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Per PFF:
Preston Smith: 230 pass-rush snaps, 15 pressures, two sacks
Rashan Gary: 171 pass-rush snaps, 22 pressures, three sacks

Looks like that Gary guys might be better than that Preston guy.

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The kid is playing decent, but I expected more and sooner. Nevertheless, he is getting better, which is something I can't think I can say for any other member of the defense. (In fairness to Alexander, he is terrific already...although not as great as he thinks)

BTW, on most pass rushes GARY is being doubled vs either Smith, which says something.

I am very disappointed with the defense, particularly the passivity of play-calling and coverage. I think our 'horses" are better than they have shown.

Minnesota is playing with their 4 and 5 best corners and they still play better pass defense than we do...it is inexcusable.
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From what I've seen, OTs use his speed against him by pushing him downfield since he doesnt have enough bend to get around them. He seems to be doing better using his strength to go directly to the QB. I think if he can develop some outside-inside rush moves he could be near unblockable in pass rush situations.
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Originally Posted by: KRK 

Minnesota is playing with their 4 and 5 best corners and they still play better pass defense than we do...it is inexcusable.

I know, I'm confused, how the hell does Mike Zimmer always seem to maximize his guys?

I understand how he's used the Safeties to help the CBs, but how did he at the same time, get the DL to play better, with less Safety help and trading away a star player?

The Packers are screwed because our defense NEEDS another good DT, and so far, no one is stepping up. And we got Clark back from injury, but he hasn't played at the same level, I don't know if that's injuries or the new pay day or what's going on... also, he's the best NT in the game, being often used at 3 tech, because we don't have a decent 3 tech option beside him, and it's easier to fill the NT role.

Some are suggesting JJ Watt is going to be forcing his way out, as they're going to rebuild, and he doesn't have many years left... and wants to win. We can't afford his cap (hell we need to cut like $20 in cap already), but if he's willing to come cheap, we freaking need him, or a stud DT somewhere.

Also, just watching other teams DBs, they get more shots at INTs some how than ours seem to.

We also need CB badly, especially if we don't resign King.
Rashan Gary was a 1st round draft pick ! 1st Round !

A 1st round draft pick should be a plug/play instant impact player, not a 2+ year ongoing project. He should have walked into TC in 2019 at the level he is currently in 2020. He is still not a starter, but a situation player. He may be as strong as Hercules, but if is not a good "football player" he is just eating up cap space.

Yes I read the supporting statics posted, yet I'm not impressed. He might have some trade value, but is Gutekunst that good of a salesman? Addressing defensive player weaknesses should be GB's focus moving forward.
Originally Posted by: Smokey 

was a 1st round draft pick ! 1st Round !

A 1st round draft pick should be a plug/play instant impact player, not a 2+ year ongoing project.

Yes Aaron Rodgers was such a fucking wasted selection, he's absolutely prove of failure because he clearly wasn't ready to start in his first couple of years.

Rodgers is reflexion of the Packers failures and how Smokey knows better than the Packers ...
I think that it was KRK who brought it up in the chat. I just noticed how well Gary is as opposed to the Smiths at setting the edge. Unfortunately a well set edge relies on tackling which our team has been less than stellar.
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Originally Posted by: Smokey 

A 1st round draft pick should be a plug/play instant impact player, not a 2+ year ongoing project.

Especially at No 12 overall. They have to produce immediately.

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Mucky Tundra (7h) : I remember waaaaaaaaay back when the Chargers drafted him and LT. Thought they were going to take that team to a super bowl or two
Zero2Cool (7h) : I think it's Taysom Hill's team, not Wintson's.
Mucky Tundra (7h) : just saw the clip of Brees+Winston on the sideline: "It's your team"
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Mucky Tundra (7h) : looks like it. according to PFF, he played that game and his next game was at home vs Jax
Mucky Tundra (7h) : *real good Ds
Zero2Cool (7h) : That was the game David B got injured, right?
Mucky Tundra (8h) : Like I said, Bowles is a good DC. Had some real Ds out in Arizona when he was the DC there
Mucky Tundra (8h) : it'll be a good matchup.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : yeah but that was sorta late in the game wasn't it? I think both teams were just running out the clock at that point
Zero2Cool (8h) : AJ Dillon had a 20 yard run vs Bucs
Mucky Tundra (8h) : i got a feeling that'll get put to the test this sunday
Zero2Cool (8h) : Packers were up 10-0 in first quarter. Then it unraveled. WTF.
Zero2Cool (8h) : Buccaneers don't allow running though.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : Looking at the remaining teams in the playoffs, i think its safe to say we have the best run game
Mucky Tundra (8h) : i also think Lazard was out and MVS was in the middle of a cold streak; now lazard is getting back to where he was pre injury and MVS has been more consistent on short and intermediate stuff
Cheesey (8h) : Zero, you won’t find it.....Bob Hope died YEARS ago!🤪
Mucky Tundra (8h) : well for starters i think our run game is a better spot now than it was
Zero2Cool (8h) : I almost wanna rewatch the Week 6 game to see if I can find hope.
Cheesey (8h) : The turnovers killed NO. It’s not like Tampa was that great.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : One positive thing is that Arians seems to be one of those, "This is how we play and we're not changing it" with his offense which favors downfield stuff which Pettine doesn't want to allow
Mucky Tundra (8h) : it's odd of all the teams and places Rodgers has struggled at its Tampa since they really haven't been a great team since he came in the league
Zero2Cool (8h) : Rodgers seems to flounder in Tampa Bay, so hopefully Lambeau Field tilts things in favor for Packers.
Zero2Cool (8h) : I'm hoping Lambeau Field makes things WTF my TV went off.
packerfanoutwest (8h) : I want some of that
Zero2Cool (8h) : @AlbertBreer The Chargers are hiring Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley as their new head coach, sources confirmed (NFLN first). Staley's impressed in his interviews.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : yep. it was clear they saw some tendencies on film and exploited them in the last game
Zero2Cool (8h) : That's not a good thing. Buccaneers destroyed the Packers. Rodgers even said they figured them out. Not good.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : hm opening line at -4 GB
Mucky Tundra (8h) : let's hope so!
packerfanoutwest (8h) : Mucky,packers by 10 plus against the Bucs
Mucky Tundra (8h) : gonna be a tough game. Bowles is no slouch as a DC
Zero2Cool (8h) : I went for a walk and it was 13 tie. Now it's 30-20. Dayum.
Mucky Tundra (8h) : I hope they run up the gut more this time around. Last game they kept running to the outside and getting shut down by Tampas speedy LBs
packerfanoutwest (8h) : cook has been sad tonite
KRK (8h) : Packers need to expect that same type of defense. Match up man to man with two safeties over. We have to beat them at the line or it’s going to be a very long night
packerfanoutwest (8h) : home
packerfanoutwest (8h) : go ome Brees
Mucky Tundra (8h) : I wonder if New Orleans makes a play for Watson in the offseason?
hardrocker950 (8h) : Just about seals it
TheKanataThrilla (9h) : Need to hold them to a FG
Mucky Tundra (9h) : oh boy, that may seal the game
TheKanataThrilla (9h) : I remember my Devin White draft crush.
packerfanoutwest (9h) : haha Breees picked
Mucky Tundra (9h) : oh yeah, like a couple years ago on a hail mary vs Minnesota, Brees had to have a running start of 5 yards to get it downfield
hardrocker950 (9h) : Speaking of
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