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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 9, 2019 7:10:13 PM(UTC)
- We got Brian, Matt and Mark, but no Russ? Where's Russ??

- I saw comments that none of the first nine stood out and that means Matt was just kind of a "meh" pick. This isn't an accurate narrative and those comments are from people who are not familiar with the interviewing process in general. Mark said they had strong candidates, and most surely they would have selected their top few, held further interviews and made a decision with the hope that one of them gives them no option but to make him their guy. That's how hiring goes.

Top Candidate
When you're the top dog, you can't give your opinion first. Leaders speak last. I'm a big believer in this.

So, when Mark Murphy says after the interview with Matt he went "I think he's our top candidate", then Brian said "he's my top candidate", and then Russ said "he's my top candidate". This all might be accurate as heck and I'm wrong, but if I'm Mark, I ask Russ and Brian for their opinion THEN give my opinion. I feel you need to --know the room-- and understand you're their boss so your opinion could sway them. Now, Brian and Russ might have the comfort to defy their boss, that could be true and is most likely the case.

- Mark shouldn't speak the same conference as Brian, because Brian does a damn good job and makes Mark look like a rambling dope.

- Now that we have our Head Coach, hopefully Mark Murphy

- Matt's comment about what he learned from his dad, "that i better not cross my mom" ...I thought that was great.

- Based on Matt's comments about Aaron, I question whether Aaron is really excited about. Matt seemed to really stumble a lot when Aaron Rodgers name was brought up.

- Mark mentioned that the leadership council felt there had been some complacency that set in with some players and coaches. I don't think any of us disagree, but I would like to know who was on that council, just for grins. (Murphy said the interview process began with a meeting with Green Bay’s leadership council, a group of nine players that represent each position group. Rodgers, receiver Davante Adams, and defensive end Mike Daniels are among the players on the council.)

- It felt like Matt was the little brother at times. Like when Matt was asked a question and he didn't hear it, rather than letting Matt ask for them to repeat the question, Brian jumps in and asks for the question to be repeated and then Mark says we had trouble hearing ya there. To be fair, it looked like Matt didn't know the question was to directed at him.

- Matt says it would have been easy to stay in LA. He took the risk so he could grow as a coach with the Titans. He always says he wouldn't be the coach he is today without those experiences.

- Matt saying he "absolutely intends on calling the plays". Someone tell this man he's the one calling the shots, lol.

- Question was something like, Matt you must have done research and you must have asked people about Aaron, his personality and how he is to work with. Matt said he's so focused on moving forward and all he cares about at this point is developing a relationship and thinks he and Aaron are on the same page. The cynic in me says he's heard some less than favorable things and is trying to let Aaron know ... all that matters is moving forward.

- I was impressed by Matt's memory recall (or preparedness) too when talking about the times he's been at Lambeau opened the pre-season last year, here in 2009 with Texans and played here in 2013.

- Coach really started to get more comfortable towards the end of the conference. I look forward to more of his conferences.

All in all, I came away liking Brian more, liking Mark less and willing to give Matt the benefit of any possible doubt.

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, January 9, 2019 8:41:29 PM(UTC)
Nice little summary of the conference.
#3 Posted : Thursday, January 10, 2019 6:12:27 AM(UTC)
Something else that stood out that I forgot to mention.

Mark Murphy said Matt LaFleur was the more prepared candidate in the interview process. This process included several former head coaches (Jim Caldwell, Joe Philbin, Josh McDaniels, Chuck Pagano, Adam Gase) and yet Matt wast he most prepared. That speaks volumes to how well prepared he is.

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