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The AFC & the NFC Championship games are fast approaching. Each team can win, but only 2 will move on to the SB in Atlanta.

IMO the winning teams will be the ones that hold the "KEY" in each game. In other words, having and executing the superior game plan.

The Patriots will focus on taking away the Chiefs WR/TE weapons. They will use defensive sets designed to confuse the young KC QB. However KC's Offense is too good to get shut down and will be competitive.
The Chiefs' Defense is playing very good and can keep up with the Patriot Receivers, but the "KEY" in this game will be weather KC can get and stay in Tom Brady's face all game long. I've seen this truth over and over again. If the Chiefs pressure/sack Brady on a play after play basis, then they will have a good chance at beating NE for the AFC Championship.

The Saints will enjoy having the home team advantage vs the Rams. The Ram's will be strong on both sides of the ball. IMO, the"KEY" in the game will be the play of Drew Brees. His experience and savy will be the difference. In addition, the Saints RBs will keep the Rams from just teeing off on Brees. The Rams will play a good game, but the Saints will have the "KEY" to success and the NFC Title.

Think I'm wrong, if so then post your game predictions. 😁
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They play today fellows, post your predictions here before the games start.

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Zero2Cool (17h) : Bucs go to more readable jersey numbers and Falcons go opposite.
Zero2Cool (17h) : Bucs improved. Rams logo stinks. Falcons uniforms step back.
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Mucky Tundra (6-Apr) : I get the feeling Browns fans are sayign the same thing
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : @RossTuckerNFL Texans fans praying Bill O'Brien puts auto-draft on.
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : I wouldn't user internet. I would have everyone join a conference bridge so communication is steady.
Mucky Tundra (6-Apr) : tbh, I can't wait for a dropped call/someones internet going out and it holding up the whole draft
Mucky Tundra (6-Apr) : Oh, I was trying to be comically serious but I guess I didn't write it out well
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : Unless I won, then you all will hear about it for YEARS!! muwahahaha
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : They have a ton of skin in the game. And everyone will care what happened. Fantasy Football, no one cares about previous season.
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : Not really.
Mucky Tundra (6-Apr) : NFL draft to be online and from GMs homes and offices; line between real life and fantasy football just got really blurry
buckeyepackfan (6-Apr) : Prerecorded 3 weeks ago. Their training center is in Florida
buckeyepackfan (6-Apr) : Gronk hosted Wrestlemainia. The whole thing was pre-r
KRK (6-Apr) : anyone know where to buy a Packers face mask?
Cheesey (4-Apr) : Da Bares still SUCK!😁
Nonstopdrivel (4-Apr) : On my Google news feed are references to a video on a German sports site claiming that Gronk was going to Tampa Bay, but it seems to have been taken down.
Zero2Cool (4-Apr) : bears stinks
Mucky Tundra (4-Apr) : Pass YPG, Pass Yds/Att, Pass TD/Game, TD-INT ratio, Passer Rating. Okay, not all the major categories but some pretty big ones
Mucky Tundra (4-Apr) : Saw a tweet that Bears QBs rank dead last in every major passing category in the Super Bowl era
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : I am so thankful we have the Bears. Comical.
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : @ChicagoBears "With the addition of Nick Foles it’s exactly what we talked about from the start – we want to create competition. We've talked to both players and it’s an open competition."
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : oops
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : @StaceyDales . @ChicagoBears Conference Calls Today: Starting with Head Coach Matt Nagy and General Ryan Pace, right now. Nick Foles & Robert Quinn to come later in the day.
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : oops, the part about him being clean and totally different person is the really good news.
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : that is really good news! happy to hear that
Mucky Tundra (2-Apr) : According to Jay Glazer, Smith is totally clean and sober, totally different person who was suspended years ago
Mucky Tundra (2-Apr) : He hasn't had any incidents since the Raiders cut him loose two years ago
Mucky Tundra (2-Apr) : After reading up on him, it appears he was suspended indefinately and there's a chance that he won't be reinstated by the NFL so he can play for the Cowboys
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : Cowboys sign Aldon Smith. I didn't even know he was eligible to be signed. Thought he was banned for life.
Cheesey (2-Apr) : But seriously, I myself am NOT in any hurry to see Rodgers go!
Cheesey (2-Apr) : Zero! Don’t SUGGEST THAT! It could scar a person for life! (Look what it did to me!)🤪
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : Who knows. Just know wanting Rodgers gone ...careful what you ask for. Watch the Packers 70s-80s videos.
Cheesey (2-Apr) : Maybe Blair Witch?🤪
Zero2Cool (1-Apr) : You want Blair Kiel, don't you?
dhazer (1-Apr) : I don't see him in GB for his full career or should say I hope not
Cheesey (1-Apr) : I hope he can add at least one more SB win to that legacy
Zero2Cool (1-Apr) : "My thing is, legacy is really important," Rodgers continued. "Having an opportunity to do it all in Green Bay would mean a lot to me."
Nonstopdrivel (31-Mar) : How did I not realize that J'Mon Moore was waived before last season even began??
Nonstopdrivel (31-Mar) : That team is going to have such a huge advantage.
wpr (31-Mar) : I'd rather have 16 teams than 14. Hate 1 team getting a bye.
Zero2Cool (31-Mar) : Not a fan
Zero2Cool (31-Mar) : 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: NFL owners approve expanding postseason to 14 teams beginning in 2020 (via @RapSheet
Mucky Tundra (31-Mar) : hmm appears there's a time limit to edit posts
Mucky Tundra (31-Mar) : Weird, wasn't popping up for me when I clicked "..." on one of my posts
Mucky Tundra (31-Mar) : Did the edit button disappear or am I missing something?
Cheesey (30-Mar) : Would have made more sense had Geronimo went to the Washington Redskins......think about it....😂
Zero2Cool (29-Mar) : Geronimo!!
wpr (29-Mar) : Right beast. I posted the tweet on the JG thread.
beast (28-Mar) : In context, JG said the Bears were going to use him right, and TJ respond with that...
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