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After one difficult and trying month, I have a home as of this morning. I'm going to save up my pennies and then try the whole buying a house thing in the Spring while using a realtor. This place I'm renting ensures my girls stay in the same school district, and more importantly my youngest doesn't switch schools.
I think I might just by a van and live down by the river. I mistakenly thought the market would be less bad in 2022 at this time. I was wrong. It is actually WORSE.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

I think I might just by a van and live down by the river. I mistakenly thought the market would be less bad in 2022 at this time. I was wrong. It is actually WORSE.

You are too late......it's already been done!😆 But you WOULD be a great motivational speaker!
Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

You are too late......it's already been done!😆 But you WOULD be a great motivational speaker!

I think I may have already outlived him age-wise. 😬
Yeah, the real estate market is bonkers at the moment. With the interest rate hikes it feels like we're at the peak and it might start to slow down though. Of course, interest hikes are a double-edged sword, even if prices start to fall a little the higher rates mean you'll end up paying as much or more. Slowing down could mean appreciation starts to return to regular levels, and there isn't any real decline in the price of homes. So waiting for it to get better is probably a risky bet.

We just bought a house in Denver (my wife got a new job out there), and the whole process was kind of ridiculous. It's such a competitive market out there that you basically have to make an as-is offer (ie: regardless of what the inspection says you're buying it). And you have to offer significantly over asking, I was tracking the prices of houses we liked for a few months and they sold on average about 15% over asking. The ones we really liked sold up to 30% over. I feel sort of "lucky" to have paid "only" 12% over. But man it would have been nice to do this last year when I could have had a 3% loan rather than 5.5%
It makes you feel any better, our first house we bought with a 10% mortgage and we thought we were getting a bargain because at that time most mortgage rates for 12%.
In 1960 my parents had a house built. A two story 4 bedroom home, with a 2 and a half car garage.
They paid $19 thousand for it.
Of course I believe my Dad made around 15 grand a year.
But when you think about it, that's only about the equivalent of a year and a half wage
Today's prices for a house is ridiculous. A cheap house is 200 grand
How can a family afford that?
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