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#21 Posted : Friday, August 21, 2009 11:42:33 PM(UTC)
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Still a lot of empty blue seats in the dome.
#22 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 12:58:33 AM(UTC)
I don't mean to pee in anyone's cheerios or anything, but -- you all realize this is a preseason game? Making any sort of long term prognostication based on tonight's game is ill advised.

Sure, Favre didn't look spectacular -- but find me a preseason game where he lit it up. Even in his prime his preseason performances were usually lackluster.

Basically, I'm all about being excited that the Queens' offense sputters a bit, but I wouldn't put much stock into it just yet.
#23 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:13:05 AM(UTC)
I put a tad of stock in a 39 year old who thinks he can go without training camp failing horribly.

call me crazy.
#24 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:34:30 AM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
I put a tad of stock in a 39 year old who thinks he can go without training camp failing horribly.

call me crazy.

I don't think your intuition is far off. I'm simply arguing that using tonight's game as a litmus test is probably premature.

Trust me, I'll be the president of the "Favre shouldn't be doing this anymore" fan club. But it's too early to tell.

It wasn't unexpected for Favre to look shaky tonight.
#25 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:37:51 AM(UTC)
Well, combine his last half of his Jets season.
His offseason comments about not being able to make it through another football season.
Less than 3 days of camp.
Poor Vikings WR's... err well they did okay for T Jack.
#26 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:38:51 AM(UTC)
Was at the game. Sportin' my Hutch jersey.

Was amazed at the amount of Favre jerseys. Even saw multiple GB and NY Favre jerseys. lol And VR calls me a Favre-jock sniffer...

Favre looked really rigid. Obviously not comfortable with the offense, yet. T-Jack played reallly good. Not many of his passes were off target, which was interesting to see. Even though Booty stares down his WRs still too much, he looked really good too.

Not impressed with the lackluster defensive play... Hopefully the absence of J. Allen and Phat Pat has something to do with it. Love the fact EJ is back.. We missed him last year.

Overall, was interesting to experience the 'Dome tonight. Didn't know what to expect with the fans and Favre coming in. Was pretty surreal to see him jogging to the huddle right before his first time getting behind center as a Viking. Not to mention the flashes going off like crazy..

It was my first preseason game, but even then, wasn't surprised to see how many seats were filled. Even after Favre was done for the day.. I expected most of the fans to take off as soon as #4 was done, but nope. People left, but still, the majority of the 'Dome was filled.
#27 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 3:59:10 AM(UTC)
[size=18]Favre makes first Vikings start, but Jackson steals show vs. Chiefs[/size]
Is it just me or does his jersey look way too big on him?

MINNEAPOLIS -- In a preseason game that began his 19th NFL campaign, Brett Favre still felt the butterflies.

Camera flashes illuminated the Metrodome on each of his eight plays for the Minnesota Vikings, and only one completed pass was captured on film. After an injury-free night without any major blunders, though, Favre declared his Vikings debut a success.

Favre's predictably brief preseason performance was the obvious highlight of a 17-13 Vikings victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night, preserved by a goal-line stand by the third-stringers.

"I just didn't want to fumble the snap," Favre said. "Wanted to make sure I got the handoffs. If you complete passes, great. But I was nervous about that."

Loudly cheered by the same fans who used to loathe him when he played for the NFC North rival Green Bay Packers, Favre played two series and went 1 of 4 for 4 yards. He moved around all right, and his passes had zip, just no direction.

Tarvaris Jackson, whose job was taken when Favre ended another retirement from the NFL this week, was the more polished quarterback for Minnesota: 12 of 15 for 202 yards and two touchdowns.

Favre's night ended with a jarring hit by Chiefs linebacker Corey Mays, who buried his head in the 39-year-old's chest as he drove him into the turf to force an errant throw. Favre got up and walked off fine, his purple No. 4 jersey -- such a strange sight, for sure -- pulled down and exposing his left shoulder pad.

"He did tell me that no one's tackled him off his tractor," Vikings coach Brad Childress said. "Good for him to get hit."

