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This would be interesting. Flip it for a couple 1st rounders after he plays well in the preseason. I wouldn't want him long-term because I think all the injuries he's had at such a young age will catch up with him.
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I never even heard of the guy.
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Couldn't agree more with Zero...to small and injury prone
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Just guessing, there would probably be a pretty good trade offer from a team in need of a qb for Gutey to consider.
In reality, he probably won't last that long on the board.
The Packers at worst will be drafting 20-25. Hopefully it will be 29-32, preferably 32.😁

He will probably go top 15.

Anyway Aaron Rodgers' replacement is still playing High School Football.
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Before injury this dude was number 1
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GBGuy gasped:

Before injury this dude was number 1

  • Before he hurt his knee RGIII was the MVP
  • Before my car was in an accident, it was terrific
  • Before the hurricane, the Bahamas were a great place to visit
  • Before I lost my hair and gained 30 pounds I was decent looking (...well...less ugly anyway).
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before 2013 Rodgers was an elite qb lol, did anyone see the fox pre show and how they mentioned the pure pocket passer has gone the way of the big man in basketball. If I was a gm I would invest most of my cap on defense because everyone knows defense wins championships.
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Originally Posted by: gbguy20 

Before injury this dude was number 1

A number of people thought he had already lost the #1 to the LSU QB before the injury.

Also it's hard to properly evaluate a player on a stacked team, see Matt Leinart and most of the over hyped Bama QBs that have come out in recent years. The hype is better than the talent...

Don't get me wrong, this guys had the physical potential to possible be the exception... but it still wasn't clear how he'd do on teams with equal talents.
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Originally Posted by: KRK 

Couldn't agree more with Zero...to small and injury prone

So he's Russell Wilson.

Get off the "too small" to play QB shit, guys. If he's good, he's good.
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Originally Posted by: blueleopard 

So he's Russell Wilson.

Get off the "too small" to play QB shit, guys. If he's good, he's good.

Doug Flutie raised his hand to object but you didn't see it. He then realized that you said "if he's good, he's good" so he put his hand down and slinked away.
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Originally Posted by: blueleopard 

So he's Russell Wilson.

Get off the "too small" to play QB shit, guys. If he's good, he's good.

I don't know about his size. I actually haven't watched him play at all other than highlights. What I have heard was a listing of his injuries and that alone spooked me. Especially the one about his hip and him saying "I don't think I'd be the same again because there's like metal in here, you know?" Tagovailoa said. "I lose some rotation inward, so I won't be able to twist as much inward and whatnot. I wouldn't need that as much. When you're running, you're almost always opening up your hip. From what the doctors say, they expect a full recovery and I'll be able to go out there and play football again at 100 percent, it's just I won't be able to rotate it internally the same way."

From what I just looked up, he's 6'1" and am not sure that is too small. It's not like he's 5'9" or something.
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Blue Leopard Berated:

Get off the "too small" to play QB shit, guys. If he's good, he's good.

No, I wont get off the "too small" stuff.

You wouldn't draft an interior defensive lineman who is 250 lbs....he is too skinny.

You wouldn't draft a wide out who runs a 4.9 40 (although, I have to confess, it looks like that's what ours run)...he's too slow.

I like big quarterbacks with big hands (Wilson, btw has HUGE hands). I prefer QB's with the Daniel Jones, Josh Allen size who have demonstrated they can play. THEY CAN SEE THE FIELD BETTER, ESPECIALLY OVER THE LINEMEN THEY WILL BE DEALING WITH AT THE NEXT LEVEL.

As for Tua, he has demonstrated he can play, but he also demonstrated he gets injured and he fumbles. IMO at this point, he is not a first round pick. Further, from what I have heard, he may come back another year because people are telling him that.

This kid is good, but with all of our needs, I would not take him in the first round...HE IS TOO SMALL. I wouldn't have taken Murray either....to small and likely to get smushed.
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

From what I just looked up, he's 6'1" and am not sure that is too small. It's not like he's 5'9" or something.

No it's not, the NFL is actually trending towards more mobile QBs which means they're actually getting smaller.

But before this even happened, they had a number of 6'2" QBs, including Favre and Rodgers... 6'1" literally isn't that far off...

And you for guys like Brees, Wilson and now Kyler Murry whom are all 6' or under... and doing well (Murry is doing well for a rookie on a horrible team talent wise).

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Zero2Cool (22-Jan) : Sad ... Mr. Peanut.
Nonstopdrivel (22-Jan) : I've been joking for years that they should give something like this a try, but I never thought I'd see it happen.
Nonstopdrivel (22-Jan) : Holy shit, NFL is adapting a rule from rugby for the Pro Bowl.
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