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I planned to be 6'4" and QB'ing the Packers to multiple Super Bowls.

Look where that plan got me. ...

Rashan has a heckuva better chance at his plans than I! (Packers fan rejoice)
Michael David Smith wrote:

The Packers used the 12th overall pick in this year's draft on outside linebacker Rashan Gary because they think he has the talent to be an impact player. That's what Gary thinks, too. Gary has yet to make a tackle in the preseason despite getting significant playing time, but he says it's coming. “I’m out [more]

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Mucky Tundra
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A few plays this seasons where Gary has gotten off with his burst, my brain says while watching "At his size and weight, he really shouldn't be able to move like that." On other plays his predraft weaknesses (bad hand usage, no real plan of attack when rushing the QB) are really apparent. Za'Darius Smith posted on Instagram that Gary contacted him on a day off to ask Smith to help him study film. So only time will tell!
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I remeber when teams would deadt for the furure.
Any rookies that could could help out thei err 1st year was a plus.
They were given 3, sometimes 4 years, before they would be considered busts.

Then that time frane became 2, then 1 year.

Now it seems that Gary is being judged after 2 pre season games.

Today was the last open practice for this year.

Try to remember, it's not what you see on tv that counts.

Practice is where it counts.

Now that they are closed, it's time for The Packers to really start preparing for The Bears.

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I planned to be a Green Bay Packers player, then GM, then whoomps those plans fell through...
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I planned to be 6'5" 250 and could run like the wind. I nearly achieved one of my goals. A little more hard work, determination and pasta and I will succeed. Perhaps at 250 I will really be able to break wind.

I am glad he has goals. He will never succeed at this level if he doesn't have huge goals.
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Year of the takeover
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Originally Posted by: wpr 

Perhaps at 250 I will really be able to break wind.

I bet you really “break wind” all the time! I know I do! (Makes the wife really mad!)😂
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Originally Posted by: buckeyepackfan 

Try to remember, it's not what you see on tv that counts.

Practice is where it counts.

In the real games is where it counts but I know what you are saying. Just because a rookie didn't get home in two pre season games doesn't mean much. I'm guessing a lot of the people criticizing him already were those opposed to drafting him in the first place so they are just looking for something to be able to say I told you so.

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everybody an armchair QB
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

everybody an armchair QB

Hey! I was a first round armchair quarterback pick! So I know what I’m talking about!
(What were we talking about???)😂
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