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#1 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 11:03:40 AM(UTC)
PackersHome name: wils0646
Real Name (first only): Joe
Age: 25
Current City: Saint Paul, MN
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Occupation: Lab technician, our lab focuses on Lupus

1) How did you choose your screen name?

Well, it was just an ID I used in high school. I use it on multiple Packers blogs if anyone wants to see my opinions on other boards.

2) Could you tell us a little about where you grew up and about your family?

I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD and lived there for 12 years (K-12). It is a pretty nice city of about 150k with low crime, unemployment. Basically, its a great city to raise a family in. Not much to do there in terms of entertainment. We basically only had an independent baseball league team (Sioux Falls Canaries) and a CBA team (Sioux Falls Skyforce) in terms of sports teams. Watching high school football was the best sport to watch though. Awesome atmosphere.

My parents had 4 kids.while only expecting 2. Let me explain.Im a twin and my older brother and sister are twins. Crazy, eh? Its great because I get along real well with my twin brother and we basically had the same interests growing up. You always have a friend there when youre bored or need someone to talk sports with.

3) Did you play in any sports or where you involved with any High School clubs and such?

Yea, I actually played high school baseball and golf all 4 years of high school. I always loved baseball more, but I was actually a better golfer. I just never had the passion for the game like I did for baseball. As a pitcher, you feel like the leader of the team and everything revolves around you. Theres nothing like the rush of striking out the side or getting a big out in a close game. Im guessing it feels the same way as being the QB of a football team, even though I never got a chance to do that. I was really never a good hitter, but I did hit a few HRs that were memorable.
In terms of clubs, I was in band for 4 years even though I didnt really like it. I just stayed because my friends kept going and it looked good on the college transcript :).

4) What is your fondest memory of your teenage years?

Its gotta be going to my grandparents lake cabin every July 4th week. Our whole family would make it out there and we would just have a blast boating, skiing, jet skiing, tubing, and fishing. When I turned 21 (not that I ever had the hard stuff in my teen yearshaha), drinking at the lake was just so fun with my fellow cousins and brothers. Cards with the family went late into the night while we talked and told stories. My uncle has a soft spot for scotch and he always had a beat red face by the end of the night while calling any and every hand in texas hold em. He would hit these ridiculous out hands and always retort theres 5 cards in poker. It makes me sad that they had to sell the place a couple of years ago. A lot of memories there, but all good things have to come to an end.

5) What was your first job?

My first job was a rack rat at a local golf course. At least thats what they called me. I basically just parked, washed, and gassed up carts. I also picked up the trash and helped a little with picking up golf balls at the driving range. Minimum wage job, but hell.I got free golf. I saved a hell of a lot of money on golf while working there.

6) What lead to your dedicated following of the Packers?

My Dad got me hooked. He lived in Green Bay when he was a little kid and his Dad brought him to a few games. I was in middle school when I basically started getting interested in them and started following them (around 1997-98). I was immediately drawn to the history of this great team and its hall of fame QB. Favre is really the only QB I ever knew on the Packers. No matter that I agreed with TTs decision, Favre will always be my favorite player to watch and my favorite Packer.

7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories of the Packers?

Well, since I started becoming a serious fan about 10 years ago or so (after the Super Bowl win), 2007 is definitely my most fond memory of watching this team. Everything about it was just awesome andI guess you can say magical. Everything seemed to go right until the tragic end. I didnt want that season to end like that. I felt so low after that loss. Nothing can take away that season though.

8 ) How did you find the PackersHome and what keeps you active on the site?

I got the link to the site from the other forum and signed up to see the highlight videos every week. I didnt really contribute until the other forum went to hell, but now Im hooked on this site and I wont look back.
I like the differing opinions of everyone here and how it seems to remain civil. So many other boards dont moderate well and I love how so many people here test others opinions by showing them fact after fact. You cannot just spew BS without expecting some good rebuttals. I get a lot of new information and differing opinions about the Pack from this site.

9) What other sports teams do you follow?

My other team I follow religiously is the Minnesota Twins. I love this team and its makeup. They dont have to have a high payroll to consistently put up winning seasons. I also follow all the UofM Gopher sports since I graduated from there.

10) When youre not on PackersHome what could you likely be found doing with your spare time?

I work out 3 times a week or soplay golf after work or on weekends with some friendsplay some Madden and other video games on the xbox360I also am a Crackberry addict (For those that dont know--that means Im addicted to my Blackberry phone).

11) If you could have one moment being part of the Packer organization, what would it be?

What longtime saidI want to know what really happened in Lambeau during the summer of 08. I know there were lies on both sides, but it would be good to get straightened out on some issues. I also think it would be amazing to follow the team during draft preparation and be in the war room (especially Ted Thompson drafts) on draft day.

12) How many trips have you made to Lambeau?

2 games. Unfortunately, both have been losses. The first game was a complete nightmare even though I got to see Favre before he retired/got traded. Any of you remember the Jets game in '06? nuff said. I still loved that memory because it was just perfect Packer weather. Snowing and freezing like that is how I wanted to watch the Pack for the first time.

My last game was the Panthers game last year. Holy hell I was pissed after that game. Rodgers probably played his best game of the season only to be ruined by our terrible special teams/defense. It was too bad as I was feeling victory after the go-ahead FG. I wasnt even mad that the incredibly wasted high school girls behind me spilled bear all over my jacket all during the game. After the game was a different story.

