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Interesting, they only bought it for $15 million, hours BEFORE the auction. With some suggesting.it would have gone for more if it actually made it to auction.

Might be interesting to see if bankruptcy creditors or other buyers try to make legal arguments that this sell should be invalid and it should be official auctioned off.



Dwayne Johnson, a former pro wrestler who has become a major film and TV star, is buying the XFL, according to Scott Soshnick of Sportico.com.

Per the report, Johnson teamed up with RedBird Capital and pressed the “buy it now” button, making the purchase only hours before an auction was due to begin. They’ll pay a total of $15 million, splitting the price equally.



New owner Dwayne Johnson will be actively involved in the XFL
Posted by Mike Florio on August 3, 2020, 10:24 AM EDT

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed that he’s buying the XFL. His initial statement creates a clear impression that he’ll be actively involved in the management and direction of the league.

“The acquisition of the XFL with my talented partners, Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale, is an investment for me that’s rooted deeply in two things — my passion for the game and my desire to always take care of the fans,” Johnson said, via Kevin Seifert of ESPN.com. “With pride and gratitude for all I’ve built with my own two hands, I plan to apply these callouses to the XFL, and look forward to creating something special for the players, fans, and everyone involved for the love of football.”

I'm hoping the league resumes. It was a good option. Hell, allow High School graduates to play. Screw college. Do you what you love, the money will follow.
If the NFL kneels and the XFL stands, I seriously might switch.
Originally Posted by: dyeah_gb 

If the NFL kneels and the XFL stands, I seriously might switch.

Couldn't care less who stands, who kneels or for what reason. Just don't care to hear about it through the first damn quarter on "OMG so-so was kneeling" or "OMG so so was not kneeling". As if kneeling or not can somehow fortify ones character.

Once kickoff happens, keep the commentary about the game, not what did or did not happen before the game. That's all I ask.

As for XFL, I'll watch because it was entertaining. If I wanted to watch TV, it was better than the other options on TV.
If they didn’t broadcast the guys as the anthem was playing, I bet the players would stop kneeling. They do it so they can say how politically correct they are.
2 world wars, and thousands upon thousands of people have given their lives for the people alive today to have their freedom.
If this is such a horrible place to live and raise their families, move to somewhere where they think it’s so much better then the United States.
Don’t commit crimes and there will be little reason for the “evil” police to come in contact with you.
Don’t resist arrest and you won’t end up a casualty.
Why are those 2 things so difficult to comprehend?
Be a law abiding citizen, be a positive to society, and not a negative, and that would make this horrible place so much better to live in.
Why are there not protests for the REAL victims of crimes?
Yeah.....I’m not “politically correct”.
People should be held responsible for their actions, not given “excuses” for their actions.
The smart thing to do would to just not have the anthem at games. Dont know why this is mandatory in sports now. Military bases at 0800 is a place where it is mandatory.

I want the XFL to succeed. More good football is always, uh, good. I dont know if the XFL is complemen0 or a competitor to the NFL. Competition would help force the NFL to stop the bullshit with the confusing rules and other crap and work on providing a quality product.
Originally Posted by: dyeah_gb 

The smart thing to do would to just not have the anthem at games. Dont know why this is mandatory in sports now. Military bases at 0800 is a place where it is mandatory.

I want the XFL to succeed. More good football is always, uh, good. I dont know if the XFL is complemen0 or a competitor to the NFL. Competition would help force the NFL to stop the bullshit with the confusing rules and other crap and work on providing a quality product.

