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Offline PackFanWithTwins  
#46 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 7:48:19 AM(UTC)
Rockmolder said: Go to Quoted Post
Thank you.

His lack of vision is just ridiculous. We used to complain about Grant running into piles, but this is even worse.

He has way more wiggle than Grant ever had and changes directions so much faster... He should be able to jump into a hole pretty easily... If he'd ever actually see it.

I'm not quite sure when it happened, but there was a cut back lane the size of a truck and he just doesn't see it. Next play... the a ga, where he was heading for at first, had a yard or three, at least, just for him to pick up... And he jumps into the b gap and gets stopped after a yard.

It's frustrating to see him play. So much potential, but he isn't going anywhere. It reminds me of Finley a bit... Without the ridiculous jawing.

The thing is, most of our runs are not made to be cut back, or even possible to, which is a scheme issue. The runs are one cut upfield. the backs are running parallel with the line and when they see a hole are suppose to turn up field and go. We can see a hole behind them, but it is all but impossible for them to see or make a cut 90degrees or more without completely stopping momentum and trying to be Barry Sanders.

When Green and Benson both, have been put in traditional run formations, and have been given the ball to go between the tackles, with the Oline blocking forward, they are successful.

Our run game problem is we cannot block the stretch runs, and we run out of shotgun far to often which is easier for the defense to defend.
Offline wpr  
#47 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 8:02:43 AM(UTC)
Porforis said: Go to Quoted Post
In the same way that Rodgers was part of the problem with the passing game yesterday because he's part of the equation and didn't play at 100% of his potential. Yes, it's a team game and everyone holds some responsibility, but you could have Jesus at RB and it won't matter if the line stinks. Nobody's claiming Green is anything but an average RB, but focusing on the RB is pointless until the line becomes something other than absolutely pitiful.

They need Moses. He would part the line by himself.

edit- why is he playing LB?
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Porforis on 10/29/2012(UTC)
Offline PackFanWithTwins  
#48 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 8:16:30 AM(UTC)
wpr said: Go to Quoted Post
They need Moses. He would part the line by himself.

edit- why is he playing LB?

So he can part the punt blocking.
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wpr on 10/29/2012(UTC), zombieslayer on 10/29/2012(UTC)
Offline Cheesey  
#49 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 9:18:40 AM(UTC)
As was said, this IS the NFL. You should never take what the "betting line" says make you think that it's going to happen that way.
The Jags were a down team, and i believe pride has alot to do with the way they played their collective hearts out. Same as the Packers did a few weeks ago when they were getting blasted by the press.

The Packers were coming down from a high, and the jags were a wounded animal, looking to win at Lambeau Field.
Yes, i think most of us fans would prefer a blow out, just to allow us to breathe. But in the end, a win by one or 30 still counts as ONE win. And i'm thankful for that!
Offline Pack93z  
#50 Posted : Monday, October 29, 2012 9:26:40 AM(UTC)
We are a work in process.. that is what it is. We have learned that we cannot be a pass only team, via this season and last in the playoffs. We have to establish some balance... and even though the running game is sluggish right now, we need to work on it. Just like the passing game there is an element of timing to it all. Comfort as well.

I would rather be running the ball and struggling with the ypc, than not running it at all and not giving our offensive line be put behind the eight ball in pass protection. They are not good enough to allow the defense to tee off on them each snap.

So color me fine with the run attempts and hopefully we grow and become more effective and efficient with it, but stay with it. Don't forget, the defense is also benefiting from us sticking with the run game.

Other thoughts..

We are without arguably the 1 and 2 options in the passing game, without our #1 option in the running game and playing with a struggling starting tight end.

Don't care what they say, Bulaga is playing hurt.. watch him play and he is struggling to slide to his left, seems okay to the right, but absolutely is getting destroyed when he has to shift his feet and change directions. My guess, his he is guessing and cheating to the outside and if the end/rusher ducks and changes course, he can't flip and move. Something, knee guessing, is not right at all. He is not the only issue on the line in consistency... but he is a better player than his effort on the field right now.

I really am confused to Driver's be limited so much in the offense. Mike McCarthy went more 2 receivers sets yesterday with Nelson down.. I wonder what the real story is there.

We have played lights out for a couple weeks with the balance, I think it might be a bit over the top to rant after the last two weeks of offense and us being beat up at almost every position.

Also.. Rodgers is banged up.. favoring his right elbow, hot towel on a stiff neck each trip to the sideline.

The offensive line needs to step up and start knocking heads.. everyone in the locker room knows we have to have balance, it is going to be up to them to eliminate this type of chatter. Move the piles.

We NEED the bye week to get here.. the health of the team needs it.

Summary.. I am happier than a pig in a slop with the offensive balance the last three weeks.. give a pinch less that we are working through issues. We will be a better team for it when it is win or go home.
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mi_keys on 10/29/2012(UTC)
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