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dfosterf (1h) : Maybe GB Where's Shawn?
dfosterf (2h) : I'm goin' where the weather suits my clothes this winter. I've been to Australia twice. Perhaps a 3rd time- this time as a civilian
dfosterf (2h) : No vacation, but that is subject to me filling another piggy bank :)
dfosterf (2h) : No boat. What a girl.
dfosterf (2h) : Yes I am. I just gave her the $ with exception that I get the $ to buy a trailer for my canoe.
Zero2Cool (3h) : you're not a girl
dfosterf (4h) : I might be a girl as described, but I have missed one shift other than the Dr's appointments. Be assurred I'm working with pain.
dfosterf (4h) : Looks like Mr Depot has to buy me a good part of a knee. They are treating me right, I must say.
dfosterf (4h) : btw boys badly hurt . Torn pcl mcl and minisicus. Still working, but wheel chair ti Sep looks like Surgery June 26
dfosterf (4h) : a new wife and more guns. stfu Alan, lol
dfosterf (4h) : whoa, gave that some thought...11 and the pics you sent years ago? You poor bastard, their mom was a hottie. You need
Zero2Cool (4h) : zing!
Cheesey (4h) : No dfoster. You arn't just SMELL that way! LOL!
dfosterf (4h) : You do have great dirt, though...a very underappreciated aspect of Wisconsin as regards the rest of the planet's perspective.
dfosterf (4h) : I get your point. Thing is, I get off that plane in the Siberia you call home and wonder wtf am I doing here? I'm old and spoiled now
Zero2Cool (6h) : My girls, 11 and 13, love the weather. Man up!! ;-)
dfosterf (7h) : jacket, lol I may BE in PA, but I'm FROM WI. You people are nuts...It's COLD, bro!
Zero2Cool (12h) : Quit being a sissy.Pack a jacket, come to Green Bay.
dfosterf (21h) : We had a $ talk what I would have told you was a year ago. She told me it was 10 yrs ago. She makes over twice per hr. than what I thought.
dfosterf (22h) : whatever. I haven't paid a bill in 2 decades
dfosterf (22h) : check for car was made out to her. Once she saw the numbers, visions of husband going domestic danced in her head
dfosterf (22h) : I'm shootin' for Palma de Majorica, but I'll probably see you in GB
dfosterf (22h) : I go solo girl took Bangkok off the table, plus Tijuana. I suspect her a big fan of Green Bay, lol
dfosterf (22h) : sing my vacation plans. Bumbfuck Wis has not come up yet
dfosterf (22h) : Maryanne and I are discus
dfosterf (22h) : we will meet someday, lad I look forward to it
Zero2Cool (22h) : Haha I'll fix it. Come to town man see Lambeau!
dfosterf (22h) : you can come to pa eat pizza and fix my shit, lol
dfosterf (22h) : contrarian snot nose tekkie...some people, lol
Zero2Cool (2-Jun) : Windows 8 is sweet. Love it!
dfosterf (2-Jun) : Man, windowa 8 sucks....I was out in my garage posting on it...
dfosterf (2-Jun) : 'bout 3 yrs ago. Bet I'd be w/o license to this day if he had pressed it. Nice man.
dfosterf (2-Jun) : cut me a pass. I sold his mom's house. This is not a small place where I live...pure coincidence that I even met/know the man...lucky me.
dfosterf (2-Jun) : police force showed up. Chief asked me about it. I said I know the guy that did that, and it will never happen again.... whew!
dfosterf (2-Jun) : chief of police friend of mine. RX7 w spoiler doing in excess of 150 mph on interstate- chief knew who that was I was on driveway w/ whole p
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