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TheKanataThrilla (now) : The Seahawk D is amazing considering how long they have been on the field
Smokey (2m) : Running David Johnson just adds to my fantasy team's points . LOL
Smokey (6m) : Fitzgerald on the go rought .
Smokey (8m) : Overtime, perfect !
TheKanataThrilla (9m) : Don't agree with not taking TOs there.
Smokey (14m) : Fitzgerald will get a HOF Ring .
TheKanataThrilla (14m) : Wish Arians made these stupid play calls against us
TheKanataThrilla (14m) : WTF Cards?
TheKanataThrilla (16m) : Wish Larry Fitzgerald played for another team. Guy needs a ring.
Smokey (18m) : Both QB's wear #3 too. LOL
TheKanataThrilla (18m) : Arizona needs to burn this clock and get the FG.
Smokey (21m) : I wish this site auto-updated .
Smokey (23m) : 3 looking at 3
Smokey (25m) : Tight game Cardinals/Seahawks .
TheKanataThrilla (26m) : Refs are calling the crap out of this game.
TheKanataThrilla (28m) : So this is when the Cards bite it..
TheKanataThrilla (34m) : These punters make me hate Schum...
TheKanataThrilla (35m) : Speaking of Canada we got a hockey score tonight. 3-0? Seriously?
Smokey (49m) : You are from Canada ! (Bagel with CC) LOL
TheKanataThrilla (51m) : Bagel with smoked salmon and capers.
Smokey (54m) : Bagel or English Muffin ?
TheKanataThrilla (56m) : Susie Cream Cheese? Can't resist a Frank Zappa reference..
Smokey (59m) : Hard to play with a horseshoe up your ass . LOL (Cream Cheese) LOL
TheKanataThrilla (1h) : Seattle gets the calls and have a horseshoe up their ass
TheKanataThrilla (1h) : Arizona is keeping me interested, but no doubt will blow this...
Smokey (1h) : Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter ?
uffda udfa (2h) : Julio Jones might go for more than the 300 he put on Carolina. ATL D is terrible so we might remain competitive in this one.
uffda udfa (2h) : Those who believe DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS should crown the Vikings.
The_Green_Ninja (2h) : The Packers are giving the Packers hope.
hardrocker950 (2h) : Jolly Rancher
Smokey (2h) : Life Savers or Jolly Rancher ?
beast (3h) : 2 weeks in a row losing by 3 or less
buckeyepackfan (3h) : Tevin Coleman went out with a hammy, one less back to worry about. Matty ice will still throw those interceptions
buckeyepackfan (3h) : Falcons now lost 3 in a row. Kinda wished they would have won today.
beast (4h) : Are the Chargers giving the Packers any hope?
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