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Offline play2win  
#16 Posted : Tuesday, April 2, 2013 7:09:04 AM(UTC)

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Rockmolder said: Go to Quoted Post
I don't see it happening, but you never know.

I'd like for it to happen, as this is one of those positions that, as a team, you can never have enough of.

The Giants had that figured out and it won them two Super Bowls, the first one pretty much on the strength of their pass rush alone.

That 2007 team was 3 deep at DE with Strahan, Tuck and Umenyiora. Next to that, they had guys on their roster like Kiwanuka and Robbins.

I'd love for us to pick another DE/OLB early on. Players get injured, players just get tired... When your pass rush drops, the entire defense turns to pieces. Even if you have Revis on one side and Sherman on the other.

If you can pull Matthews to keep him fresh and still get some pressure on the passer from the OLB position, it gives you such a big advantage. You can keep a playmaker fresh 'till far in the 4th when those O-linemen have played full-time. You can mix it up and get a speed rusher like Mingo one play and Matthews bullying that T the next, you can get all three on the field on the same time in obvious passing situations, may it be with Perry with his hand on the ground, replacing an ILB, going with the 1-5-5 or whatever.

Lastly, if one of them do bust, you have yourself some insurance. Not that you draft with that reason in mind, but it could very well happen.

Insurance. That seems greatest in this point, next to zero drop off when Matthews or Perry need a blow. Especially when you consider Ted adds no insurance in FA. He's forced to build his own insurance through the draft with his hard line stance in FA. Great points Rockmolder.
Offline nerdmann  
#17 Posted : Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:09:37 PM(UTC)

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Zero2Cool said: Go to Quoted Post
If you're talking to me, I didn't say I'd use a specific round pick on selecting him. I said with Erik Walden gone, they need a new 3 OLB to replace him. I am fairly close to 100% ignorant on draft predictions. I gave that up when I was upset that the Packers took Greg Jennings instead of Chad Jackson. ESPN fooled me into thinking they got it wrong. I haven't tried a draft prediction or gotten upset over a draft selection since.

To answer your question. I would not use a first round draft pick on someone to fill a backup role, unless I had an aging QB and it was a QB. Everyone knows that QB is the most important players and people on this small planet.

Dez Moses will have an offseason to develop. He can play, imo.

Be nice to have a starter and a competent backup on both sides.
Offline Gaycandybacon  
#18 Posted : Wednesday, April 3, 2013 4:31:29 AM(UTC)

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Yesss. You cannot have enough Pass rushers. But.. and this is a big but. We need some pass rushers in the interior line as well. We run the 2-4-5 scheme consistently. (going off of 2012 season)
Right now our best interior pass rushers, imo, are Mike Neal and B.J. Raji. Small list ay? Last year it seems like we got nothing when we had 3 down lineman on 3rd down and long. And basicly they were liability's.. no pass rush whats so ever.

We need to draft either a Saftey or a Defensive Lineman. Period.

Mingo. He will be gone by then. I only see Ted drafting him by trading up. And he's not someone I think he would do so for imo.

Nick Perry will do just fine. They rushed him in to fast last year. Got some experience under his belt. I think he may shine this year. He's a physical freak, he's raw as fuck. Give him time and he will put the rest of the dreaded, "The Packers need someone opposite of Clay Matthews."

But to be honest we can get all we need in this draft. Saftey, Linebacker, and Defensive Line. I'm sure Ted will put his thinking cap on this year and make the right picks to insure us victory for many games this season.

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DoddPower on 4/3/2013(UTC)
Offline DoddPower  
#19 Posted : Wednesday, April 3, 2013 1:16:56 PM(UTC)

FleaFlicker Fantasy Football - Gold: 2011

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Gaycandybacon said: Go to Quoted Post
Nick Perry will do just fine. They rushed him in to fast last year. Got some experience under his belt. I think he may shine this year. He's a physical freak, he's raw as fuck. Give him time and he will put the rest of the dreaded, "The Packers need someone opposite of Clay Matthews."

Nick Perry is a beast. I expect him to develop into a good and possibly very good pass rusher in the NFL, eventually. He certainly has all of the physical skills necessary to do so, he just has to put it all together. I expect him to.

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