Hopefully Ill get some better luck in the future as I know probably be able to make it to a few more games. My Dad has a connection with a friend that has a few extra tickets every year.

13) What is your worst fear?

Probably heights. I cant even peer over some 3 story decks in some of my buddies apartment complexes.

14) What type of hobbies do you enjoy?

HR derby, golf, and basketball with friends. Im also playing in a softball league with friends this year.

15) Whats your favorite food?

Gotta be cheeseburgers. I dont want to know how many of those Ive had in my life. Everywhere I go I order a big cheeseburger. Everyone gives me crap about that.

16) Where are some of the places youve been, and where are some of your favorites.

Bad person to ask this to. I havent even been out of the country

Well, within the US

Phoenix, AZ I take a golfing trip almost every year down there with my family over the winter. Just some awesome courses down there.

I took a big cross country trip to Salt Lake City from Fargo, ND a while back. I got to see Devil's Tower in Wyoming and driving through the mountains was pretty fun with the whole family.

17) What is one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet in your lifetime?

I want to visit Scotland and play St. Andrews. My Dad took a trip out there a while back and his pictures from the trip gave me the itch to go there one day.

18) If you could live anywhere where would it be?

I love Minneapolis since it has that small town feeling that Im used to but it still has the plusses of living in the big city.

During the brutal Minnesota wintersdefinitely Phoenix, AZ. Perfect weather down there during winter season.

19) Name your favorite 5 Packers all time and explain the reason for one of them.

Kramer - My Dad told me stories about how well he blocked the sweep and how fast he pulled over to block for Hornung and Taylor. Great player.

20) Up to this date, what is you favorite PackersHome feature or memory?

Definitely the highlight vids. I look forward to those every week.

21) PM and post the next person to be interviewed.

How about dd80forever?
#2 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 11:06:45 AM(UTC)
good read! i want a twin
#3 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 11:09:44 AM(UTC)
Good read... gotta get you to a game where the Packers win for a change.
#4 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 11:58:37 AM(UTC)
LOL @ I want a twin

that must be awesome, but at same time little annoying? Wearing same clothes growing up?
#5 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 2:11:28 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
LOL @ I want a twin

that must be awesome, but at same time little annoying? Wearing same clothes growing up?

It was definitely annoying at points in our lives. As we got older, we grew into our own personality and people didn't just see us as one person, LOL.

I had a few friends at school that would just call us by opposite names just to mess with us. It became a running joke that still goes on today...
#6 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 2:18:55 PM(UTC)
Great read. Love the effort you put in to it.

Must be great being a pitched. I remember about every goal I scored (which didn't happen that often). I can imagine a throwing out that last guy to win the game feels like that times 10.
#7 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 2:19:47 PM(UTC)
what is your brothers name? That way we can mess with you here too :P
#8 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 2:55:11 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post

Occupation: Lab technician, our lab focuses on Lupus



good read, joe.
#9 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 3:24:30 PM(UTC)
I've always wanted to see Devil's Tower. It's one of those things you just gotta see in your lifetime.

Good to read more about you. Too bad you didn't get started on the Pack one year earlier. I never fully recovered from that loss. It still bothers me to this day.
#10 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 5:56:44 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
" said: Go to Quoted Post

Occupation: Lab technician, our lab focuses on Lupus



good read, joe.

Haha, I love that show. I saw a youtube video around showing all the times they dismiss Lupus as a possibility, but I can't find it now.

" said: Go to Quoted Post
what is your brothers name? That way we can mess with you here too Razz

His name is McLane....John McLane of the New York Police Department.
#11 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 8:03:10 PM(UTC)
I'm the father of twins. It's definitely an interesting experience.

I'm in the midst of organizing a research study to evaluate the effects of helminthic therapy on lupus. Should be exciting.
#12 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 8:21:32 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
LOL @ I want a twin

that must be awesome, but at same time little annoying? Wearing same clothes growing up?

ESPECIALLY if your twin is a girl!!! :thumbleft:

GREAT read Joe!
Your sotries of your grandparents lake cabin brought back memories from my childhood. We never owned a place, but we rented every summer for a week or 2 (depending on what my folks could afford) and those are the best memories i have. Dad letting me drink, boating and fishing......god, i miss those days.
#13 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 9:48:19 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
I'm in the midst of organizing a research study to evaluate the effects of helminthic therapy on lupus. Should be exciting.


Our lab is studying more or less the genetic/gene expression tendencies of patients with the disease. We don't really work towards a cure. We are working towards better understanding and clinically diagnosing Lupus.

This is the first I'd heard of this....but the Wikipedia page on Helminthic therapy on autoimmune diseases is an interesting read.
#14 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 10:52:16 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
the Wikipedia page on Helminthic therapy on autoimmune diseases is an interesting read.

Thats the 1st and only time I will ever see/read/hear that again

#15 Posted : Monday, April 20, 2009 11:03:26 PM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
" said: Go to Quoted Post
the Wikipedia page on Helminthic therapy on autoimmune diseases is an interesting read.

Thats the 1st and only time I will ever see/read/hear that again


LOL :rr:
#16 Posted : Tuesday, April 28, 2009 8:31:44 PM(UTC)
Nice read!

Even though you have the wrong NFL team, at least you know who to cheer for in college and MLB.. =)
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