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#1 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 4:58:46 AM(UTC)
Jason Wilde said:
BALTIMORE — When Aaron Rodgers saw the hit Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam put on his wide receiver and friend Randall Cobb, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was angry.

Rodgers had flashbacks to the season-ending knee injury he watched Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller suffer last month when he turned around after catching a pass and being hit low, and he felt Elam had done the same.

After the Packers' 19-17 victory over the Ravens, Rodgers called it "a questionable play on the hit on Randall," and Rodgers confronted Elam on the field.

Cobb had just finished catching an 15-yard completion hat nearly converted a first down. Rodgers has said repeatedly that he tries not to put his receivers in harm's way with his passes, and he clearly thought Elam could have hit Cobb in a way that wouldn't have taken him out at the knees.

"I think a lot of us saw the hit on Dustin Keller," Rodgers said. "I just felt like (Elam) had enough time to make a hit in the legal hitting zone."

The severity of Cobb's knee injury wasn't clear after the game, although ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday night that Cobb would be "OK," according to a source.

After the game, the Ravens' other starting safety, James Ihedigbo argued that the rules the NFL has instituted on hits to the head has made it difficult to find a place to hit offensive players.

"I don't know what Randall Cobb suffered, but I'm praying for him because it's unfortunate," Ihedigbo told the Baltimore Sun. "[The NFL] wants us to hit low, we'll hit low, and guys will keep getting injured, God forbid."

Apparently, Ihedigbo said the same thing to Rodgers.

"(Ihedigbo) came over and made actually a very knowledgeable point — which I appreciated a little intelligent banter back and forth — about some of the issues defensive players have to deal with with the target area," Rodgers said. "I totally understand that and get that. I just felt like, from my vantage point, (Elam) had plenty of time to not take out a guy's legs in that situation. I think he could have hit in the proper hitting zone, and that's what I told him."

Rodgers' confrontation led to right guard T.J. Lang getting involved and drawing a 15-yard personal foul for pushing Elam. Mason Crosby missed a 44-yard field goal on the next play, although he would have only been kicking a 29-yarder without Lang's penalty.

"I saw Aaron come up and he was talking to one of the DBs and the DB kind of started coming at him in a defensive mode and instinct kicked in," Lang said. "I just put my hand on him and shoved him back a little bit. I wouldn't say it was a violent push at all, but the ref behind me threw the flag. I asked him who he had and he told me, me. I was a little confused by it. But that's what I'm going to do if somebody's coming at one of my teammates. You've got to protect him."

"I didn't even see the hit (on Cobb). I knew Aaron was upset about something, and whether he's right or wrong, I've got to protect him."
#2 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 5:54:22 AM(UTC)
I'm surprised Rodgers took offense to this hit (which although it sucks that Cobb got hurt I didn't see anything terrible about it) but was okay with the Merriwether hit on Lacy.
#3 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 6:41:11 AM(UTC)
I'm sick of the excuses by defenders for not being able to tackle properly. There is NO excuse for going after the knees of a player, or the head. All of the well we can't hit high what else can we do is bull. There is roughly 3 feet of body between the two, what the hell has happened to tackling the body? The League has plenty of blame in this by flagging everything but that still doesn't justify hits like this.

When I was taught how to tackle, the first part was you watch the persons belly button, where it goes, the rest of the body follows. You will never be faked or juked if you watch the midsection. And the rest was, you tackle about the bottom of the sternum to waist and wrap. AJ had a few perfect tackles in the game.
#4 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 7:57:01 AM(UTC)
I understand Aaron sticking up for his teammate. He should but if the rules don't bar low hits and hitting the knees then let them alone. It stinks that it happened to Cobb but football is not a contact sport it is a collision sport. People get injured when playing football.
#5 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 7:59:33 AM(UTC)
I'd have to check the play again, but it looked like it was the only play the tackler could make. I don't think he could have went waist and choose legs. Cobb is pretty shifty so it's not exactly easy to pick your target when hitting him.
#6 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 8:05:21 AM(UTC)
Zero2Cool said: Go to Quoted Post
I'd have to check the play again, but it looked like it was the only play the tackler could make. I don't think he could have went waist and choose legs. Cobb is pretty shifty so it's not exactly easy to pick your target when hitting him.

Both you and WPR make good points. I appreciate Rodgers sticking up for Cobb, but ultimately in a snap second decision the defender has to try to bring down the opponent. I don't like the result, but it's an unfortunate inevitability at times.
#7 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2013 1:46:45 PM(UTC)
The severity of Cobb's knee injury wasn't clear after the game, although ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday night that Cobb would be "OK," according to a source.

Schefter's a legit source, no?

If Mike said something like this, I would flat out disregard it. Nice to hear it from someone outside of the organization.
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