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#41 Posted : Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:12:42 PM(UTC)
First off, I wasn't sure where to post this. Apologies if it needs to be moved.

Anyway, I am trying to pull the trigger on driving to Green Bay for the final game of the season (1/1/12). Does anyone have suggestion on purchasing tickets (or have a connection)? I can go the StubHub route, but I wasn't sure whether there's a smarter way to do it. My girlfriend and I (and our dog) will be coming back from Christmas break and will be staying there Saturday and Sunday. All we need left are the tickets.

Any suggestions? In general we are looking to save money any way we can, so "good" seats aren't in our budget -- though any seat in Lambeau Field is a good one. Also, if anyone wanted to meet up and throw back a few I'm sure that can be arranged.
#42 Posted : Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:34:21 PM(UTC)
My dad used to get tickets from a liquor store on Velp called Grzecks. They are nice folks.
#43 Posted : Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:38:21 PM(UTC)
Zero2Cool said: Go to Quoted Post
My dad used to get tickets from a liquor store on Velp called Grzecks. They are nice folks.

See this is what I'm talking about, because I can get some booze and kill two birds with one football.
#44 Posted : Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:45:26 PM(UTC)
Larry Gerczak's Discount LQR
924 Velp Ave, Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 497-7070

Dad and family, we used to live nearly right across the street from it at 941. I'd give him a call and inquire. It's been a few years since we got tickets from him, but I'm sure he'll be able help you.
#45 Posted : Saturday, September 17, 2011 5:56:17 PM(UTC)
Good lookin' out, Kevin. Thank you. I will give that number a shot.
#46 Posted : Monday, December 19, 2011 11:59:58 PM(UTC)
A buddy of mine (who is a Saints fan) have agreed that we're going to Lambeau for the NFC Championship Game should it be between the Packers and Saints. We're both fairly confident this game will happen and since we're buying tickets on refundable airline miles anyway, we think we're going to book our flights in the next week.

I don't have a specific focus, so I was just looking for general tips from locals and people who have traveled to Green Bay for a game before. We have to fly Southwest, so we can't do direct to GB (looking to fly in on Friday night to MIL or CHI and spend a night there before heading to GB on Saturday).

What are the best travel options for getting between those cities? What are the "must-do's" once we get to GB? Any advice on the best way to go about securing tickets for the Championship Game? We've already booked a room at Super 8 in GB for $180/night, but we can stay in Appleton for about $80/night. Do the hotels in Appleton have transportation to GB or would our cost savings basically be eaten up by cab fare? Any other general tips or advice you'd give to someone visiting the city for his first time? (What advice would you have to keep two born and raised Houston and Southern Louisiana boys from freezing to death in frigid, late-January GB weather?)

Any tips you guys have would be much obliged.

#47 Posted : Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4:51:09 AM(UTC)
If you fly in to Milwaukee and don't want to rent a car, you can take a bus to Green Bay. It takes 2,5h and about $25 one way. But please be aware, that it goes only once a day. I don't know the schedule Milwaukee-Green Bay, but Green Bay-Milwaukee is at 6.15 am every day. If you decide to Fly in to Chicago, it takes you additionally 1,5h and $20 one way by train. Just visit www.amtrak.com for further information on the schedule.
In Green Bay you have to pay gameday price for cabs on gameday and the night before. That means you pay $25 one way, doesn't matter if you have to go 1 mile or 5. Of course you have to do the Stadium tour and the Hall of Fame tour at Lambeau Field. Combination of both is $25. From bars perspective, I think Stadium View and Curly's Pub is a must see, but there are several other nice bars to stay around the Stadium (Anduzzi's, The Bar .....).

I heard there's a bus from Appelton to Green Bay at gamedays, but I'm not sure about the price and schedule. I only heard it leave right after the game which will cost you the option of attending after game parties.

