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Elgton Jenkins will start at LG over Lane Taylor in week 3

By Evan "Tex" Western@TexWestern Sep 20, 2019, 1:25pm CDT
The decision may be due to a combination of injury and performance reasons.

When the Green Bay Packers take the field on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, they will have a new starter at left guard. Over the past three years, Lane Taylor has started all but four games at that position, locking it down since the team surprisingly released Josh Sitton after the preseason in 2016. Taylor has missed just three starts overall, while kicking out to left tackle for one game in 2017.

However, rookie second-round draft pick Elgton Jenkins will get the call this Sunday. Head coach Matt LaFleur confirmed that Jenkins will be in the starting lineup during his Friday press conference.

There are two explanations for this change. The first is that Taylor is dealing with a biceps injury that flared up during practice this week. He did not appear on Wednesday’s injury report, but was listed as limited on Thursday with that ailment.

Of course, the other explanation is that Jenkins has simply earned the job over Taylor outright based on performance. LaFleur confirmed that the two were locked in competition over the entire preseason, and he only named Taylor the week one starter just before the preseason finale. However, in week two the Packers began working Jenkins into the lineup in week two, giving him 18 snaps on a handful of series. It seems that the team saw enough from him to give him the green light to step in; indeed, LaFleur said earlier this week that he “was really fired up with” Jenkins’ performance against the Vikings.

As for Jenkins, the soft-spoken lineman addressed the news with the media on Friday:

It was only a matter of time before Jenkins entered the starting lineup. The Packers have expressed great excitement about the former Mississippi State lineman ever since selecting him with the 44th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, and he performed well throughout the preseason.

Taylor’s status, however, now is in question. He may revert to a key backup role, but it is also possible that the Packers could look to move him before the NFL’s trade deadline on October 30. His contract runs through 2020, so a trade would allow the Packers to free up a bit of cap space this year and next.

Good....let's see what the kid can do.
Mucky Tundra
Well, I'm hoping that Jenkins can provide better pass protection. Hopefully playing the game from start to finish will let Jenkins find his sea legs and do well enough to grab the spot for good.
Glad to see him in the lineup. Now I hope we don’t trade Lane Taylor away because we know all too well how injuries go.
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Originally Posted by: go.pack.go. 

Glad to see him in the lineup. Now I hope we don’t trade Lane Taylor away because we know all too well how injuries go.

Placed Taylor on IR, signed Adam Pankey off Titan PS.
Pankey back in Green Bay.
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I thought the kid looked pretty good. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there was not a helluvalot of movement created by our Offensive line.
Originally Posted by: KRK 

I thought the kid looked pretty good. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there was not a helluvalot of movement created by our Offensive line.

The good news is that Rodgers never got sacked.
He was dropped for 7 in the first two games.

He started off kinda rough. He got his ass blown up on the first play (or one of the first plays) and then got a false start. Other than that, I don't remember hearing his name.
Mucky Tundra
Originally Posted by: yooperfan 

The good news is that Rodgers never got sacked.
He was dropped for 7 in the first two games.

Rodgers said this is about his uniform after this game was the cleanliest its ever been after playing a full game.
Mark it down... Jenkins will be a ALL PRO lineman for us if he stays healthy... 3 games in and playing at a fairly high level... against some quality fronts.
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