he is available
#6 Posted : Saturday, April 14, 2018 1:53:20 PM(UTC)
I too believe that the Browns first pick will be a QB and I believe it will be Darnald.

With the second pick, I see the NYGs picking Chubb as they need a real pass rusher.

Next the NYJs traded for the third pick and they will pick the QB Josh Rosen.

The forth pick will find Cleveland picking the RB Barkley.

Beyond the Packers, IMO the Browns will be a most interesting team to watch in 2018.
#7 Posted : Saturday, April 14, 2018 6:35:23 PM(UTC)
Smokey said: Go to Quoted Post
I too believe that the Browns first pick will be a QB and I believe it will be Darnald.

With the second pick, I see the NYGs picking Chubb as they need a real pass rusher.

Next the NYJs traded for the third pick and they will pick the QB Josh Rosen.

The forth pick will find Cleveland picking the RB Barkley.

Beyond the Packers, IMO the Browns will be a most interesting team to watch in 2018.

After getting rid of Jason Pierre-Paul the Giants may very well choose Chubb. Like I said, if I were their GM I'd go with Barkley but Chubb makes about as much sense and maybe even a little more given their needs.

It's another reason I'd go QB at #1 if I were the Browns. We pretty much know the Jets are going QB so given the Giant's options there is a good chance Barkley will still be there at #4
#8 Posted : Sunday, April 15, 2018 2:03:46 PM(UTC)
Let’s see.....if I was the Browns GM, what would I do..,.,.hmmmm.....
I know!
Find the nearest bridge, and jump off of it!LOL Laugh Flapper
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