Enjoy your stay in Titletown, you'll love it.
#48 Posted : Thursday, December 22, 2011 11:15:12 AM(UTC)
Thanks for the info. We booked our flights this morning. We decided to fly in and out of Milwaukee and rent a car. Booked a room at the Super 8 by the stadium in GB. We'll check out the places you mentioned. Now all that's left is the Pack making it to the NFC Championship Game.
#49 Posted : Monday, January 9, 2012 10:34:19 PM(UTC)
Our trip is booked with the exception of a hotel in Milwaukee on Friday the 20th. Heading up with two friends, both in their late 20's to early 30's, so we're looking for a hotel within walking distance to several bars that the young professional crowd might frequent. Any suggestions on what part of town we'd be best off staying in?
Laser Gunns  
#50 Posted : Monday, May 13, 2013 11:48:18 PM(UTC)
Me and my bro reeally want to go to a game in GB this year or next.

The plan would be to fly in on a Friday/Saturday, and leave Sunday night.

Where should we land? I don't imagine GB has an airport, We'll be flying from Seattle and am clueless about Wisconsin.

Where should we stay?

Where should we eat? (Important)

Stadium tour? Is it worth the $10?

#51 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 1:38:15 AM(UTC)

Green Bay does have an airport.. Austin Straubel, flown out and into there a couple times in my life.. not a bad airport.

Staying might be the issue, as most are full the weekend. However I have always had luck at the the one up 41.. now a comfort suites on Bond street. For whatever reason, you can generally get a room, I think because it is out of the way some. http://www.comfortsuitesgb.com/contact

Out of the loop on the eating.. but one has to try Kroll's. Titletown Brewery would be another.. mostly because of the decor. Prime Quarter is always a good choice.. grille up your own steak. Stadium View is a fun food and hangout bar.

And for me.. the Stadium tour would be a great choice.. worth the time and money if you truly like history.
#52 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 1:50:57 AM(UTC)
How do you get to Lambeau?

Practice practice practice.


#53 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 2:02:00 AM(UTC)
We talking about Practice Man... Practice.
#54 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 4:52:43 AM(UTC)
RajiRoar said: Go to Quoted Post
Me and my bro reeally want to go to a game in GB this year or next.

The plan would be to fly in on a Friday/Saturday, and leave Sunday night.

Where should we land? I don't imagine GB has an airport, We'll be flying from Seattle and am clueless about Wisconsin.

Where should we stay?

Where should we eat? (Important)

Stadium tour? Is it worth the $10?

It might be less expensive to land in Milwaukee and get a rental for the weekend. When I flew back from Colorado, that is what I did.

There are probably a dozen or so different hotels in Green Bay, but usually those are booked to the max during Packer weekends. You might wanna try Appleton area or even Milwaukee.

There are many good places to eat. Krolls, for whatever reason, people like their food. I dislike it very much. I think they pour butter on their buns and burgers to maintain the grease. Al's Hamburger on Washington street downtown is good. We have a lot of the good places too like Buffao Wild Wings, HuHot, Longhorn Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, etc ...

Don't skimp out, pay the $19 to get the stadium tour and Packers Hall of Fame. You will thank me.
#55 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 5:20:38 AM(UTC)
The Packer Hall is a must. There is so much in there to see you have to give it a couple of hours.

If you do rent a car and drive up from Milwaukee you can park on the street and walk about 1/2 mi to a mile to the stadium.

I frequently stay out in Appleton and drive in on Gameday but those rooms fill up too. Often I wait until the last minute to get a room and end up out in Oshkosh. For going to the game only it is not bad but since you will want to spend more time in GB it is too far. If I am not mistaking a number of the hotel/motels in GB require a 2 nite stay to even get a room. The rate for Saturday nite is almost double the rate for the other nites.

