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Offline wpr  
#16 Posted : Monday, March 11, 2013 11:42:57 AM(UTC)

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steveishere said: Go to Quoted Post
Well for one thing you have no clue what Jennings teaches his kids.

where did I say I did? I was speaking about what we as a whole society teach our children not specifically what Jennings his children.

steveishere said: Go to Quoted Post
Also being a successful NFL player takes a hell of a lot more than a strong work ethic and a parent who played. First the kid has to be male, then he has to have enough talent, then he has to actually want to be a professional athlete, then he has to work his butt off.

huh. I guess I had better write that down. Because I did not know that one. My point was about pro sports as a whole. That we don't see kids (young men) follow in the parents (fathers duh) footsteps like they did in the past. It was more common in MLB than the NFL but after the mega deals it seems to have virtually stopped all together. You would have had a better argument if you said that not enough time had past for this to be accurate. (It is not exactly true since mega deals have been around since the 80's but the sample size of 30 + years is sure a lot less than 100+ years and I would have given partial credit for this answer.)

steveishere said: Go to Quoted Post
Pro players have a very limited window in their lives of being able to make this much money. Now Jennings who has won a Superbowl and had a huge part in it only has 1 more chance to sign a decent contract. If I were in his shoes I would take as much money as I could get now too. It's not like he was a malcontent or held out or complained about his other contract or something. The guy kept quiet and worked his butt off for the team and honored the contracts he did sign. Now another team is probably going to pay him more than Green Bay is willing to and people have a problem with him taking that?

I know what the window of opportunity is in the NFL. I don't need you to inform me of it like I am an idiot or something.

I have already posted many times I don't begrudge Jennings making more elsewhere and that I wish him all the best. I was speaking to this article where he says he "needs to make his family comfortable". The truth is his family would be "comfortable" at $1 mil a year. (The kids would have to have real jobs when they grow up but they would never know want.) 99.99% of the people in the world would be "comfortable" with a fraction of that much. But you know and I know he won't settle for just $1 mil. He has also said or implied he is looking for more. A whole lot more. I have seen $10 mil a year. I have seen $12 mil a year as the numbers he is looking for. My comment today is more along the lines of "don't p!ss on my leg and then try to tell me it is raining." Just let him say he wants $10 a year.

Don't list the coach as the number one choice in your criteria and QB as #2. (or imply it as the story does.) If he only gets 2 offers: GB offers him $5 a year and the Jets offer him $10 a year, don't sugest that he wouldn't go to NYJ. He would in a heartbeat. He would opt for a team that has some QB issues. That has team turmoil that may not even have the same HC next year. It is all about the money so he should just say so.

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yooperfan on 3/11/2013(UTC), JustinAVA182 on 3/11/2013(UTC)
Offline Yerko  
#17 Posted : Monday, March 11, 2013 12:06:43 PM(UTC)

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So if he wants a good quarterback, why was he "reaching out" to Miami???

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