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Offline Wade  
#46 Posted : Sunday, December 30, 2012 10:43:42 AM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: vikesrule Go to Quoted Post
To quote a phrase, "Pffftt"

This from a guy that just posted a thread where he said that he thought that Barry Goldwater was the last politician that gave a speech that was worth listening to.

Sorry Wade, but in the video that you posted I seem to have missed the part where Goldwater stated that he wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam...ya that made sense...Shame on you

Ah, so what you're saying is, I didn't go back far enough.

That, my friend, is not a counter to my argument. If anything, it is an argument a fortiori in favor of it.

Because I notice you have yet to post a speech since 1964 that was worth listening to.

Big Grin
None of the above. It wouldn't have been a wasted vote. Obama and Romney -- Those were the wasted votes.
Offline Formo  
#47 Posted : Sunday, December 30, 2012 6:04:47 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Rockmolder Go to Quoted Post
You're all a bunch of hypocritical nutsacks.

How is it that that the right wingers, the republican disciples are yelling for more freedom, yet they're also yelling the loudest for soldiers in schools after a tragedy like the one that unfolded a few weeks ago.

That's most likely the first idea in "Building a police state 101".

I would agree. But here's your fallacy: No one's calling for soldiers in schools. They are calling for retired VETS. There's a difference.

Originally Posted by: Rockmolder Go to Quoted Post
Aren't these the freedum fighters of 'Murica, with a shotgun in one hand, a can of beer in the other, while riding their pick-up trucks into the sunset while singing about liberty?

Hey, way to summon up yet another completely inaccurate liberal generalization about us.

Originally Posted by: Rockmolder Go to Quoted Post
Everyone's just pissing in eachother's cheerio's in politics. That's not a republican thing.


Originally Posted by: Rockmolder Go to Quoted Post
I was going somewhere with that, but I lost my train of thought. Anyway, on topic...

Oh, haha. That explains it.

Originally Posted by: Rockmolder Go to Quoted Post
This is the latest in the great war for political correctness according to suburban soccermoms. I wouldn't call banning candy cigarettes the start of a police state, but I guess one could see depriving the people of chocolate that comes in a certain wrapper as the first signs of an authoritarian goverment.

It's bullshit. Of course it is. But stuff like this doesn't fall from the sky, does it? Someone complained. Then someone else complained. Apparently this is what keeps wealthy people busy on a daily basis. It has as much to do with a totalitarian regime as it has with people who have too much time on their hands to complain about trivial bullshit.

They should just start watching football.

Hey, we agree?! Quick, someone check the Earth's rotation!
Thanks to TheViking88 for the sig!!
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