Favre worked out at his local high school in Hattiesburg, Miss., all summer as he built up his strength following arthroscopic surgery on his throwing arm, but after initially telling the Vikings no, he joined the team Tuesday. And there he was, three days later, taking snaps with the first team and trying to find a rhythm with his new receivers.

"That'll be an adjustment all year," Favre said. "It really will be."

Favre's first pass was off target, intended for fullback Naufahu Tahi. Rookie Percy Harvin snagged a low throw into tight coverage on the next play, setting up fourth-and-1 near midfield. But Adrian Peterson, who carried the ball 10 times for 44 yards, was smothered in the backfield for a big loss.

On The Fringe
Vikings RB Ian Johnson, one of five players who NFL.com is chronicling as he tries to earn a job, discussed his outing against the Chiefs. Watch
Favre was off the mark twice more on the next possession, misfiring toward Jaymar Johnson after an apparent route miscommunication and then chucking a pass out of everyone's reach on the pressure by Mays. The holder of every major NFL career passing record knows this version of the West Coast offense well, but it will take the Vikings time to get in a groove with the new guy.

"It don't think it should take too long," Peterson said, adding: "These next two weeks, we'll be able to smooth things out and get ready for the regular season."

Matt Cassel is in the same mode, his adjustment still in progress after coming to the Chiefs in a trade with the New England Patriots. He led Kansas City on two scoring drives, including a 4-yard touchdown toss to Dwayne Bowe early in the second quarter once Minnesota's second-string defense was in the game. Cassel faced plenty of pressure, taking three sacks, and finished 9 of 14 for 99 yards.

"Sometimes you just get out there and run around," Cassel said.

New Chiefs coach Todd Haley has been frustrated by Cassel's performance so far, while Brodie Croyle has looked sharp, but this was more like what the team believed it would see from Tom Brady's former backup.

"I'm getting more and more comfortable," Cassel said. "We had a few weeks of training camp, but I'm still getting familiar with the offense. It's a new offense, and there are new players around us, so it's a process."

Said Haley: "The quarterback play across the board was better. All three quarterbacks looked like they had a handle on what was going on."

With Sage Rosenfels sitting out because of a sprained ankle suffered last week during a solid game against the Indianapolis Colts, Jackson played the equivalent of two full quarters against the Chiefs. He had quite the touch, just what the Vikings haven't seen enough from him over his first three seasons -- prompting their persistent pursuit of Favre throughout the summer.

Jackson, who prompted mild booing when he jogged to the huddle because that meant Favre was done, evaded a blitz on third-and-8 in the second quarter and found tight end Visanthe Shiancoe for a 13-yard touchdown pass. In the third quarter, Jackson hit wide receiver Darius Reynaud on a post pattern for a 64-yard touchdown pass to put Minnesota in front 14-13.

"Whenever you play well, you always feel good," Jackson said. "Regardless of the situation or the circumstances, it felt good. It was a long week for me. It just shows that if you just stay focused, you'll be fine."

Former Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen, who hurt his ankle in practice earlier in the week, didn't play for the Vikings. Neither did wide receiver Bernard Berrian (hamstring).
#28 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 4:35:05 AM(UTC)
As expected. Instead of keeping it he panicked and threw a ball up for grabs. Viqueen fans will be seeing a lot of that this year.
#29 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 4:42:43 AM(UTC)
By coming in now, it should take him till mid season just to get used to the new guys around him. By then, we should have the division locked up.
#30 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2009 7:33:28 AM(UTC)
" said: Go to Quoted Post
I don't mean to pee in anyone's cheerios or anything, but -- you all realize this is a preseason game? Making any sort of long term prognostication based on tonight's game is ill advised.

Sure, Favre didn't look spectacular -- but find me a preseason game where he lit it up. Even in his prime his preseason performances were usually lackluster.

Basically, I'm all about being excited that the Queens' offense sputters a bit, but I wouldn't put much stock into it just yet.

Enough with your rational thinking. Lets overreact. Its fun!
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