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#1 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 8:55:36 AM(UTC)
Truly a great person.
ESPN said:
Bart Starr, a Hall of Fame quarterback who helped build the Green Bay Packers dynasty in the 1960s and was named the Most Valuable Player of the first two Super Bowls, died Sunday in Birmingham, Ala. He was 85

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#2 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 9:03:06 AM(UTC)

#3 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 9:52:42 AM(UTC)
The reason I became a Packer fan.
This is a very sad day.
Great Packer
Even Greater Man!

RIH Bart
#4 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 10:14:43 AM(UTC)
buckeyepackfan said: Go to Quoted Post
The reason I became a Packer fan.
This is a very sad day.
Great Packer
Even Greater Man!

RIH Bart

I guess I could say the same. When I was but a wee lad I was a Dolphins fan because they had won the first football game I had ever seen. (SB 7) Then when they won SB 8 I became a die hard Dolphins fan (not inconsequentially that was the time I started hating the vikings) Along about then this team I had never heard of (the Green Bay Packers) fired their coach and why it stood out for me was because supposedly Dan Devine was an uncle or some some other relation to a classmate who I did not particularly like and he was whining about it.. When they replaced him with Bart Starr I started to read more about him and this team called the Packers. I figured if he (Starr) was replacing an uncle of a kid I did not really like he must be an alright dude.

The rest, as they say, was history. The Packers soon supplanted the Dolphins as my favorite team and even though I can't say I was a die hard fan at first, (how can an 8 year old be a fan of those teams?) I was loyal and have been ever since.

One of my favorite stories about him goes something like this. Well after his playing and coaching days he was in Dallas for a Packers/cowboys game and he was waiting in line for a public elevator. Jerry Jones saw him and offered him a ride up in his private elevator. Starr said no thank you, it wouldn't be right for all the rest of the people who had to wait in line. I'm not sure if its true or if I even have the situation right but I can certainly see it happening this way.

Bart Starr was one of only two sports figures that I ever had a desire to meet (Bob Uecker was the other) and from the stories I have heard I will remember him not only as a great football player but an even better person.
#5 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 10:24:18 AM(UTC)
Best ever, on and off the field.
#6 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 10:54:56 AM(UTC)
A truly great man. All professional sports players should aspire to his level of greatness through dedication and effort, to his humility, and to his class.

I feel privileged to have rooted for him, and have had the opportunity to meet him, and, if only for a brief time, be coached by him.
#7 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 12:07:58 PM(UTC)
I loved Bart as a player even more so as a man. I was a kid in Minneapolis in '65 when I discovered the Packers. To me Bart was GB. I had such high hopes when he became the HC. At least he was honest and told everyone it was going to take him time to learn.

There are 1000s of Bart stories out there. I look forward to hearing them.
#8 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 1:17:34 PM(UTC)
wpr said: Go to Quoted Post
I loved Bart as a player even more so as a man. I was a kid in Minneapolis in '65 when I discovered the Packers. To me Bart was GB. I had such high hopes when he became the HC. At least he was honest and told everyone it was going to take him time to learn.

There are 1000s of Bart stories out there. I look forward to hearing them.

They were on the verge of making the playoffs when they fired Bart. They had offense, needed consistency on D.
#9 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 2:24:22 PM(UTC)
This is sad day for me. I have told this story before, but want to tell it again.

I was a security guard back in 1984 at the Vince Lombardi golf tournament. One of my jobs that day was to drive a golf cart through the parking lot to keep an eye on all the players cars. I saw a man walking in front of me, wearing a green suit coat. From behind I thought “that looks like it could be Bart Starr”, not really believing it could be him. As I passed him I heard “hey! Wait!!!” I stopped the cart, and sure enough, it was him! I jumped off my cart, ran over to him and said “yes Mr. Starr, what can I do for you?” He stuck out his hand and said “I just want to thank you. It’s people like you that make it possible for us to put on this tournament.” I about passed out. Bart Starr, thanking ME?!?!
I thanked him and asked for his autograph, which he didn’t hesitate to give. I only had my note pad. I still have his signature from that day.
He was a class act, and always remembered the fans.
A few years ago I wrote him a fan letter, and enclosed a football card of him and asked if he could sign it for me. He signed it “to Alan, best wishes Bart Starr”.
Two of my most prized possessions.
He was a great player and man.
#10 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 2:31:01 PM(UTC)
Man this is shocking. I feel like I just read last week that he was finally healthy enough to come back to Lambeau.
#11 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 2:34:32 PM(UTC)
Dan Devine really hosed Starr in 1974 by trading 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks in 75 and 1st & 2nd in 76 for 34 year old John Hadl (and then leaving for Notre Dame at the end of 74). Both years our draft position ended up in the top 10.

DD traded for Hadl 10 days after he threw 6-16 for 59 yds and 2 interceptions in a loss to the Packers and was beaten out of the Rams startiing QB by James Harris.

Hadl's record as a Packer: 7 wins -15 losses; with 9 TDs and 29 Ints (amazing they won that many games with QB stats like that).

It wasn't all Hadl's fault--the OL was porous and Hadl wasn't exactly the most mobile QB.

