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#1 Posted : Tuesday, October 8, 2019 4:58:47 AM(UTC)
Packers beat Cowboys and yet still Cowboys are above Packers? I might have to re-configure this algorithm!

Steelers and Texans are the biggest gainers by moving up 9 spots.

Rams are the biggest loser by dropping 7 spts.

  1. New England Patriots 58
  2. San Francisco 49ers 41.1
  3. Seattle Seahawks 37
  4. Kansas City Chiefs 29.4
  5. Detroit Lions 23.3
  6. Dallas Cowboys 21.1
  7. Green Bay Packers 20.5
  8. Houston Texans 13.7
  9. Tennessee Titans 12.6
  10. Baltimore Ravens 10.7
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars 10.7
  12. Minnesota Vikings 10.6
  13. Buffalo Bills 9.6
  14. Carolina Panthers 8.9
  15. Philadelphia Eagles 7.5
  16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4.3
  17. Denver Broncos 1.9
  18. New Orleans Saints 0.9
  19. Chicago Bears -0.1
  20. Oakland Raiders -6.2
  21. Los Angeles Rams -8.9
  22. Pittsburgh Steelers -9
  23. Indianapolis Colts -12.1
  24. Los Angeles Chargers -15.3
  25. New York Jets -19.3
  26. Atlanta Falcons -24.9
  27. New York Giants -25.3
  28. Cincinnati Bengals -27.8
  29. Cleveland Browns -32.1
  30. Washington Redskins -35.8
  31. Arizona Cardinals -38
  32. Miami Dolphins -89.1
#2 Posted : Tuesday, October 8, 2019 5:33:16 AM(UTC)
Can't tell if the niners are that good or the browns are that bad.
#3 Posted : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 12:08:38 AM(UTC)
i dunno what formula u are using but its bad. very bad.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 4:42:36 AM(UTC)
bboystyle said: Go to Quoted Post
i dunno what formula u are using but its bad. very bad.

No kidding.

Here are the Week 6 "Ask Vic" all-important power rankings:
1. Patriots -- Giants next crummy win.
2. Packers -- Time to roll.
3. Saints -- They are not toast.
4. 49ers -- Powerful, young, fast defense.
5. Seahawks -- Arrow pointing straight up.
6. Colts -- They don't miss Luck.
7. Chiefs -- Soft.
8. Lions -- At the test vs. Packers.
9. Eagles -- Offense is clicking.
10. Rams -- Showdown vs. 49ers.
11. Bills -- They deserve a rest.
12. Ravens -- I'm not impressed.
13. Bears -- Bye and then the Saints.
14. Vikings -- A phone call from the POTUS?
15. Cowboys -- Packers embarrassed them.
16. Panthers -- Winning with undrafted QB.
17. Browns -- Seahawks, Pats next two games.
18. Raiders -- They're in the hunt.
19. Chargers -- Who are they?
20. Bucs -- In London vs. Carolina.
21. Texans -- Struggling to beat bad teams.
22. Jaguars -- Defense gashed by Panthers.
23. Titans -- Good team going to waste.
24. Giants -- They need Barkley.
25. Steelers -- Fighting through tough times.
26. Broncos -- Tough schedule ahead.
27. Cardinals -- Murray flashes.
28. Falcons -- Where's bottom?
29. Washington -- Who's the next lucky coach?
30. Bengals -- Sinking in Cincinnati.
31. Jets -- Was it worth it, Le'Veon?
32. Dolphins -- Rested and ready to lose.
#5 Posted : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 5:50:54 AM(UTC)
The good humor truck must have passed through Vic's neighborhood.Laugh
I couldn't help but chuckle at some of the comments.
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Zero2Cool (7h) : Well, this is starting to suck.
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Zero2Cool (7h) : I worry Badgers gonna get cute with on-side kick.
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KRK (6-Dec) : bares
Zero2Cool (5-Dec) : Possibly.
gbguy20 (5-Dec) : we knew what you meant. your point was still clear
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Oops, Smith was CB, not RB. My mistake. Etiher way, it was about the KR/PR not the position
gbguy20 (4-Dec) : yep
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : What do you mean? They cut a RB who was the KR/PR, so they signed someone who is KR/PR, who happens to be RB
Cheesey (4-Dec) : I don’t get it. Going after more RBs. We NEED guys that can get separation and catch passes.
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Tyler Ervin taking reps with the running backs at practice today. Ervin, 5-foot-10, 192lbs., age 26, once said he’s tried to model his game after Darren Sproles. Best 40 time was 4.41 at Combine.
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Put the Packers in a dome. They are a soft team. They need protection from the weather.
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Packers go on the road each game, -- I say GOOD!
Nonstopdrivel (3-Dec) : The biggest problem with being a lower seed is that, unless everything falls your way, you're going to be on the road for the entirety of the playoffs.
KRK (3-Dec) : He sucks, they can have him.
Zero2Cool (3-Dec) : Dolphins have claimed speedy WR Trevor Davis off of waivers from the Raiders,
TheKanataThrilla (3-Dec) : It might be easier to face Dallas on the road rather than the Vikes or 49ers at home
TheKanataThrilla (3-Dec) : I meant 5th seed.
TheKanataThrilla (3-Dec) : Would it be better to be the 4th seed in the playoffs rather than the 3rd?
Zero2Cool (3-Dec) : Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera has been fired.
Cheesey (3-Dec) : Seattle took care of the Vikings for us!
Zero2Cool (3-Dec) : We better not bring Davis back.
TheKanataThrilla (3-Dec) : I don't think it was a conditional 6th so yes we do
gbguy20 (3-Dec) : do we still get our draft pick or....?
TheKanataThrilla (3-Dec) : Trevor Davis cut by the Raiders
Mucky Tundra (3-Dec) : And they need Dallas to lose all 4 of their remaining games
Mucky Tundra (3-Dec) : For the Skins to win the East, they need to win out, philly to win vs Dallas and lose their other 3 games
Nonstopdrivel (2-Dec) : Packers release Tremon Smith.
Nonstopdrivel (2-Dec) : Yeah—in a random drawing.
Porforis (2-Dec) : At 33, I still could win a spot on an NFL roster.
Mucky Tundra (2-Dec) : At 3-9, the Washington Redskins could still win the NFC East
gbguy20 (2-Dec) : definitely not
Zero2Cool (2-Dec) : nope
Nonstopdrivel (2-Dec) : Could we take this to the chat, so I don't have to keep refreshing?
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