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Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Former Texans DE Whitney Mercilus expected to join the Green Bay Packers, per a league source

The #Packers are expected to sign former #Texans pass-rusher Whitney Mercilus, as @AaronWilson_NFL said. Another in-season defensive addition for Green Bay after adding Jaylon Smith earlier this month. Front office has been aggressive.

Pass rusher Whitney Mercilus is signing with the Green Bay Packers, per source. Former Texan turning down more money elsewhere to join Green Bay’s defense.

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Sounds like they expect Z to be out all season.

Edit- I forgot Preston missed most of the bares game. He might be out for a while too.
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Bleacher Report 

The 10-year veteran turned down more money elsewhere to sign with Green Bay, according to Jeremy Fowler.

Mercilus was second on the Texans with three sacks and tied for third with four tackles for loss.

The Akron, Ohio, native has been an excellent pass-rusher with 115 quarterback hits and 57 sacks in 134 career games. His age and skill set are best served in pass-rush situations.

Help is always welcome.
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I like this one.
damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .000018 % of the Packers
You want muliple CBs and pass rushers, so even if everyone was healthy, still sign the guy to a minimum deal if he's better than the last guy on your roster at the position.
Has to be an instant upgrade, I would certainly think.
Originally Posted by: go.pack.go. 

Has to be an instant upgrade, I would certainly think.

Yeah, he might be closer to Garvin than Preston Smith, but that's still better than La'Darius Hamilton.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ The following is a personal personnel pet peeve rant.

Also, I got a feeling the Packers will disagree with me with this (as they did two years ago and are currently doing)... and they're say STs is the reason...

But I simply don't believe there is a need for depth of 6 ILBers... they don't even play two often enough to justify that in my opinion.

A 5th OLB (which much more often have a rotation) or 5th Safety (where we've had a guy seemingly injured all year at and now Savage) both would be better depth than a 6th ILB and both positions keep 2 on the field at all times and I'm a small few packages might even put 3 on the field at the same time (unlike ILB).

Not to mention, we have a ton of injuries at CB and seemingly two CBs (Yiadom and SJC (Jean-Charles)) whom we don't trust in defense and mainly only ST guys right now... we could use another guy there.

Is Summers (who's leading us in ST snaps) that important to us? If so, then is McDuffie who's clearly getting the least snaps so important that he wouldn't make it to the PS? Worth hurting other positions depth? Maybe they are... I'm not certain... but I just don't like having a 6th ILB before a 5th ILB and S when those positions actually get on the field more.

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Mercilus Joins Packers Seeking ‘Cherry on Top’ of Career 

I like what I read. He is motivated.


Mercilus became convinced quickly that the Packers are his best opportunity to earn an elusive Super Bowl ring. Mercilus, who never reached an AFC championship game with the Texans, was recruited by former Houston teammate, Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb, and others and sold on the vision of “Last Dance” scenarios engineered by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Ultimately, Mercilus, 31, chose the Packers over competing opportunities with the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers and the Denver Broncos.

For Mercilus, it’s all about chasing a ring. And the fact that Mercilus could rush standing up from a two-point stance, as he did in the past in a traditional 3-4 defense as an outside linebacker before going back to defensive end in Texans defensive coordinator Lovie Smith's 4-3 scheme, was another positive factor in his big decision.

This is probably the best part.


Mercilus said Tuesday, one day before agreeing to terms with Green Bay, while unveiling a remodeled kitchen at a Houston middle school and a life skills program for special needs students.

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I read he took less money to come to Green Bay.
10 year vet who is hungry for a Ring!

Shhhhhhh..The Packer D has quietly moved to #4 or 5 depending on where you look.

A LB named Mercilus can only make it better!
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Originally Posted by: buckeyepackfan 

I read he took less money to come to Green Bay.
10 year vet who is hungry for a Ring!

Shhhhhhh..The Packer D has quietly moved to #4 or 5 depending on where you look.

A LB named Mercilus can only make it better!

Packers are not even in the top ten in defense, you silly mother bucky! Packers have given up 22.7 points per game, which is 13th.

Pass rushers make CB's & Db's better. Without another reliable pass rusher the one's we have would most certainly wear down. Fortunately, in the Bears game Clark and Lowry provided a rush that might have otherwise allowed our DB's to be more exposed. QB's just aren't as good when they are getting pressure and that's Brady, Rodgers, or, whoever. Like MLF said these pass rushers don't often come available this time of year and I doubt Mercilus would be either if Houston hadn't switched to the 4-3.
This scenario reminds me of when Kampman became expendable for the Packers. Once the Packers committed to a change in D (I think in that case it was switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4) it was time to cut loose a well loved warrior.

"The train is leaving the station."

After two games, it looks like Mercilus lack of production in Houston wasnt because of a lack of ability. Against Arizona, he appeared to have a lot left in the tank, as he finished with three pressures and a couple of other pass-rush wins to lead the Packers' pass rush.

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I like the pick up. It happens all the time were a losing team dumps a good player for some unknown reason. I guess that's why they are a losing team. Poor leadership decisions time after time after time.
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