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Wil Leitner wrote:

Colin Cowherd: “Every time Aaron Rodgers loses a game the ‘pom-pom waivers’ come out. Is it the defense’s fault that in the two games versus San …

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I didn't read this or watch it. I simply read the headline and thought it would make a good topic. Why you ask?

Who here watched the chiefs fall behind by 24 points and then 10 the next week? Who here saw Patrick mahomes rallying the troops on the sideline and firing his team up? I did.

Who saw Rodgers do that when his team fell behind? Anyone? Has anyone ever seen him do that? I ask because all I saw was a defeated Rodgers zoning out on the bench.

MLF wondered today why his team had no fire.

Let me say I'm not blaming him by any means. Just sharing an observation.
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First of all, Cowherd was saying "pom-pom wavers," not "pom-pom waivers." Huge difference in meaning. 😂

Secondly, I agree with almost every word he says. The contrasts he draws between Rodgers' and Russell Wilson's handling of their teammates are spot on. Screw Rodgers' precious need to "trust" his receivers. He is a a professional. He is making eight figures a year to work with the teammates he's given, most of whom are making orders of magnitude less than he is. If he's not willing to use the tools at his disposal, he needs to pack his bags and find another profession better suited to his supercilious demeanor, because he's not worth the money he's making.

Is Rodgers to blame for all of the team's problems? Of course not! But he does bear responsibility for his chronic technique lapses and all-too-frequent psychological hangups, and he needs to make it a priority to work on them if he genuinely aspires to Brady's longevity in this league. In short, he needs to adapt to changing realities. We saw some promising signs this season that he was beginning to get it, but they were isolated moments, and there weren't enough of them. He needs to start stringing those moments together not just for entire games, but for multiple games in a row.

I think the 2020 season is the prove-it year for Rodgers. If he can't demonstrate that he's fully on the train with the new system and the powers that be, I think Gutekunst will start setting the wheels in motion for ushering him out.
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Do you know who's not a quitter? Colin Cowherd, he was selected to be on ESPN radio back in 2003 and yeah he sucked at first, but he's fought through it, even though he continues to suck, he's still trying to be relevant 17 years later...
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He might not be relevant, but he's made a shit-ton more money in those 17 years than most NFL players could ever dream of making in their careers. 😉
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when was the last time you saw ANY Packer on the sidelines getting pissed off, waving the towel, etc....this team only gets"excited" when on the field. Once on the sidelines they just sit on the bench waiting to go in when it's their "turn"
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Rodgers has never and will never be a rah rah leader. That's known. It's been said by him several times. If you're thinking that's the only way to lead, that's on you. We have watched him go to guys and tell them things like next play we'll get them. Things like that.

Notice how no one said shit about Mahomes when he jumped on his guy's twice early last week? Rodgers does that and media goes balls out crazy. Same shit.
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Cowherd hates Rodgers for some reason, I’m not sure if it’s because he’s friends with Greg Jennings or if he just doesn’t like him but I’ve never heard him say anything good about him unless he’s had to.
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Originally Posted by: stevegb 

Cowherd hates Rodgers for some reason, I’m not sure if it’s because he’s friends with Greg Jennings or if he just doesn’t like him but I’ve never heard him say anything good about him unless he’s had to.

🐄 herd doesn't hate anyone... it's his job to get people to follow him (for good or bad), and the best way he's found for him is to be a shock jock.

So he purposely comes up with out side of the box shocking logic to justify things... you can tell, this is just a fun role playing game for him to be outrageous.

Similar with Skippy... especially he's extremely serious, doesn't want anyone to question him (outside of his straight guy that he's working off of) and takes himself too damn serious.... but when he had celebrities that had outrage believes, he showed he knows the truth and gave real facts.... but that's why Skip is so inconsistent, bet he's just working out rages angles.

Cowherd is actually more consistent, but that's because he enjoys playing devil's advocate, and probably does it even when not at work, just playing and goofing around
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Cowherd develops his opinions not on a particular analysis, but on what will get people talking and listening to him. As a radio show host, that is kind of his job. I find him entertaining, but he's still arguing his point about a debate (Brady vs. Rodgers) that is settled. Yes, a decade ago some people thought Rodgers could be the next Brady and the Packers were poised to be the Patriots of the NFC.

Since then, Brady had won three more Super Bowls, while Rodgers has just one. The debate is over, but not measuring up to Brady is hardly a bad thing. Look at the love and outpouring over Kobe Bryant. Was Kobe as good as Michael Jordan? No, but nobody was. However, that hasn't diminished his greatness as a player. Was Rodgers as good as Brady? No, he's not. Brady is the GOAT of QBs. That also doesn't diminish Rodgers' greatness, however. He's one of the Top 10 QBs in NFL history and that's a pretty cool thing.
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