#56 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 5:49:08 AM(UTC)
Yeah Raji, as wpr said, hotels usually want you to book at least 2 nights in GB. I don't know of any that do one night stays, which drives me nuts. However, if you stay 2 nights in GB, you are going to be able to experience the whole deal. No doubt. If you pop for two nights in GB, make a reservation now or as early as possible. If you do stay in GB, go to Kroll's East. It is way better, and the original. Do not miss the Packer HOF. It is too good to pass up.

A great way to go may be flying into Milwaukee, then taking the Saz's bus up on game day. You would have enough time to cruise through the Packers HOF, but your time will be a little tight. The best part is you don't have to drive. Drinks on the way up and on the way back, plus a meal at their tailgate. Worth every penny, if you just want to shoot in for the game then bail out. The drive back to MKE at night after a game can be long, and it is nice to not have to worry about it. Saz's requires reservations, so call ahead once you get your tickets to secure the ride up.

You could also fly into MKE and rent a car, buy a grill, or hit me up and I'll let you use one of mine, make your own tailgate, and really take it all in. Drive up at your own leisure, and spend all the time you want cruising at will through GB. Tailgating there is also something you will not want to miss. Great to be a part of that experience. Do you have tickets? Let me know what game you might be planning on and I'll see what I can do if you wish.

I've never flown into GB, myself. Either way you'll be stopping in Milwaukee. I love this city, and it is a fun place to stay as well. Can't go wrong either way.
#57 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 7:29:24 AM(UTC)
You could also fly into Appleton.
It's easier to get a room there if you only want to stay 1 night but it's about 30 miles from the stadium.
I believe you could catch a party bus from there to the stadium otherwise the traffic between Appleton and Green Bay is totally nuts on gameday.
#58 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 7:49:37 AM(UTC)
RajiRoar said: Go to Quoted Post
Me and my bro reeally want to go to a game in GB this year or next.

The plan would be to fly in on a Friday/Saturday, and leave Sunday night.

Where should we land? I don't imagine GB has an airport, We'll be flying from Seattle and am clueless about Wisconsin.

Where should we stay?

Where should we eat? (Important)

Stadium tour? Is it worth the $10?

On game weekends a lot of the hotels in the area require a two night stay just because they can.

They do have an airport but if you want to really experience the frozen tundra I suggest you fly into Milwaukee and hire a dog sled to take you to Green Bay. Of course they have an airport you knucklehead. The 24/7 rain in Seattle must have molded your brain. [grin1]

there are dozens of places within walking distance of the stadium. Not cheap but it's a pilgrimage so damn the kids college fund [grin1]

Doesn't really matter, deep fry something on as stick, its all good [grin1]

$10.00? are you serious. The kids are already not going to college so splurge and spend the $10.00 [grin1]

Seriously, It's an experience of a lifetime for a Packer fan. I've only spent one game weekend in town and it was cheap for me (friends already had the hotel and tickets paid for) but even if I would have had to pay it would have been worth it. Mine was a Sunday night game against the vikings and my cousin and I spent pretty much the whole day walking around town schmoozing with the tailgaters. Even some of the vikings fans were fun to be around. Since we stayed Sunday night we didn't have to worry about a flight out and if that is a problem a 3:00 game would allow you to do pretty much the same thing.

I'm sure lots of people here can give you suggestions and they will all be good ones. I just couldn't let your airport comment go without some sort of a reply. I honestly think you could walk into town with your game ticket and be treated like royalty even if you didn't have a dime. The fans are great and you will never regret your trip.
#59 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 8:11:42 AM(UTC)
Another option is to fly into Wausau (Mosinee) and drive from there.. the traffic flow is dramatically less going west than south. Plenty of hotels in Wausau at a much cheaper price. And not that far of a drive either.. under 2 hrs.
#60 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2013 8:35:36 AM(UTC)
sschind said: Go to Quoted Post
Not cheap but it's a pilgrimage so damn the kids college fund [grin1]

Mecca. This is a journey to Mecca and every fan needs to make the journey at least once in their life. ThumpUp
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