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Fan Shout
Rockmolder (45m) : I'll go ahead and give my opinionn on whatever you want me to give my opinion on tomorrow.
Rockmolder (46m) : Especially nice to see you're still your senile old self, Dave.
Rockmolder (46m) : Great to hear nothing has really changed, Buckeye
dfosterf (1h) : That being said. It wouldn't hurt to hear Detlev's perspective
dfosterf (1h) : Rock go put your finger in a dyke somewhere and contribute to easing global warming
buckeyepackfan (1h) : Dhazer, damn spell check, still a well oiled machine! Just keeps running!
buckeyepackfan (1h) : RM, dealer still hates Aaron, though I think he liked Gute more than Ted. Merd still waiting for someone to sh-t themselves. Chresey still the funny one.The Dr. Still in the house
Rockmolder (2h) : Figures. You leave this place for a couple of months/years and you come back to a Dave/Alan/Wayne-led Mad Max dystopia of a website.
dfosterf (2h) : I think the rest of the league has great respect for our defensive talent. Not so much for our defensive schemes
dfosterf (2h) : Of course, he was tom brady's bail out dude against a Packers d that usually leaves guys like that open.
buckeyepackfan (3h) : He signed with Tampa to play against The Packers, now he retires?
gpt999 (3h) : Cole Beasley retires? GB could certainly have used him this season...
buckeyepackfan (4h) : Cole Beasley announces retirement. I
wpr (5h) : I know you are having fun. As was I. Carry on Marine.
dfosterf (7h) : I talked to him on fleaflicker
dfosterf (7h) : Lol. Just having some fun. Our illustrious leader will be back in a few days. He just has to ,"Get a few things off my plate" Understandable. he did just move
wpr (7h) : DF, did you forget to take your meds yesterday? I'll bet it comes in suppository form as well.
Cheesey (17h) : No, he will probably charge us DOUBLE!😁
dfosterf (19h) : will probably get a discount or something.
dfosterf (19h) : Oh, and we have healthcare!! Our primary care physician is Dr. Nonstopdrivel. You have to go to South Carolina for your visits, and he can be a little quirkey at times. Just mention this place and you
dfosterf (19h) : Nerdman is keeper of the flame. Dhazer is the extinguisher, and that should just about do it. Damn Zero2Cool's job was a heckofalotharder than we thought!
dfosterf (19h) : Mintbacondrivel is our media statistician czar and bbboystyle is our generalized bitching fellow, on scholarship
dfosterf (19h) : Martha Cateful has carried the gender equity ballot by unanimous consent, and Packfanwayoutwest has the persons of color coalition by declaration .unless somebody up in here dares to mess with him.
dfosterf (19h) : Next up. Keeper of the logic. I personally recuse myself, lean towards several individuals, including beast. But absent proper participation leave that to his cheesity
dfosterf (19h) : Agreed to! Thank you all for your participation in this stellar example of pure democracy!
dfosterf (19h) : Let's have an election for wpr to be in charge of all things technical, excluding Wisconsin drink and beverage, which we all agree is within cheesey like power
Cheesey (20h) : As ELVIS would say, 'Thank you! Thank you very much!"
dfosterf (20h) : I'm not saying it was technically superior to our former site boss, but it was certainly more user friendly! I knew we hit a home run when we elected you!
Cheesey (20h) : Let's see...how to link a video from a cell phone. First, get a link. I prefer a sausage link. Fry it and eat it, and that should link your video. Did that help?
Cheesey (20h) : It's more like "the not very clear" code!🤪
packerfanwayoutwest (21h) : Did he turn over the nuclear code?
Cheesey (21h) : Well, I guess I have to use my super powers to keep this place running! Let's see...where's the "start" button...
dfosterf (22h) : Alan! Wayne has the destruction key!
dfosterf (22h) : Beast. I wound him up a little too tight. It ain't you, bro. Let's let Cheesey run the show for a little while. This should be good.
dfosterf (22h) : aking out here!! Can't handle it.We don't even have loose women when things go south
dfosterf (22h) : OK no response. We are on our own boys and girl. Alan? What do we do? I'm freaking out here! Wayne! Why aren't you bringing stability up on here!!-?? Don't you people know how to run a website!!?? Fre
dfosterf (23h) : Damn, Kev. We all aspire to wisdom. I hope you get over your emotional response and get back to the business of me kicking your ass in fantasy football unless you pull off your miracle
dfosterf (23h) : Whoa. found it. apologize for bitching at you.
dfosterf (23h) : What did you do young man?
beast (4-Oct) : Sorry to upset you Kev, I seriously didn't mean to, I just didn't think your two statements follow the same logic...
dfosterf (4-Oct) : I apologize for him too! We love you! Put baby come back on the record player ,(great song) and forgive us for our insurrectionist proclivities!
dfosterf (4-Oct) : Oh, zero, please come back! If it was me, I apologize ! If it was another fellow moron that is too stupid to apologize
dfosterf (4-Oct) : OMG This place sucks so bad in the last three hours since the site owner left. I can't believe I stuck around for the last 14 years. Definitely 4 stars now.
dfosterf (4-Oct) : One last thing, Alan. How the heck do I link video to this site with my cell phone? Thanks in advance for your wisdom!
dfosterf (4-Oct) : We have to be nice to Zero2Cool when he comes back. He did have a lot to do with this place when we used to let him run it, so be nice.
dfosterf (4-Oct) : In fairness.
dfosterf (4-Oct) : It's some bullshit Kev made up to suck us in. You got this. All hail! Cheesey!
Cheesey (4-Oct) : I can handle it! Uh.... what's a "modem"?
dfosterf (4-Oct) : Hey Alan ! What do we do now? Do you got the technical aspects of running this site? The last guy was kind of weak, we hope you can pick it up to modern day standards
dfosterf (4-Oct) : Wayne has an excellent point..We may suck at the whole undermining of Kev thing.
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