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Offline buckeyepackfan  
#26 Posted : Thursday, February 21, 2013 3:49:55 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: JustJeff Go to Quoted Post
First of all “Reign of Terror” was a light-hearted jab at the inadequacies of Sherman as a GM.

As a GM, Sherman was a reign of terror. He took a stacked roster. He sacrificed the salary cap to keep the starters together (I viewed that as a proper strategy), but he didn’t replenish depth at all.

At the end of his run, what did he have to show for it? A roster that had grown old and massive salary cap problems.

The roster he was handed as a HC included
QB – Favre – Hasslebeck –
RB – Henderson – – Ahman Green
O-line – Winters – Flanagan – Clifton - Tauscher – Wahle – Andruzzi – Riverra – Dotson
WR – Driver – Freeman – Schroeder – Bradford
TE – Franks – Thomason - Davis
DL – Gilbert – Dotson – Holliday – K McKenzie – Hunt
LB – Bernardo Harris – Koonce – Brian Williams
CB – Mike McKenzie – Ty Wiilliams
S – Sharper – Butler
Even the specialists – Longwell – Bidwell – Rossum

Look at Sherman’s last two drafts… Ahmad Carroll, Joey Thomas, Donnell Washington, B.J. Sander, Corey Williams, Scott Wells, Nick Barnett, Kenny Peterson, James Lee, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Brennan Curtin, Chris Johnson, DeAndrew Rubin, Carl Ford and Steve Josue.

Regardless of how he got there, he WAS the GM and is accountable for what he did. Blame Harlan if you like. Call it what you will, but as a GM, he was a train wreck at best.

"Train Wreck" is a much better description.

Mike Sherman was put in a "No win" situation, that nobody could forsee until it all played out.

I do blame Harlan and co.

They had the chance to give Holmgren the same power but refused, why??? I don't know, all I know is 2 years after they let Holmgren go, they decided Mike Sherman was the man who could handle both jobs.

I never said Sherman wasn't accountable.

He was the GM/HC,the failed experiment of several NFL operations.

1 man cannot do both jobs.

Unlike some on this forum, I don't begrudge ex-players and ex-coaches.

Packer history is what it is.

I'm pretty sure Mike Sherman did the best he could, the decisions he made,were in his mind the ones that needed to be made to keep The Packers competitivie.

He missed on quite a few players his last 2 drafts, and he was replaced as GM and Fired as HC.

I still respect the guy as a HC, and am glad to see he is back in the NFL.
Enjoy the ride – It kicks and just keeps on kickin’. "Stats are for Losers"
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JustJeff on 2/21/2013(UTC), macbob on 3/2/2013(UTC)
Offline dfosterf  
#27 Posted : Thursday, February 21, 2013 3:59:50 PM(UTC)

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I don't remember reading an interview from Andy. I'm gettin' older, so if he threw one up, I apologize.
damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .00001924537805515393 % of the Green Bay Packers.

Offline JustJeff  
#28 Posted : Thursday, February 21, 2013 5:45:21 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: buckeyepackfan Go to Quoted Post

I still respect the guy as a HC, and am glad to see he is back in the NFL.

I like to laugh at Sherman because it's easy to do. If you think I'm not a fan, you've greatly misread me. I agree with your assessment that as a GM he was in over his head.

As a coach, he had a few teams overachieve and a few that disappointed. That goes with the territory. Overall, he was a very good coach. I rooted for him to nail down the Bills job that he interviewed for right after we let him go.

Sherman bought permanent admiration from his locker-room - and the fans whether the know it or not - when he sought out Warren Sapp after the ultimate cheap shot he laid on Clifton. Sherman was downright heroic that night.

I know I'm the new guy, so my quirks and idiosyncrasies aren't obvious yet. I can also be keyboard verbose. I was poking at Sherman for fun - not out of disdain.

Offline macbob  
#29 Posted : Saturday, March 2, 2013 11:10:10 AM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: buckeyepackfan Go to Quoted Post
Just to b e clear:
Mike Sherman took over an 8-8 team after the 1999 season.

2000 as Head coach only.......9-7 missed playoffs

Named GM/HC after 2000 season

2001 12-4 reg season....1-1 playoffs(beat SF, loss to Rams)
2002 12-4 reg season....0-1 playoffs(loss to Falcons)
2003 10-6 reg season....1-1 playoffs(beat Seattle loss to Philly)
2004 9-7 reg season....0-1 playoffs(loss to Vikings)

5 years.....52-28 reg season....2-4 playoffs

Reign of terror????

How can you blame Mike Sherman?

The whole thing started 2 years before mike Sherman ever came to Green Bay.

Anyone remember why Holmgren got on a plane in SF and went to Seattle instead of coming back to Green Bay??????
Because he wanted more player control, he wanted to be GM/HC, those in charge at the time refused his wishes so he left.

Ray Rhodes 1 yr wonder(whoops those in charge realize they have made a HUGE mistake)

Enter Mike Sherman after 1 year of being HC, he is given the power that was refused to MiKe Holmgen.

The GM/HC experiment was a total disaster in most places, blame Mike Sherman if you want, but remember it was THE GUYS UPSTAIRS who made these dumbass moves.

Who knows what would have happened if Mike Holmgren would have stayed in Green Bay?

I know it's "the in thing" around here to Make fun of The Mike Sherman years, but when you take a look back at what really happened, it wasn't bad at all, The Packers could never get over the hump in his 5 years and win it all.

Reign of terror???? I think not
Overwelmed after 4years of being GM/HC, that's probably closer to the truth.

IMO, Mike Sherman was a terrific head coach, and one of the lousiest GMs ever. The constant trading up in the draft left us with fewer draft picks each year, which meant we really had to hit on the picks or we were in trouble. The depth on the team was declining year after year, and with misses like Sanders and Ahmad Carroll we were doomed to years of mediocrity if Sherman had remained on as GM. We were OK as long as our starters were on the field, but if an injury occured we were road kill.

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