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CheeseheadTV wrote:

The Green Bay Packers offensive line had a steady lineup in 2019. Once Elgton Jenkins took over at left guard for the injured Lane Taylor in Week 2, the starting five was set with David Bakhtiari at left tackle, Jenkins at left guard, Corey Linsley at center, Billy Tuner at right guard and Bryan Bulaga at right tackle.
But 2020 will be different. Bulaga has signed with the Los Angeles Chargers while Taylor is healthy again and has agreed to a pay cut to remain with the Packers. The Packers also signed tackle Ricky Wagner who spent last season in Detroit and drafted three rookies for depth in the late rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.
So how does the Packers offensive line look in 2020? Barring injuries, here are the top options:
Option 1:
LT David Bakhtiari
LG Elgton Jenkins
C Corey Linsley
RG Billy Turner
RT Ricky Wagner
This is the way the unofficial depth chart looks right now. Four of the five starters from last year are back on the roster and the newly signed Wagner gets plugged in at Bulaga’s old spot at right tackle.
Wagner struggled last season with the Lions and needs to both remain healthy and bounce back to his earlier form to make this work. Wagner’s pass blocking needs to be more consistent as the Packers need to protect Aaron Rodgers and keep him healthy.
The Packers are also hoping Turner has a more consistent season than he did last year although his play did pick up as 2019 progressed.
If the Packers go with this lineup, four of the five positions would be manned by the same players as last season playing the same position which would give the team maximum continuity.
Under this scenario, Taylor could serve as the swing tackle or back up at guard while Lucas Patrick would be the likely top backup inside at center and guard.
Option 2:
LT David Bakhtiari
LG Elgton Jenkins
C Corey Linsley
RG Lane Taylor
RT Billy Turner
If Wagner is unable to win the starting right tackle job, one option is to move Turner out to the right tackle position and slide Taylor in at guard. Taylor started at left guard for three full seasons and won the job in training camp last year before his season ending injury struck in Week 2.
Taylor is a consistent performer and above average starter at guard. While he has never played at a Pro Bowl level, he is a good run blocker and pass blocker who before his most recent injury, could get to the second level consistently and pull well on sweeps and screens.
Turner has started at both tackle and guard with Miami and Denver and has done an adequate job at both positions.
This starting five may allow the Packers to put their best five linemen on the field at once and give them additional mobility and flexibility with Wagner available to fill in as the swing tackle with Lucas Patrick likely to be the top backup on the inside.
Option 3:
LT David Bakhtiari
LG Elgton Jenkins
C Corey Linsley
RG Billy Turner
RT Lane Taylor
Taylor has played tackle occasionally during his NFL career, mostly as in injury fill in. He would need to demonstrate the ability to counter speed rushers off the edge on a consistent basis to claim this position. Again, it is likely Matt LaFleur is looking for ways to get his best five players on the field and this could be one way to do it.
This lineup would also give the Packers more continuity as four of the five starters from last year would be returning at the same positions they played last year.
Option 4:
LT David Bakhtiari
LG Lane Taylor
C Corey Linsley
RG Billy Turner
RT Elgton Jenkins
Jenkins made the NFL’s All-Rookie Team last year at guard and did not allow a sack all season so moving him to tackle would be a bit of a gamble. In college, Jenkins played center, guard and tackle, starting five games at left tackle and one game at right tackle at Mississippi State.
If Wagner doesn’t work out, moving Jenkins to the outside may again be a way for the Packers offensive line to get their best five players on the field at the same time. Jenkins has been an excellent pass blocker at guard, if he can remain at that level as a tackle, it could be the best chance the Packers have to replace Bulaga’s consistent ability to protect the quarterback.
Still, this could also reduce Jenkins’ effectiveness if he to make an adjustment to a new position after he played so well at guard last season.
This lineup would leave Wagner as the swing tackle and again, Lucas Patrick as the primary backup inside.
Whichever way the Packers decide to go with the offensive line, they have many options. Taylor, Turner and Jenkins can all play multiple positions as can Lucas Patrick. This allows them the flexibility to try many different lineups.
The biggest issue, this season, however, is likely to be continuity. OTAs and minicamps were already limited to virtual conference calls and limitations to training camps and preseason games remain a real possibility because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Continue Reading @ [url=http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/CheeseheadTv/~3/8rHDMP7RUrw/what-will-the-packers-starting-offensive-line-look-like-in-2020-545]CheeseheadTV 

I felt like this was a pretty good article on the difference options.

