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#41 Posted : Thursday, August 9, 2018 1:00:11 PM(UTC)
WPR, I don’t know if you mean me in your last post or not. But I tore up my check and will rewrite a new one for half payment of my dues.
By the way......how much is half of nothing???LOL
#42 Posted : Thursday, August 9, 2018 2:54:42 PM(UTC)
i've said many times i'm not Dem or Rep & I thank the good Lord for that!! My parents & brother - staunch Republicans & even my mom (who voted strict party lines forever) could NOT in good conscience vote for Trump. She & I both voted for Jill Stein. Personally, I think the man is a complete idiot who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut & just gives the media more fodder every single day - THEN he complains about it & calls the media FAKE! I've seen him do very little but incite his "base" & some of his "base" have taken that as permission to be rude, nasty, callous people. He has no tact whatsoever & has taken the office of the presidency & made a complete joke of it. Now, would Hillary have done any better? I doubt it. When those are the two people our FABULOUS 2 party system came up with...we are screwed as a country. I implore those of you who are staunch Dem's or Rep's to PLEASE look at other parties...PLEASE??????

The only ones "winning" in the political arena are the Rep's & Dem's. We, the people, have done nothing but LOSE!!
I think it's time for the people to assert our power & boot all these idiotic, pandering, worthless crooks out.
I know ALL about it - I live in Illinois. (not for long though - here til the boys graduate from high school & we are OUTTA here)
#43 Posted : Thursday, August 9, 2018 6:21:44 PM(UTC)
True Illy. We have been forced to vote for who we see is the lesser of two evils. And unfortunately, voting for someone other then the two, your vote is wasted, as it seems we can never get enough to vote out of the party.
And I don’t see it getting any better, as every politician I see is the same kind of crook as the other.
#44 Posted : Sunday, August 12, 2018 1:01:48 PM(UTC)
This is from first a Patriot, then a true Republican and true Conservative.

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.” [Howard Zinn quoting Donald James].

On November 6, any American that casts a vote for an anti-christ-evangelical-faux-republican, votes to end our democracy and enslave themselves.

Border Security? Just look at its initials…B effing S. Hitler warned German’s that the Jewish problem concerned Germany’s security. Japanese AMERICANS were purportedly interned for security [While Germans and Italian Americans were not for some reason]. We nuked Japan to save American lives; if true, why wasn’t Germany nuked? The enlightened see these things for what they were/are: pure RACISM spun with propaganda to emulate something more noble.

Likewise, separating families at the border doesn’t have a damn thing to do with border security. Moreover, the horror of this border show is now crystal clear. There was no intention of ever reuniting these families. Was the purpose to make the pilfered children human lab rats to service big Pharma; create a Hispanic slave workforce to service big Ag; traffic them to gain favor from the world’s various oligarchs, monarchs and/or simply pad the profits of the huge corporate prison lobbying network? Whatever the reason the purpose is sadistic. If Hitler were running, isn’t his murdering of 6M Jews the end of it? Who says, “6M Jews dead notwithstanding: he’s gonna make Christianity the state religion; I’m gonna get to keep my guns; or with no regulation I can cancel my garbage and sewer service and dump my crap directly in the nearest river?

I can just hear today’s “faux-Republican/satan’s Evangelical” casting a vote in 1944 Germany; “yea, Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but look what he’s done for the economy.” Ha, Economy! There’s another piece of pure bulldung. There’s moronic dipwads praising Trump’s economic numbers and equally deranged dumbasses attributing the #s to Obama. There’s only 1 number that matters: REAL WAGES. FACT: Since 1978, CEO pay has gone up 937%; pay for the average worker 10.2%. The 10.2% gains all occurred between ’78 and ’88; since ’88 compensation it is FLAT for the average worker…FLAT! And over the last year real employee wages dropped .4%...DROPPED! What good is a robust purring economy [though it’s not real] if only the 1% are enriched? A True Conservative Christian Republican Patriot will decry such an anti-American situation and only a total dipshit or amoral 1%er sees this as positive.

I digress…Oh and the “border wall” LOL. Future generations will ponder the lore of “the Border Wall” and laugh hysterically. The 96-mile Berlin Wall didn’t stop everyone and to similarly guard and maintain Trump’s border wall estimates range from $5-7 billion per year. Beside for $300-500 per one can be hidden on a small vessel and ferried around the wall and since Canada [2016] removed the need for visas to travel from Mexico to Canada [all ya need is a passport and email address] more “illegal Hispanics” have entered the US across the Canadian border than the Mexican one since mid ’17. All ya need is $100 for papers and $250-300 for a 1-way flight into Canada.

Another racist propaganda narrative involves talk of the “cost of immigration.” Just about every refugee across the globe exists because of US Imperialism. The US routinely destabilizes governments either thru direct military action or covertly. The US’s intervention in Latin America has been/is despicable and the refugees showing up on our southern border are its direct result. We are creating millions of Yemani refugees right now by helping our Saudi friends. Do you all know that there is no such thing as “Sharia Law? The actual term is Wahhabism. Bin Laden, his lieutenants, ISIS/ISIL leaders and much of its rank and file, the 9-11 hijackers all Wahhabis. One nation endorses Wahhabism as its state religion: Saudi Arabia! And Wilbur Ross, Trump and Tillerson were doing sword dances with them.

