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#1 Posted : Thursday, July 5, 2018 11:09:03 AM(UTC)
Mike Florio said:
It seems like pretty much anyone who ever interacted with Brett Favre has a Brett Favre story. Former NFL referee Bill Carrollo definitely does. Via Gary D'Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it happened in late 2003. The Packers hosted the Broncos. And Denver coach Mike Shanahan had a concern about Carrollo's place of residence, [more]

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For those of you who like a Favre story.

Refs have some interesting stories to tell.

When I was a kid my dad took me and my brothers to a Father-Son breakfast. The speaker was an NFL ref who lived nearby. He had a laughing for an hour.

It's almost 50 years later so I don't remember all the details but in one story he was down in the corner of a stadium. Probably when the Bears played at Wrigley Field. The wall was right next to the playing field so they didn't have a lot of room. The RB, LB and the ref were all heading for the wall. The ref was going to get there first and it was icy so he couldn't step out of the way. He reached out and grabbed the RB's face mask and jerked him off to his side. The LB (I think the ref said it was Butkus but he could have been playing to his Illinois audience.) followed the RB and they both hit the wall right next to the ref. The RB jumped up and started to yell at the LB for grabbing his facemask. The LBer had a shocked look on his face since he didn't get any where near the helmet.
When the ref got up off the ground he looked at the LB and said that he saw it too but that he was going to let it go this time because of the icy ground but he better watch himself because he wouldn't get off so easy next time. The LB was even more surprised when the ref said he saw him grab the facemask.

I met the ref years later at another speaking engagement. I told him I heard him talk on 3 different occasions to three totally different groups and that I was impressed how his message was so well done for each group. He thanked me for the complement and said he worked hard to make his speeches fit the audience.
#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 10, 2018 12:40:24 PM(UTC)
Bill Carrollo was a terrific ref....and an outstanding high school quarterback at Brookfield Central High School...the cradle of greatness.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, July 10, 2018 1:03:05 PM(UTC)
I have a Favre story! I told it here before, but lots of new members since then.
Back in the late 1990s, I went to Green Bay to watch practice. We were sitting on bleachers, with just a chain link fence between us and the players. A cop was inside the fence, and joked to Brett, “throw me the ball! I’m open!”
Favre, hearing the cop, wheeled around and threw a bullet to the cop! ....which of course, he dropped! Without missing a beat, the cop picked up the ball, pulled a pen out of his pocket, and pretended to autograph the ball! Then threw it back to Favre!
Favre busted out laughing and I took a great photo of Favre laughing!
The whole crowd LOVED it!
#4 Posted : Friday, July 13, 2018 5:51:37 PM(UTC)
He should have signed that shit for real and then pretended to charge Favre for his John Hancock. LOL
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