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You did not answer the question though. You stated the obvious, that trades cannot be official until after March 15th. I know that. You know I know that. However, we are told trade terms in such situations before the new league year. In fact, didn't the Panthers and Bears just agree to a trade that involved a player? 

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​​​​​​You asked why they waited, I answered why they waited... is there another question? 

Honestly, no I didn't know you knew that, because truthfully I completely forgot about that rule. I was wrongly thinking trades were allowed post Super Bowl. But not allowed until the new league year.

They announced the Bears/Panthers trade details, but it can't become official until the new league year, so in theory, either or both teams, in theory could back out of the deal and both could have egg in their face.

Just like people jumped on Murphy in this thread about speaking before the trade becomes official... claiming he's showing his hand.

And we're also jumping on to them for not releasing the details, and not showing their trade hand before it becomes official.

We the fans are complaining about it both ways. But why does that matter to the team? Shouldn't they just go the Thompson route and say nothing until it's official? Isn't that what you claimed you liked? Because I think that is what they're doing.

I think they've agreed to say nothing until it becomes official.

Pure guess, another reason they might of doen that, is because one or both sides fan bases won't be happy with the trade compensation... and if they do it post league new year, they'll have free agency to distract the national media.... and only have to deal with fans and local media..... where if they do it now, 100% of fans and NFL media focus on it, as they have absolutely nothing else to focus on.

So to get away from some of the ridiculous media that you complain about, all they have to do is wait until they can make it official.

This is 100% the piece of idiotic bullshit CKEditor and NOT on beast. I edited his post to clean it up, but I really hate this editor. It makes me not want to post.

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Thank you very much for addressing that. When I used to have something funky with a post, I would try to clean it up.

But with this newest editor, especially with pasting anything in or editing anything, it'll just add extra stuff and just keep making it worse.

PS: I'm not meaning to complain, but just stating what I believe to be facts and why I don't fit the code stuff (as the editor with just make it worse when I try). Thank you for this amazing site, I just got to remember I can't paste without something funky happening in this editor.
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​​​​​​They announced the Bears/Panthers trade details, but it can't become official until the new league year, so in theory, either or both teams, in theory could back out of the deal and both could have egg in their face.

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Exactly. So, again, I ask. If the trade terms are agreed on (assuming that report they are while simultaneously ignoring the report stating otherwise), why wouldn't the terms be disclosed? I used to mock folks for saying "discuss" because I felt a damn forum discussion board was damn obvious of that. 



My guess is teams agreed, but Aaron hasn't made his decision to play and to play for Jets. I think if it was any other team in AFC, the decision would be a bit easier. I really don't think he wants to walk in Favre footsteps anymore. So, for me, I wonder if the delay is hoping another team jumps in. Or maybe he's truly torn on retiring with one franchise for playing another year (or more) with a different one? We know how important the single franchise legacy is for him. He's stated it a few times, citing Kobe, Jeter, etc. I think we haven't heard terms because only two of the three parties have agreed. And that third one is hyper sensitive fella. Or as Murphy has said, "complicated fella". 

Edit, Jalen Ramsey to Dolphins and trade terms are for 3rd round pick an TE Hunter Long. So weird this is disclosed when it cannot become official until next week. 😉
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I know you are fine with no information, but you are not the average fan

I might be wrong, but I believe negotiations were over before the Packers allowed any other team talk with Rodgers. 

As teams have found out the hard way, you lock in the trade price first, before letting teams talk with the player, because if you don't, the other team and player can work together to make any other team hard to impossible and then you're screwed. 

But reports have said the Packers and Jets already have an agreed trade value, just had to get Rodgers to agree.

Originally Posted by: beast 

Thank you for the kind words -- I think! lol

It's mildly interesting that recently Mark Murphy said he was "sworn to secrecy" regarding Aaron Rodgers to Jets. I say mildly because the dude is the de-facto Owner of the Packers, or as we known him as literally the CEO. 
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