Like Iraq’s WMDs, the US propaganda machine has told you we’re taking the fight to the terrorist…the best defense is a good offense. I’d doubt anyone here possesses a terroristic hate for Mexico; but what if Mexican spooks disappeared your spouse; a Mexican drone killed your mother, father and siblings at a wedding; and/or your child a block from his house was verbally taunting a Mexican GI that turned and blew his head off? We are officially waging war in 76 countries; plus who knows how many more are suffering at the hand of our covert agencies and contracted mercenaries. Our destabilization efforts and covert and overt military operations are making so many terrorists that they now can collect a cache of weapons and vehicles and capture and hold entire cities and regions for years. The US is a refugee and terrorist making machine.

So, let’s cut our imperialist military and covert operation budget by 50% and stop destabilizing other nations. Do we really need 7-800 foreign bases; over a thousand if you count warehouses with scant military personnel? OMG what if we only had 400 [Btw Britain, France, Germany and Russia have less than 40 combined; China opened their first foreign base in Pakistan in 2017]. Stop US imperialism and worldwide refugee flows will slow to a trickle and the money saved can pay for immigration of people that will embrace true American ideals making our nation STRONGER…though maybe a little less White [BTW, that’s what this is about, isn’t it?] Trump said to the British a few weeks ago immigration is harming your culture.

Lastly, in January 30, 1933 Hitler’s NAZI party obtained a plurality in the Reichstag; thereby causing the installation of a racist madman as Chancellor. In January 1934, Hitler launched his first anti-Semitic policy, a boycott of all Jewish business. To help encourage the boycott a uniformed Brownshirt, policeman or soldier stood outside of most Jewish businesses. But, the good moral and democratically-minded German People went berserk against this policy causing it to be retracted after only a single day. Amazingly, within 10 years this same moral democratically-minded People had exterminated every Jew in Europe because they succumbed to a buffoon-like self-centered racist nationalistic jingoistic propaganda.

Lost amidst the Holocaust’s horror is that because Germans embraced a buffoonish self-centered racist nationalistic jingoistic thinking, the cost to them was the loss of their democracy. Theses dopes self-administered their own enslavement to tyranny. The only reason they got their democracy back is because Hitler opened that 2nd front. This same scenario could be playing out in the US right now. Future enslaved “American” generations may see November 6, 2018, like Germans today views January 30, 1933.
#45 Posted : Sunday, August 12, 2018 2:35:48 PM(UTC)
Barfarn, some of what you say makes sense. Some of it is WAY out in left field.
Wanting to try to protect our borders is a real life problem.
You talk about wages dropping, and say what a problem that is, then want to just allow illegals that will work for super low wages come in and keep legal residents from being able to get jobs.
Comparing the murderer Hitler to the US trying to protect our borders is ridiculous. Hitler believed in EVOLUTION and felt his killing of Jews and blacks was helping evolution along.
I am a conservative, and I seriously question you saying you are one. The things you said in your post would fit in perfectly in a liberal paper.
All I ask is for people that want to live here to do it LEGALLY. Why is that too much to ask? I don’t care WHAT color their skin is. Just to follow the laws!
I’m expected to follow the laws here, why should people that want to live here not have to follow the laws? Is THAT “racism”??
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Zero2Cool (19h) : Graham is far better than 85. When both thumbs are not broken. Who ever said Rouse was better than Collins?? Never heard it.
gbguy20 (15-Dec) : no one said tonyan is better than graham but it sure seems the general consensus is beginning to lean toward cutting graham rather than paying him another 10 million
beast (15-Dec) : I like Tonyan, but this nonsense (that's growing though out Packers fans) that Tonyan is better than Graham is just like the nonsense about Aaron Rouse being better than Nick Collins in 2007...
beast (15-Dec) : Tonyan got down field once when the OL COMPLETELY OWNED the DL on one play and Rodgers and ALL DAY to hold the ball!
Zero2Cool (15-Dec) : is Tonyan faster? I'd be good cutting Graham and using Tonyan more. I've seen him stretch the field. Graham with busted thumb = terrible
gbguy20 (15-Dec) : can't say there would be much difference, aside from tonyan being way faster
nerdmann (15-Dec) : You gonna go with Tonyan?
gbguy20 (15-Dec) : the dude needs to go after this year
nerdmann (15-Dec) : Bring him back until you develop a guy. That takes a year or two.
nerdmann (15-Dec) : I look at Graham as Chmura, without the blocking.
nerdmann (15-Dec) : Dude was on pace for the all time production record for TEs, broke his damn thumb.
nerdmann (15-Dec) : 46 receptions isn't bad.
packerfanoutwest (15-Dec) : many free agents don't want to play in GB,,,and you know why. Graham played for the money
Nonstopdrivel (14-Dec) : Graham has 46 receptions on 77 targets.
Zero2Cool (14-Dec) : Graham should sit until his broken thumb is better.
gbguy20 (14-Dec) : careful rabidgopher, half the forum will attack you if you say that here.
rabidgopher04 (14-Dec) : Jimmy Graham rarely catches the ball when it comes his way.
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