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I don't see this happening. It would be nice to have someone like Fuller, if he could stay healthy.

"The Packers are among the teams to inquire about #Texans WR Will Fuller, according to a league source, but no deal imminent. Houston isn’t interested in a fire sale, won’t trade just to trade.'
Packers really seem to be trying to add a receiver... reportedly we attempted to get Eagles star TE before he went on IR as well.
I wonder why they are just now realizing that receiver is a weak point on our team?
Originally Posted by: packerfanoutwest 

things are heating up........


I’ll believe it when...or if it happens.
Besides, why pick up someone that doesn’t seem to be much better then we already have?
I feel like this got leaked as the Texans are looking for better offers.

As one article said, with WR Fuller being in his contract year, the Texans need to decide weather to resign or trade him (or go for a Comp pick).

But the Texans are in big trouble, they're a 1-5 team, that's tight on cap space already for next year, they would have a top 10 (maybe top 5) selection and a top 40 pick headed their way, but they've already traded those away grabbing an OT and WR trying to put them over the top, they literally went all in on last year when they weren't even close.

Texans NEED some draft picks and more cap space ... Texans need to rebuild as they closed their Super Bowl window before it even opened by being over aggressive, which is why you never let the head coach be the GM. (Unless MAYBE he's smart enough to be Bill Belichick, in which he holds the official title but reportedly delegates much of that work to someone and listens to them).

So I believe the Texans are looking for at least a 2nd rounder. I don't see this working unless the Texans embrace a full rebuild, which I don't believe they currently are. That or maybe they've just watched the division rivals enough that if you fake hold onto them long enough, you can get an even higher price, like they did for the CB to the Rams or DE to the Vikings.
Originally Posted by: go.pack.go. 

I wonder why they are just now realizing that receiver is a weak point on our team?

You don't think the Packers are trying to get better at every position? I think they are. And I also think WR is less vital to the offensive schemes success compared to OL and TE.

I came to this topic to share this nugget and ask, what All-Pro is actually available?
"Just a reminder at trade deadline: Last time a Super Bowl winner had an All-Pro WR was Marvin Harrison in 2006. Before that, Jerry Rice in 1994. Big-time WRs don't translate to championships."
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I feel like this got leaked as the Texans are looking for better offers.


But discussion may lead to Stills. Further, others may call Packers with other options.
I think this is two separate discussions. One about adding Fuller, another about adding an elite WR. I don't think Fuller is considered elite outside of his momma.

"I’m told the Green Bay Packers have discussed trading for Texans' receiver Will Fuller. However, there's been a disagreement in Green Bay at the highest levels of the organization over whether or not adding an elite receiver in the short term would be worth the spend."


Kyle Fellows @Packer_Pundit Sounds like something you leak if you want the Texans to accept your current offer...

Meanwhile, lol.

This guys says what I was talking about six months ago when so many were saying the Packers needed to use 1st round on WR. I think most fans who watch the Packers knew we needed defensive help more than offensive. At least, the fans who watch the games and not just the score ticker.
Quinin Williams from the Jets. Long as we're spending a high pick, might as well get someone still on their rookie deal.

Otherwise, offer Bakhtiari, King or Jamaal. Save some cap money too. Hell Turner's getting it done at LT.
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