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Offline Heatherthepackgirl  
#16 Posted : Sunday, September 21, 2008 12:01:17 PM(UTC)
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Rodgers is having a great year so far I commend him for that, but he has learned from the best to (Favre).

Nothing personal Heather, I am just using "Your Quote."

I keep hearing that from people. Friends of mine, people at the bar when I talk to while waiting for my dinner table, the media, and people on forums. "Ya well he should be doing OK, he learned from GOD."

These people never wanted him to ever get the chance, then when he did they wanted him to fail, then now he is doing well.... All they can say is.. "Ya well he learned from the best"

I say people should give Chico a little credit. He did everything he had to do from a stand point of his learning and digestion of the Packers system. Fact is Brett did not do a great deal to help him after he was drafted. Brett even said "It is not my job to mentor to him."

Brett seemed pissed Mike and Ted took him as the first pick.

Chico was the one that took copious notations, about every thing Brett did well, and poor on the field. Chico was the one attended every one of Mikes Q.B. School off season sessions. Brett did not go. He stayed South of the Mason Dixie line while Chico was in school. (Why do I need to go to a new coaches Q.B. School?)

INFACT: Chico was teaching Brett the terminology of Mike's version of the offense when Brett finally did show up to camp after leaving the team wondering and hanging every year about if he would retire.

Look... Heather, I know you love the guy. I loved what Brett was, not what he became.

All I am saying to the people who are now saying: "Chico is what he is because of Brett." Should give Chico a little credit for taking ownership of the situation he was drafted in.

I think he learned more because of his burning desire to learn, adapt, overcome and achieve, than he did from any effort Brett made to help and educate him.


Its okay Raider, I agree with you on some points.

I guess I should have said it differently then I did, your right I do not believe Brett sat down and trained Rodger's personally, but how can you NOT learn something by just watching Favre out there in action, you have to come away with a little something, and I am sure Rodgers was glued to Brett's every move when he played. Am I saying that he learned everything from Favre, no he didnt, you have to have the talent in the first place which Rodgers has.

I think Rodgers handled himself with respect through out this Favre ordeal, and not only that, he went out and played his heart out and did great!! The only thing I am saying is no one can compare to Favre after a couple of great games, like I said give Rodgers 17 years in the league then we can all compare. I am just being honest here.

Raider, why dont you like who Brett has became? He retired then came back, so what? Not saying this in a disrespectful way. There have been many players who have changed their minds, all Brett is about is football, he wanted to play and if it wasnt for the Packers then for another team. So now hes with the Jets, I personally think hes happy there, gave him a new lease on life sort of speaking. He has some older vets on this team that they say he is relating to. Your right that nothing compares to the Green Bay Packer fans, but you have to remember some of us green bay packers fans have followed Brett over to the Jets to and they are hoping that he has his best season yet. There are still fans out there that believe in Brett, and they should after all he has given us over the years.

Its just now Brett is having a tougher time because he is still learning the system/players. This is to be expected. And if Brett wins or looses it really dont matter to me, all I do know is he is giving his all to win games and he is loving what hes doing which makes it all the better.

I do not think Brett is God, all I do know is he still makes me want to watch football every Sunday, he has the presence that no other has. There is just something about this man that you know in your heart speaks his mind, and will do anything and everything to give it his all to win football games, this is what I admire about him.

I am in no way tearing Rodgers down, Rodgers is a good QB, but is he 'great' yet? No, that will take a few years down the road and he will have his bumps along the way just like every other QB that has played.
Offline CDNRodgersfan  
#17 Posted : Sunday, September 21, 2008 4:27:08 PM(UTC)
Some things were great to learn from Brett but as far as fundamentals he'd say himself he's the last guy to learn from. I will admit Rodgers fundamentaly will probably be a better QB but fundamentals never bothered Favre
Offline Zero2Cool  
#18 Posted : Monday, September 22, 2008 2:39:09 AM(UTC)
[video width=450 height=380][/video]

Here is the interview if anyone wants to see it.

I must say, I am sick of Brett's "if they want me" bit. It kind of gives fuel to those who say he's a prima donna who desires attention and wants people to say 'we want you brett'.

Still a great guy though.
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