Packers traded him at the end of 75 and he finished out his career as the Oilers backup QB.

The Rams in the meantime turned the 5 draft picks into a 64-25-1 record over the next six years.

It amused me that the Vikings did the same thing when they traded Hershel Walker in 89. Amused me less when the Cowboys kept knocking us out of the playoffs in the early 90s...

#12 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 3:37:23 PM(UTC)
#13 Posted : Sunday, May 26, 2019 6:53:49 PM(UTC)
Bart held the door for my dad at an insurance sales meeting back in the 80s. My dad remarked about what a great guy Bart was. Didn't have to do that. Went out of his way for my dad, who wasn't even the boss man at that job.
#14 Posted : Monday, May 27, 2019 4:44:17 PM(UTC)
A couple of more stories from ESPN.
Bart Starr was 'the boss,' but he was 'such a gentleman'

"Dan (Devine) was the one who hired me so when Dan left, I thought I might have trouble," Harlan said. "And the day Bart was hired [in 1975], he called me at home and said, 'I want you to help me and take over doing all the contracts.'

Remembering Bart Starr

The legendary Packers quarterback, son of a tough-love World War II veteran, was the player who made Vince Lombardi's dynasty possible. Ian O'Connor »

"I said, 'Bart, it's going to be an honor to work for you.' He said, 'You won't work for me, you'll work with me.' And that was just the way he handled things. He was the boss, but yet he was such a gentleman."

Bart Starr was somehow vastly underrated in his era

He never passed for 2,500 yards in a season, never threw more than 16 touchdowns in a season. He averaged 19.5 pass attempts per game in his 14 years as a starter. But as a starter, Starr won five NFL titles -- as many as Unitas, Brett Favre, Joe Namath, Steve Young and Dan Marino combined.

And Starr is the only quarterback in pro football history to win three titles in a row. He lost just one of 10 playoff starts -- the first one, in 1960, when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Packers in the title game at Franklin Field. Starr's .900 playoff winning percentage is the best in NFL history.

Unitas had a passer rating of 68.9 in his postseason career. Starr's career postseason passer rating was a gaudy 104.8, the highest in NFL history, safely ahead of the No. 2, Kurt Warner (102.8 career postseason rating).

Imagine this for mind-blowing accuracy and proficiency: In 10 postseason games, Starr threw the football 213 times -- and he had just three interceptions.

My Starr story is the same one shared by tens of thousands.

Every year the Packers bring out former players. One at a time. With each name the fans would cheer. Some would be louder and longer than for others but the fans appreciate all former players.

Always last was Bart. I am sure it wasn't vanity on his part. I can well imagine he didn't want the limelight. But he also realized if he came out sooner, other players would miss their ovations. If you never experienced it, imagine the roar of the crowd after the game winning touchdown in the final 10 seconds of a Super Bowl. It might not be quite that loud, but to me, it sure seemed like it was. People standing on their feet giving Bart such a cheer and it would go on for the longest time. I am so disappointed we will never do it again. Perhaps the Packers will put a video of him on the board for us.

#15 Posted : Tuesday, May 28, 2019 9:10:10 AM(UTC)
Our Football Team Just Go A lot Better


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#16 Posted : Tuesday, May 28, 2019 9:26:19 PM(UTC)
I heard they are going to have some kind of remembrance for him in Green Bay, just don’t know when it will be yet.
#17 Posted : Tuesday, May 28, 2019 9:35:46 PM(UTC)
wpr said:
In 10 postseason games, Starr threw the football 213 times -- and he had just three interceptions.

Not only was his postseason interception rate an unearthly low 1.4 percent, but he threw 15 touchdowns, posting an astronomical postseason touchdown percentage of 7.0.

By way of comparison, Tom Brady's postseason numbers are 2.1 percent and 4.6 percent, respectively.
#18 Posted : Wednesday, May 29, 2019 6:51:33 AM(UTC)

Mike Florio said:
Favre told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday that, after every game, he’d receive a letter from Starr.

“I think the thing that kind of tells you a lot about what type of guy he is, there wasn’t a game that I didn’t get a letter from him, whether it be complimenting me on how I played or the fact that we won, or ‘keep your chin up, it will get better,'” Favre said. “I mean, you think about the games that I played, that’s a lot of games. To get a personal note from Bart each and every time, I’m not gonna lie, it made me feel pretty special.”

In 2016, Starr’s wife, Cherry, said that the two men had a memorable moment when Favre’s jersey was retired.

“He looked up at Brett, and Brett looked down at him, he looked up and he said, ‘I love you, Brett,'” Cherry Starr said, via the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s website. “And Brett looked down with tears in his eyes and said, ‘I love you too, Bart.’ It was the sweetest moment.”

I think a lot of Packers fans realized that Bart and Brett had a pretty good relationship. It's nice that Florio is letting everyone else know too.
#19 Posted : Wednesday, May 29, 2019 6:54:23 AM(UTC)
#20 Posted : Wednesday, May 29, 2019 7:42:58 AM(UTC)
Here's a link to some more stories.

I like Troy Aikman's line.
Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman on a surprise visit from Starr:
To this day, not sure how he even knew I was there.
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