Also I hadn't thought of Jenkins as a potential RT option... and wish they at least mentioned Runyan and some of the UDFAs

Though I'm still thinking it will come down to Wagner or Turner, at least at first.
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It puzzles me that the writer is counting so heavily on Lane Taylor. IIRC, he has had 1/2 of a very good season, but has also been a turnstile at times. I am not excited that he is penciled in as a starter in any scenario, much less at right tackle.

A month ago, before he took the pay cut, he was assumed to be gone. Now all of a sudden, he is a jack-of-all trades?

I know the guy was hurt, but man, if is the best we have at any of these positions, we are in trouble.
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Originally Posted by: KRK 

It puzzles me that the writer is counting so heavily on Lane Taylor. IIRC, he has had 1/2 of a very good season, but has also been a turnstile at times. I am not excited that he is penciled in as a starter in any scenario, much less at right tackle.

A month ago, before he took the pay cut, he was assumed to be gone. Now all of a sudden, he is a jack-of-all trades?

I know the guy was hurt, but man, if is the best we have at any of these positions, we are in trouble.

One you can only play players you got, and really he's underrated, while he's not Sitting or Lang, he's not the crap people make him out to be either.

Taylor's main problem was Mike McCarthy decided to pass the ball MORE than 67.5% of the time, which is 3rd highest since that stat started being tracked (I believe) in 2003. And teams couldn't easily beat the OTs so they showed all out blitzes, dropped back into coverage on one side, leaving the OT on that side to block no one, and over blitzed the other side, with having one of their best pass rushers on the OG. That was more the play callers fault of running an unbalanced system, where LaFleur strides for balance in this system.

When they play calling has been balanced, Taylor has been very good (again not the great level), but your busting Taylor chops when you can make the case the numbers might suggest Taylor was better than Turner 


So for comparison’s sake, let’s take a look at Taylor’s 2018 season and Turner’s 2019 season, using a few different metrics.

The first are the stats compiled by Pro Football Focus. As already mentioned, Taylor would allow eight sacks in 2018, along with five quarterback hits, 23 hurries, which totals 36 pressures, and two penalties.

Meanwhile, Turner in 2019 would give up nine sacks, six quarterback hits, 37 hurries for a total of 52 pressures, along with two penalties as well.

Pro Football Focus also uses a pass-blocking efficiency metric to measure success for an offensive lineman. What it does is it provides an efficiency rating based on the number of pressures allowed on a per snap basis and is weighted more heavily towards sacks. Although close, Taylor’s 2018 rating of 96.3 edged out Turner’s 96.0.

And according to PFF, in 2017, when Packers only passed a still high, but more reasonable 61.35%, here were their rankings

Left Tackle: David Bakhtiari, 89.9 overall grade
Left Guard: Lane Taylor, 68.7
Center: Corey Linsley, 51.7
Right Guard: Justin McCray, 40.4
Right Tackle: Bryan Bulaga, 68.9

Though last year, with the Packers passing 59.8% of the time (and reportedly LaFleur might want that lowered still) the Packers OL grades were

Left Tackle: David Bakhtiari, 78.6 overall grade
Left Guard: Elgton Jenkins 69.2
Center: Corey Linsley, 69.8
Right Guard: Billy Turner 64.8
Right Tackle: Bryan Bulaga, 77.8

I believe the entire OL started slow (except Jenkins) and got better as the season went on, especially Turner, who REALLY struggled early and come on hit late, where Jenkins seemed to be the opposite, came on hot early, and cooled late, I wondered if he ran into the rookie wall with the seasons being longer and harder.

I think more run blocking and let pass protecting will hurt Bak's grades, as he's not as good in the run game as the passing game.

But the other interior guys, aren't that much better than Taylor.
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