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Offline msm1566  
#1 Posted : Friday, July 19, 2013 8:55:34 AM(UTC)
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United States
Joined: 7/19/2013(UTC)
Hey everyone! I'm a Packer fan from Lombardi through today! Never missed a game! Watch every game with my son. Looking forward to your discussions!
Offline dfosterf  
#2 Posted : Friday, July 19, 2013 9:10:45 AM(UTC)
Rank: Veteran Member

United States
Joined: 8/19/2008(UTC)
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Tell us more! You sound old enough to possibly know what the hell you are talking about! Welcome!
Offline Wade  
#3 Posted : Friday, July 19, 2013 10:18:05 AM(UTC)
Rank: Veteran Member

Joined: 8/1/2009(UTC)
Location: nowhere of importance
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Welcome to Packershome!!

Offline madison10  
#4 Posted : Sunday, November 24, 2013 11:04:32 AM(UTC)
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Joined: 10/12/2008(UTC)
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uffda udfa (44m) : Can't. MM burned them all.
Smokey (1h) : go pack go ?
wpr (1h) : Smokey AND Uffda, you both ca be placed in a timeout. Stop it.
Smokey (1h) : go pack go :)
Zero2Cool (1h) : STOP! Talk Packers or STFU. K thanks. :-)
uffda udfa (1h) : Ranting about everyone to stop talking Wolf while talking cooking appliances.
uffda udfa (1h) : I told you the truth. It upset you. U were hypocritical.
Smokey (2h) : yes I was, but he just ...
Zero2Cool (2h) : We all have the same ability to ignore someone. Exercise that. GO PACK GO!!!
Nonstopdrivel (3h) : ving again.
Nonstopdrivel (3h) : Calling him a bully? Telling him to leave? Seriously? This is the kind of shit that drove me away last time and is making me contemplate lea
Smokey (4h) : Be a good fellow and go pester another forum.
Smokey (4h) : It amazes me that you've remained in this forum for as long as you have.
Smokey (4h) : This is not your schoolyard to bully others, in fact I was that kid who stood up to the bully and kicked his ass.
Smokey (4h) : In the end the bully ended up in prison as everyone else grew up and moved on with their lives.
Smokey (4h) : I rate you with the hated schoolyard bully that tried to terrorize others to feel himself big.
Smokey (4h) : U2, it is obvious that you don't care if people like you or not. Well people don't.
uffda udfa (6h) : It's the same day every day at 1265. They crave sameness.
uffda udfa (6h) : Didn't care u were talking cooking just that u tried censoring GM talk.
mojaveson (6h) : Tough loss, but it's now Monday and time to move forward. I hope the front office feels the same way and gets right to work on filling the h
uffda udfa (6h) : I'm going to start a favorite Pixar movie right before opening day 2017.
uffda udfa (6h) : Don't discuss Packers brass during game week. Cooking appliances are more interesting.
uffda udfa (6h) : I grew up in Wisconsin. Don't u see you created your own irony?
uffda udfa (6h) : Or pecans or walnuts? That is nuts.
uffda udfa (6h) : That's hilarious. No GM talk says u but let's talk cooking appliances?
uffda udfa (6h) : Meanwhile, you're talking turkeys, crock pots and pressure cookers.
uffda udfa (6h) : Smokey...U complained about too much Eliot Wolf talk not game talk.
uffda udfa (6h) : Disagree. He choose to roll into endzone. Safety was right call.
Smokey (6h) : U2, take your Texas redneck thinking and serve it with your pot of beans .
uffda udfa (6h) : Said maybe 1 yard line but no control until on goal line.
uffda udfa (6h) : Claimed momentum carried into endzone.
uffda udfa (6h) : Claimed it could never been ruled a safety.
uffda udfa (6h) : Mike Pereira explained on Twitter what he should've on FOX.
Smokey (6h) : Keeping them thread separated is the key. Fan Shout is for any and all members to post as they please. No one voted you King U2 .
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