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I thought upgrading to the latest YAF would be seamless. I believed it would just be the hassle of creating a new theme. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I want the sub-forums at the bottom, I want the userbox on the left side and I want more flexibility in how the controls are laid out. Much of the latest branch of the code has a lot of server-side generated mark-up and that bothers me. Solely because it requires a lot of re-work just to update the software. This happens a lot when you use software not specifically crafted for what you want. It's something expected to be honest.

That being said, the upgrade to the latest YAF is being nixed. I have blown away several weekends and evenings repeatedly trying to get it to work how I want and it is just too much work.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to build my own discussion board flavor of a website and I think that is what I'm going to move forward with. I don't think the first version will have all the bells and whistles, but honestly, I just want a place for fans to interact with one another and talk Green Bay Packers. I've actually had the first release completely planned out for several months now. I am going to focus my 'hobby time' on writing that code and getting that released. I wouldn't expect anything for probably 2-3 years, if you are even still around at that time lol.

I feel this is acceptable because our current website is very serviceable and "works".
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Z, Speaking as an old fart, and representing the other old farts who visit the site often, having to learn a new way to do things, although not necessarily a bad thing, would lessen my productivity, and the productivity of others and being able to comment.

Accordingly, I would like to absolve you of the stress he seem to be under. Further, you are hereby prohibited from having any bad feelings about not being able to update the site as rapidly as you would like.

This forum for me is very cathartic. You may not like all the functionality in the way the things work, but to be able to express my opinion and read the opinion of other folks is really the main point, in this website does it wonderfully.

Thank you for all your efforts.
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Honestly I ha e absolutely no idea what's going on when it comes to computer coding or what you are talking about and looking for when you talk about it...

All I know is that you have already made one hell of a website, and we're in pretty damn good hands and judgements when it comes to you with computer coding.

If you enjoy creating an even better site, then go for it! But please feel no pressure to rush and take your time because as you already accuratelysaid it's 'acceptable because our current website is very serviceable and "works"' Thanks for making a great site!
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KRK and Beast summed up how I feel exactly.
I just turned 62 last Tuesday, and I’m surprised I can do even THIS well on a computer site.
It took people here to “learn me” around the site.
Heck, for years I didn’t even know how to get into the chat! Someone had to point out the little “hamburger” looking thing for me to understand it!
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Z I know its your passion. And you can get very critical of yourself and your board. Striving for perfection is a great goal. Just don't let it give you and ulcer.
Thanks for caring.

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Sounds good buddy!
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Thanks. We have several core features that are needed and those will be part of the minimum viable product that is released. If this forum has 100 features, we use maybe 20 and need maybe 10. I'm going to focus on the 15. We'll just see how much I've learned over the last several years in coding to see if I can even do it! haha
Live, Love, and Laugh -- never, NEVER, get mad on the internet.
Comments are said as a fan of the Green Bay Packers, nothing more, nothing less. Thank you for reading!
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KRK (10-Dec) : looks great
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Zero2Cool (10-Dec) : works on my machines lol :P
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Zero2Cool (10-Dec) : Kinda
Zero2Cool (10-Dec) : Finally, the upgrade took.
Zero2Cool (10-Dec) : Holy damn this host restricts my shit
Porforis (10-Dec) : That's odd, I didn't realize she paid that close attention to roster moves.
Zero2Cool (9-Dec) : Packers have activated OL Jared Veldheer to the 53-man roster, per source. OL Adam Pankey was waived
Porforis (9-Dec) : Why, what has my wife been telling you?!
Zero2Cool (9-Dec) : You like punishment.
Nonstopdrivel (9-Dec) : I'm watching the game with a Seahawks fan. He's not happy to say the least.
Nonstopdrivel (9-Dec) : I think that is the first time I've ever seen a quarterback called for a facemask.
gbguy20 (9-Dec) : rams doing what we need them to do vs the seabirds
TheKanataThrilla (9-Dec) : Patriots loss feels almost as good as a Packers win
Porforis (9-Dec) : A Packers win and Rams loss this week or next = wild card. Packers win any 2 of 3 = division
Mucky Tundra (8-Dec) : As of right now, only the Saints have clinched a playoff spot in hte NFC with their division title
TheKanataThrilla (8-Dec) : Kelce should have really just took the first down. Try to do too much against this desperate team and you will get burned
Mucky Tundra (8-Dec) : Pats fans booing their team as they went into halftime down 13
Porforis (8-Dec) : Do Packers clinch with a win next week vs Bears?
TheKanataThrilla (8-Dec) : Amazed that was not a flag on Mahomes
gbguy20 (8-Dec) : :)?
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : How the heck is that? Oh, Wins tie break over New Orleans based on best win percentage in conference games.
KRK (8-Dec) : is it the artificial turf or our wide outs that much slower?
gbguy20 (8-Dec) : packers are now the 2 seed
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Nah, Saints didn't tackle. Saints defense blew that.
TheKanataThrilla (8-Dec) : Saints left too much time on the clock
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : LET'S GO!!
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Hell yeah!! DON!!
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : DON HUTSON!!!
gbguy20 (8-Dec) : insert wet joke here
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Beckham wants out of Cleveland. In other breaking news, water is wet.
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : The borders are open. MOVE! :D
gbguy20 (8-Dec) : guess I will be streaming today. only second time all year
gbguy20 (8-Dec) : deal
hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : I guess that is to be expected when your "local" fox is in Minnesota
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Kevin King is OUT! OMG.
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