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Sports Illustrated wrote:

The team refuted a report that the Packers had been awarded the 2022 NFL Draft

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Maybe so. Maybe not. No official word.
(My opinion, in general, not to anyone in specific)

Please stop trying to get peoples hope up... Roger Goodell has basically already said that there is no way in hell the Packers will be getting a complete version of a nationwide NFL event, the greater Green Bay area doesn't have enough quality infrastructure for the NFL standards to complete what they're trying to turn into a week long event, with 32 teams, veteran star players, draft eleible players, media, and fans.... which some of the infrastructure they're looking for including enough 5 star hotels, large pools, large buildings to host many different events leading up to the draft, media already in place, and of course enough "massage parlors" that the executives can stay hidden/privite, and get their rocks off, etc etc.

Now, Goodell can change his mind, if it's the best offer on the table... but there will have to be no other pretty good offers on the table from large cities or entertainment places... or enough straight cash, etc.... but as the article said, "Los Angeles is considered a chief contender for the 2022 draft, as well."... if they surely will have their stuff up and running by then, they're a lock. Green Bay, is just the NFL's back-up plan, in case they feel Los Angeles isn't ready for the draft by 2022 (which might mean stadium, or could be L.A. fans buying into the NFL product.

Outside of being the back-up plan in case another city falls through, I think the Packers best chance of getting the draft into town, is something Goodell suggested they might someday do, have the different draft days in different cities, so the Packers MIGHT get Day 2 (2nd and 3rd round) or something.... or get Day 3 (4th-7th rounds)

If the city are interested and make an offer to the NFL, here seems to be the NFL's biggest interest. Since 1965...

New York (#1) (Drafts 1965–2014)
Los Angeles (#2)
Chicago (#3) (Drafts 2015-2016)
Philadelphia (#4) (Draft 2017)
Dallas-Fort Worth (#5) (Draft 2018)

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (#6)
Washington, D.C. (Hagerstown) (#7)
Houston (#8)
Boston (Manchester) (#9)
Atlanta (#10)
Phoenix (Prescott) (#11)
Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) (#12)
Seattle-Tacoma (#13)
Detroit (#14)
Minneapolis-St. Paul (#15)
Miami-Fort Lauderdale (#16)
Denver (#17)
Cleveland-Akron (Canton) (#19) (Draft 2021)
Charlotte (#21)

Pittsburgh (#24)
Indianapolis (#25)
Baltimore (#26)
Nashville (#28) (Draft 2019) (Huge entertainment capital, especially for country music which the owners seemed to like, after the NFL seemed to be going straight down the list and #5 San Fran seemed to have no interested in bidding for the draft
Kansas City (#32) (Draft 2023)

Cincinnati (#37)
Las Vegas (#39) (Draft 2020) New Stadium and it's Vegas, an Entertainment Capital
Jacksonville (#41)

New Orleans (#50)
Buffalo (#52)

Green Bay-Appleton (#67) Dead Last in the NFL's preferences

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Beast I agree with you. It's extremely difficult to imagine GB getting any NFL event.
Green Bay is not last in the preference of the NFL. Biggest fan base couldn't ever be mistaken as such. It's a logistic issue. There's a chance for the Draft. Not the Super Bowl for that reason. NFL loves Green Bay.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Green Bay is not last in the preference of the NFL. Biggest fan base couldn't ever be mistaken as such. It's a logistic issue. There's a chance for the Draft. Not the Super Bowl for that reason. NFL loves Green Bay.

I think we're talking about completely different things here. As you're talking about the team and fans support and love, while discounting the logistic, when I'm specifically not talking about the team or fans, but the physical greater area, which certainly included logistics of fancy things the NFL demands such as 5 star hotels with pools and media, places to stay and things to do, plus weather.

In the terms I'm speaking of, greater Green Bay is certainly near the bottom of the list for the NFL... though maybe not the bottom, as Buffalo or Jacksonville might be worse.... though I'm guessing the Florida weather MIGHT put them higher than Green Bay.

The NFL LOVES the Packers fans and teams, though if all things were equal and the same, I'm sure they wish it would of been in a large city, as they hate small town locations.
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Since the draft is toward the end of April the weather won't be much of a factor. It could rain but the same could have been said for Chicago and Nashville. In fact I think it did rain during those events.The NFL is moving more and more towards open air events so more people can participate. They filled Grant Pack in Chicago and whatever the nearby street and park in Nashville. They can do the same in GB. Ease of access is a giant factor. The NFL loves the GB fan base. It certainly is a very large one. That said at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the fans standing in those long lines out doors are from all the other NFL teams. It's not easy to get to GB. As fans to fly to Milwaukee then rent a car? Not going to be appealing to NFL Inc. The corporate giants, teams and networks will simply fly into Austin Straubel. Not so for most fans. What about restaurants? I mean how many times can can the bigwigs go to Applebees in a week? ;)

Like you said Z, logistics is the key not the fan base. There is a chance but not a very good one. NFL Inc would have to tuck their multi billion dollar pride and go slumming so to speak.
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