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Figured many of us have a bit of time on our hands. Usually as we go into a new NFL season there are talks of rule changes. What rules would you like to see changed or looked at? I have to admit my number one hated rule is the automatic first down on a defensive contact penalty. I don't know how many third and very long penalties that I have witnessed which converted into first downs that had no chance ever of completing the first down. I also hate the "half the distance to the goal" penalty. I am not sure how one amends, but I find it terrible that you can create a pretty bad penalty (other than PI in the endzone) and it can amount to under 5 yards. Maybe major penalties should all end at the 1 yard line?
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I think the NFL could learn from college football in a number of regards, but ego gets in the way of adapting its rules:
  • Overtime - the college system is much better, fairer, and more exciting
  • Replay - the college system of replay (and lack thereof) is better and faster, with a few tweaks, implement it.
  • Pass Interference - WPR you have a great point here, I don't like the current system...it over-penalizes the defense in many cases. I think, in most instances, the 15 yard college rule is better.
  • End of Game Penalties on the defense - Just as an illegal motion results in a 10 second run-off towards the end of the game, something should be done to adjust the clock, i.e. add time back in end of game situation where the defense has a PI to prevent a TD...a "do-over" play is not enough...perhaps a do-over AND 15 seconds.
  • Play Clock - More consistency in when it is reset...perhaps shorten it to 30, but make it effective when the ball is set for play, not when the previous play ends.
  • Face Mask - I think they need to re-visit the 5 yard and 15 yard penalties...to many no-calls, because 15 yards and first down is onerous for minor infractions. Yet, there are times where a the defense attains an incidental advantage without risking injury...maybe a 10 and no first down and the current 15 and automatic first down.
  • Defensive Bump and Run -I would prefer that defensive players be allowed to chuck/impede receivers for 7 yards from the line of scrimmage. It seems that they call penalties from the receiver's starting point. If you run a crossing pattern 3 yards away from the line and a db or lb knocks you on your ass....to bad, as long as the ball isn't in the air.
I kind of went on a rant about this subject once before, okay, probably dozen times! 😃


If tied after four quarters, you play one more quarter. If still tied, you have a FG challenge. Both teams kick FG's from the 35. If both make it, march it back 5 yards. If one team misses it, they lose. Repeat until we have a loser.

Eliminate the use of slow motion. If it takes more than 90 seconds, then tie goes to the offense. Move the hell onward.

Pass interference
Let the men be men. The hand checking stuff should be allowed at any distance. A flag should be thrown only when it's severe and blatant.

I have to get some work done and realized this would be a long winded rant. Basically, if the ball hits the ground, it's incomplete. If the ball hits the ground after you've taken two steps, it's a catch and fumble. Done.

I don’t like the college pass interference penalty. A defense guy can interfere with a pass 40 yards downfield, and only get a 15 yard penalty. Why wouldn’t a guy give that up instead of a longer gain or a touchdown?
Why should an offense lose a ton of yardage in that case?
That’s why I don’t want the NFL to adapt to that.
Also like was previously said, the “half the distance to the goal” penalty inside the 5 yard line is stupid. How about giving the team a point instead? You jump offsides inside the 5, a point gets added to your opponents score.
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NFL to Quietly Get Rid of PI Reviews when No One is Looking

I am not great at posting hyperlinks, but here goes:

Originally Posted by: KRK 

NFL to Quietly Get Rid of PI Reviews when No One is Looking

I am not great at posting hyperlinks, but here goes:


I am glad they are getting rid of it. If all the calls were like the missed call against the Saints it wouldn't be bad, but so many of these plays look bad only because they are in slow motion.
Originally Posted by: TheKanataThrilla 

I am glad they are getting rid of it. If all the calls were like the missed call against the Saints it wouldn't be bad, but so many of these plays look bad only because they are in slow motion.

Kanata....I’m pretty sure it was a joke column. Kind of like “The Onion” does.
Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

Kanata....I’m pretty sure it was a joke column. Kind of like “The Onion” does.

I did see it posted on a few sites and it was in our local newspaper. Pretty sure the PI review is gone. We have it here in the CFL and before we adopted it in the NFL I was strongly against it. It seemed a reactionary decision to the horrible call against the Saints in the 2018 NFC Championship Game.

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