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Cory from Cheesehead TV wrote:

Marcus Mariota Will Fit At No. 2

By CoryJennerjohn How confident are you in Tim Boyle?

I mean, he's OK. He maintains status quo as the Packers' backup quarterback. He hasn't done anything to lose the job.

Then again, you don't lose the backup job unless you aren't as good as the next guy.

Now it's time to pivot to the starting guy. Aaron Rodgers is 36 and turns 37 in December. If he is out for more than three games, Boyle isn't the guy. I don't see him being able to sustain momentum and keep this team afloat.

Which is why, if the Packers should look to make a move in the offseason, Marcus Mariota makes sense. Mariota's final game as a starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans was Oct. 13. He was benched because he was completing just 59 percent of his passes, averaged 196 yards a game and threw seven touchdowns and two picks.

Many may ask why it would make any sense to bring Mariota to Green Bay? Remember, he was the No. 2 overall pick in 2015. He needs to prove that getting benched and the Titans getting to the AFC title game with Ryan Tannehill isn't a defining mark on his legacy.

He's trying to prove that he can still be a franchise quarterback. And what better place than Green Bay behind one of the best passers in the game?

The toughest aspect will be money. Obviously Mariota will angle to get top dollar, but his value won't be nearly as high as he thinks. The Titans were supposed to be his team, but he failed and lost. Now it's time for him to build back his reputation.

General manager Brian Gutekunst will likely add a pass catcher, a defensive lineman and a tight end in the draft. He cannot forget about the most important position in sports.

The NFC will be very tough again next year. If Rodgers will be forced to miss any amount of time, the Packers are in deep trouble. Green Bay cannot afford to lose even one game because of injury. And yes, NFL starting players get hurt every year.

However, not all of them play quarterback.

This could be Mariota's last stand. It's time for the Packers to give him a shot.

At the right price, I think this is an excellent idea. LaFleur should know him, and he should know the offense...

I'm not on the Marriota bandwagon, I thought he was overrated coming out.
I'm taking Boyle over Marriota based on what little I've seen of either one.
I just can't see pissing money away on a player who has already made more money than he was worth.
we have no space to even consider this
Packers dud struggle against mobile QBs, and if dirt cheap, he could be a great practice QB for mobile QBs, and give the offense choices or what type of QB they wanted to start.

Also part of Mariota problems as starting QB was injuries and they build the entire offense around running the ball and he basically literally had no weapons... then between the injuries and lack of weapons got his head screwed up trying to do too much... a change of scenery might do wonders.

So at the right price, I'm not against it... but it'd have to be quite cheap...
He's been in LaFleur's system and has playoff experience. If it's something we can afford, it's a no-brainer.
I wouldn’t be against it, but I think his price will be too high.
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If they take him that would indicate that Gute feels he's got more short term ability and perhaps even long term potential than Boyle. I am all in favor of improving the depth at any position.
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