I think the players used to be in the locker room for the anthem in NFL. It was only recently a decade or so, that they've been on the field.
never gonna catch on , scrap it !!
I’d be interested if they had a team in Wisconsin.
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Zero2Cool (3h) : @RobDemovsky Based on warmups, it would appear the Packers are going with Rick Wagner at right tackle and Lucas Patrick at right guard. Billy Turner might just be available in an emergency.
Zero2Cool (4h) : #Packers inactives: T Billy Turner and G Lucas Patrick are active. Out: QB Jordan Love CB Parry Nickerson LB Randy Ramsey G Lane Taylor TE Josiah Deguara DL Kenny Clark
Zero2Cool (19-Sep) : Lions DT Nick Williams (shoulder) has been downgraded to OUT for Sunday’s game at Green Bay.
Zero2Cool (19-Sep) : So, Franchise Tag Bakhtiari. Hope for long term deal. Trade one of the smith's because Gary makes them expendable. Boom. Roster management is easy! 😁🤔☺️
beast (19-Sep) : After Clark resigned, the big ones are Bak, Jones, Linsley and King
Zero2Cool (19-Sep) : Do we have any other player needing a contract?
TheKanataThrilla (19-Sep) : Wondering if we Franchise Bakh for a year and then release him? I can't see a long term deal.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : LT David bakhtiari wants more than Tunsil. So he's gone.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Packers game status report vs. Lions: Out: DL Kenny Clark, WR Equanimeous St. Brown, OLB Randy Ramsey Questionable: TE Josiah Deguara, OL Billy Turner, S Raven Greene, DL Montravius Adams, OL Lucas
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : won't be hard. he hasn't been able to string two games of dominance together in years
wpr (18-Sep) : I guess this means the Packers can key on shutting down AP.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Lions WR Kenny Golladay officially out for Sunday vs. the #Packers.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Kenny Clark is OUT for Sunday. Bummer.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo has won his second consecutive MVP award, sources tell ESPN.
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Steve Smith Sr. on @nflnetwork regarding @obj : "you're either playing with butterflies or eatin' boogers..."
jdlax (18-Sep) : Big week for 2-0
jdlax (18-Sep) : 1-0 and the lions are the lions sooooooo
Smokey (18-Sep) : The Bungals? I tossed a coin for my pick!
Zero2Cool (18-Sep) : Why did I think Bengals were gonna win this. 😭🙈😱💨💣
wpr (17-Sep) : great news.
Zero2Cool (17-Sep) : @ByRyanWood Good news for #Packers offensive line: Billy Turner (knee) and Lucas Patrick (shoulder) are practicing in pads today.
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : Packers Wednesday injury report: - Clark, Taylor, Ramsey DNP - M. Adams, Deguara, Greene, Jenkins, Patrick, St. Brown, Turner limited participation - Burks was a full participant
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : Packers signed veteran DE Billy Winn to their practice squad.
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : @ProFootballTalk Jared Veldheer visiting Cowboys
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : ✔ @ClayTravis Breaking: Big Ten has unanimously voted to bring football back. Announcement this morning.
Zero2Cool (15-Sep) : Michael Thomas is expected to miss several weeks with a high-ankle injury, per @TomPelissero
Zero2Cool (15-Sep) : Lions are placing CB Justin Coleman on injured reserve because of the hamstring strain he suffered Sunday
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : 🚀😳🧐💯🔳😊🙈 Phone emoji
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @TomSilverstein LaFleur said he is still waiting to hear where things stand with NT Kenny Clark, who injured his groin.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : As @TomPelissero said, the Packers have lost Lane Taylor to a season-ending knee injury, a source confirmed.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : The guy is Marcus Davenport. he was not active yesterday.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @AdamSchefter Update: Browns’ TE David Njoku has a sprained MCL and is expected to miss three weeks, per source.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Saints drafted a guy after trading with Packers. How's that guy doing?
beast (14-Sep) : Last year the Packers released Lazard and he became our 2nd best WR, this year release Barnes and he might be our 2nd best ILB.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Saints WR Michael Thomas might miss our week three game with high ankle sprain.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Packers OL Lucas Patrick, who started yesterday’s opener at left guard before leaving with a shoulder injury, got good news on his tests and should be probable to play next week, source said.
yooperfan (14-Sep) : Perhaps Barnes will get more playing time and turn into the ILB that we’re looking for.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @zachkruse2 UDFA ILB Krys Barnes was the Packers' highest-graded defensive player at @PFF in Week 1.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : For some reason, I thought Cardinals beat 49ers twice last year, so I picked Cardinals yesterday.
beast (14-Sep) : 49ers defense has always struggled against mobile QBs, Cards and Hawks in the division can give them hell, and Cards have a ton of offensive weapons, tons of WRs.
Cheesey (14-Sep) : Me too Zero! I actually went to the Packers/Cowboys NFC title game in Dallas in 96. The plane ride home was awful. I hate the Plowboys!
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Fake noise is the lose. I want real audio. I wanna hear the coaches complain about a dumb play. I wanna hear the players talking shit. :-)
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Cowboys. Always crash an burn. Never another option. Still bitter about the 90s.
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : I'm torn on wanting them to crash and burn or play well, reach the playoffs and then bow out in stupid fashion
TheKanataThrilla (14-Sep) : I thought that McCarthy going to Cowboys would make me hate them less. Didn't happen. Go Rams.
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : hey now, I said just on road team scoring TDs, not all the time
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : I would rather they stop piping noise period. It provides nothing and blocks out hearing the players. Who wants that? No one. We want to hear the players say SIT DOWN BITCH
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : *wish they
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : watching highlights from around the league, i sorta with they would pipe in booing whenever a road team scores a TD
Cheesey (13-Sep) : Mucky....you mean the “Bungles”!!!🤪
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